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Hear me!!!

Now begins a battle unlike any other!!!

The mighty Absorbing Man (Darksaint) vs The cosmic Silver Surfer (Supermutant) vs The treacherous Loki (Leonidas)!!!!!!

Judging rules:

- There will be 2 winners for this match

- Judges will decide who is most likely to win, then next likely, and the least likely to win.

- The poster selected as least likely to win twice is eliminated







Because this is a one post match, now that I've posted the write ups you are free to send me your verdicts !!!






Philosophia verdict

Verdict for the 3-way (longer than people are used to, probably, lol)

Before I start, I would like to say - given that this is a one-post tourney, and thus susceptible to saying anything without getting countered - I applied some of my own knowledge/research in judging some of the presentations, after asking Damborg if it's ok. That only applies to the 'make it or break it' points.

Here's how I see the match:

Darksaint, Absorbing Man

It's a good tactic to start off his post and put an emphasis on him holding Mjolnir at all times , so as to avoid getting turned into something else.

Another thing he didn't leave open is him getting overloaded - by pointing out that he will absorb just enough power in order not to self-sabotage himself.

The capability to absorb Mjolnir's power is shown through portrayals where he has done the first and approximately the same with the later

No scans of Mjolnir's feats of magic protection, though. Scans of Odin not being able to lift Mjolnir aren't exactly convincing. Probably hoped Supermutant would post some?

No hiding. He is out in the open. Will it pay off?

I struggled hard to ignore Absorbing Man's dumbness in order to accept him using the Mjolnir abilities intelligently, in order to replicate Jane's feat, but tourney rules says he can. So he will combine Mjolnir and his properties of Mjolnir's power in order to do that. Ok.

So the plan is to continuously use Mjolnir and its abilities (times two) to 'thuderclap' and hit the opponents with it. Simple plan. Will it work?

Supermutant, Silver Surfer

Off the bat, he uses the mother of all self-BFRs, as he not only phases out of the battlefield, but phases out of the very embodiement of the Universe, Eternity.

Needless to say, this extreme desire to lose by default left me confused.

I'm going to give you some leeway, and interpret it as you doing that for only the first moments of the fight

Unlike Darksaint, Supermutant showed off his defence, from resisting Loki/Dr Strange level of magic, to defending against Odin, to Surfer's own shields standing up to the likes of WM Thor etc. Transmutating his body into other stuff would be counter-intuitive , but the scan of Surfer having total molecular control over his body is handy.

There's also no fooling his senses, he can see through illusions and he effectively brings up trapping people in his board.

Onto Supermutant's tactic, I have problems with his initial point. I had to say something here, because this is the single greatest point in this match. He portrays it as Surfer matter manipulating multiple planets (and Mjolnir among the items).

What Surfer did is hack the machine/ship doing the transmutation and change the code so that Zenn-La's culture template is erased from its 'database', and everything goes back to normal. He didn't actually transmutate Mjolnir into anything by himself.

Since Surfer doesn't come equipped with the ship in this fight, that cannot be done here.

The Beta Ray Bill hammer scene has context to it, when Surfer used/synthetized the Odin force, the enchantments being erased etc. Suffice to say, given the last few years, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker are no longer equivalent, given what the former contains and has been defined as.

So we don't have: phasing out of reality, transmutating the other Mjolnirs and also non-canon scans of future Silver Surfer

Leo, Loki

Leo is a spiritual guru.

He does a good job showing Loki's etheral form.

He puts defense on top of defense with the two shields as a start, then goes soul form.

I'll get into the 'fight' part more what I liked. But to move on to what I didn't:

I don't buy Loki magnetizing the hammer making Surfer and Absorbing Man's come together. Thor wasn't holding it when he did that, and there's no evidence the magnetic field is strong enough to negate both of their strenght. That's why Loki waited until Thor threw it. They could then use mjolnir's magnetic abilities to demagnetize the pull.

I was not convinced of Loki putting himself inside Mjolnir. The hammer is..very complicated. It takes powerful magic to have spirits/entities in there, and Loki putting himself in a knife is not enough proof of it. Odin/Odin-powered Thor are not Loki, and I didn't see latter having feats of melding his mind with a SENTIENT GALAXY residing inside Mjolnir. Not happening, imo.

Spellbreaker is not standard equipment for Loki, imo, and we even see it desintegrated in the same scene where Norman uses it. We don't know how he forged it, where etc. I'd need to see more evidence that he can reconstruct/summon it at will.

His ploy is to make them fight eachother. Smart.


The fight:

With both of Darksaint's opponents behind shields/phased at the start, the 'thunderclap' won't be an insta win.

Supermutant's follow-up tactics, unfortunately, rest a lot on nobody else on the field having Mjolnir, as he himself states. It's hard piecing it together when the crux of his attacks, his opponents not having Mjolnir, is not valid.

Trying to drain the arena of magic, sucking Loki's lifeforce out of him, transmutating Absorbing Man or trying to overload him are no longer valid. With Mjolnir at hand for each of his adversaries, all of those are rendered null.

I'm afraid that Surfer is, given the tactical mis-judgement, the first to leave himself open. His tactics assumed that he would be able to get rid of the opponents Mjolnirs and throw the hammer to circle the area to drain the magic...something that comes back to bite him in the ass, as he leaves himself vulnerable. Loki specifically tried magnetizing his hammer, so all this would do is make him lose it once he throws it. And BOTH his opponents have hammer in their hands, which can be simply used to stop his.

That said, Leo's strategy of using TP to goad Darksaint into attacking Surfer will most likely be sucessful. Leo is right that automatic TP protection is not a given.

Darksaint wielding the Mjolnir/Mother Storm powered body of Absorbing Man + hammer would attack Surfer and nullify the attacks that Supermutant specified in his post and eventually, double Mjolnir power + Motherstorm would overwhelm him.

So I'm sorry to say but Supermutant is the first to lose.

Spellbreaker imo not being accessible to Loki makes him putting down Absorbing Man more difficult. With Mjolnir in hand, changing him into something more manageable won't work, either.

That said, TP still works. Could he confuse Darksaint enough to make him lose? I don't see why not.

What I didn't see from Darksaint is how he'd try to hurt Loki besides the thunderstuff and, given that Loki is in spirit form this...doesn't bode well for him.

So I'm leaning towards Leo as the winner of this match, with Darksaint as the runner-up.

Good fight.

My judgement below the dots.


Digi's Judgement:

This match is begging for follow-up posts. I can feel you three itching to debunk the others' strategies. That said, you DIDN'T get subsequent posts, so there's probably a lot of stuff I wouldn't end up believing in a longer match, but that I'll accept due to the scans posted.

It's also an impossible match to judge. Seriously. Does the reality-altering thunderclap happen before or after Mjolnir is turned to cardboard? Or before Creel's powers are shut off? Or do the hammers become magically magnetized and ripped from their wielders before or after cardboard? And are all of these things even possible? You see the dilemma. Rational minds will disagree, and I can't claim that the assessment below is the best one. But I'll try my best.

DS: Becoming Mjolnir was obvious enough, but you maximized that fact to a pleasantly surprising degree. The reality-clap is probably the strongest single attack in this fight, which says a lot.

Mutant: I was unaware of a couple of those Surfer scans - notably the potentially extremely haxx Mjolnir transmutation trick (which could presumably apply to Creel if you're given the chance). Regardless, you used Surfer's strengths to your advantage, and correctly used the magic-block scan for Mjolnir to try to negate Loki. It's not foolproof, but covers your bases well.

Leo: Lol. As usual, there's a lot to unpack here. Magnetizing the Uru of your opponents is clever, and you back up the idea that Loki can negate or influence Creel at will.

In the end, there are too many potential OHK scenarios working against Creel, the magnetized Uru would potentially negate it, and even his mega-attack amounts to "bigger lightning" (cracking time and space is impressive, but is it applicable in a specifically offensive way?), and ANY level of lightning attack is only going to be so effective with multiple Mjolnirs in play. Just a horrible matchup for you, buddy, which I know you realized from the start. But yeah, facing the guy who essentially holds the strings above Creel is a rough draw. I can't award points for bad luck, so he's my #3.

Which leaves a presumably Motherstorm-merged Loki and Surfer. They both would have control over their abilities; I can't imagine one transmuting the other in a OHK way. With Creel out, there's nothing to magnetize Surfer's Mjolnir to, and I'm also not convinced the magic ring that shut down Cain's enchantment would work on someone who has easier ways of escaping. I'm not entirely sure I should believe that Surfer could effortlessly transmute Mjolnir, but I kind of have to since I don't know those scans and no one could rebut. Which leaves Loki not without options, but without his ace in the hole, and against someone with almost as much versatility and more raw power.

There are about a dozen ways I could lean on these issues if there were more time, and I do think Loki could win this match, and Creel could win several others with less onerous matchup issues. But as it is, #1 Surfer, #2 Loki, #3 Creel.

Cheers, fellas. Was a good match.

And with that we conclude the 3 way! Excellent debate you all.

Supermutant and Leonidas advance to the next round, Darksaint goes into the halls of Valhalla in glory!

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