So, Goku vs Jiren final

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I hate to say it, but if that was a fight to the death, Goku be dead.

He took Jiren to his limit. And then imploded before he could land the final blow.


The truth is MUI Goku is the strongest Non Angel/Zeno character in Dragonball. If not for plot purposes. Jiren stood no chance

Goku's going to be even stronger after the zenkai from the fight but I agree jiren pretty much won and if were being super technical they both won at various points with jiren having more W's than goku and since goku can't MUI at will vegeta is the strongest mortal in u7

Yea Jiren was fodder to a serious MUI Goku. Plot beat MUI. KKx20 was equal to Vegeta's limit breaking state.

Kk20 would've got raped by god toppo

Don't think people is looking at what truly happened. Goku was fatigued. Powerful but fatigued. A fresh Goku with MUI would beat Jiren, easily.

...Jiren was also fatigued.

Classic DB logic. Jiren has the power to easily defeat everyone within moments but decides to stall and bullshit allowing opponents to make a comeback.


Originally posted by XSUPREMEXSKILLZ
...Jiren was also fatigued.

And a fresh MUI Goku is kind of a unicorn, given that it doesn't even seem possible to access unless you're near death.

If we even do get a Beerus vs Goku rematch at some future point, I can just imagine he'll start out throwing the biggest buster ball he can, so Goku has no choice but transform or die.

Jiren *might* have been *slightly* fatigued, but even IF that's true, it certainly didn't hinder him at all. Keep in mind: Jiren was beating everyone at the Tourney(inc. stage 3 omen-UI Goku) in an immensely suppressed state. He *only* started going all-out and fully exerting himself AFTER MUI finally entered the fray. Aside from that, I don't remember ANY comments suggesting that Jiren's power had been depleted at all from his previous battles -- quite the contrary, actually.

Conversely, it was reiterated several times that Goku was extremely weakened/fatigued/depleted as far back as ep.111... So at the very least I'm confident that he was a lot more fatigued than Jiren when MUI happened.

As for this thread: once MUI Goku became serious, he essentially dropped a full power Jiren with TWO attacks. He was clearly more powerful -- and significantly so, imo.

A serious fresh Goku whipes his ass with Jiren.

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