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Let the cry ring out!!

And so beings another battle unlike any other!!!

Kang the Conqueror (Bentley)!!! vs Cyborg Superman (LoB) !!!

If He Be Worthy - ID VS BEATBOKS

And Lo'! There began a battle unlike any other!

Welcome to the first match of the quarter finals.

3 Post Limit



Ending Post









Bentley's Opening Post

Kang vs Cyborg Superman. I admit that from the get to go this is an uncomfortable match up for me, I possess a huge array of amazing technology that the kryptonian wanna be can potentially control and use against me. I could do a lot of amazing stuff but I don't like to share my toys. Luckily enough I'm a conqueror and I have time on my side. My opponent will never get to mount any defense against me, his vaunted technopathy rendered mooth by the flawless execution of my superior strategy.

The Opening Gambit

I enter the battlefield with my shields on and my first thought is "slip into the timestream".


As you can see my armor is capable of obeying my thoughts before they are even fully enonciated, this will be the speed in which my armor will be operating for everything. Vastly above human reactions, so I'll be into the timestream in a split second. But after giving this very command I'll start to set Mjolnir to absorb exotic energies such as Cyborg Superman's Psychic form were he try to get close to me while being intangible. Not tha he'd be able to... But this also will move forward into the next steps of my plan.

It's easy to conceed that Cyborg Superman has vastly superhuman reflexes, but we cannot just translate his abilities to Superman level out of convenience (if you want that speed, draft Kal), there are many examples of Superman having troubles physically handling an opponent who is vastly slower, that's comicbooks for you. Cyborg Superman is fast, but exactly how fast he is should leave a huge room for potential action. Also kryptonian abilities are the source of most of his speed which do not necesarily boost his technopathic powers. I'd expect that any technopathic assault won't be orders of magnitudes faster than it would be from a regular telepath. Cyborg Superman has feats controlling many machines at once and high end technologies, but he has never been particularly speedy at the task. There is also an starting distance he'd need to clear before getting to my person. I believe it's safe to see how under this condition my jump into the timestream is pretty much assured.

Additionally, my shields could prove to be enough of a deterrent to any technopathy attack.

My shields are capable of blocking off exotic energies:

The can also shift frequencies cutting off any potential attempts of passing through them, here even Chaos Magic is unable to get through them:

I've also faced accomplished technopaths directly before without my tech being hampered in the least:


My armor will automatically record all it can about the position of Cyborg Superman's and his actions against me. This is mostly so I know where to sit safetly for my next movement. Once in the timestream, the second part of my plan moves forward.

The Opening Gambit (Once Again)

The only way Cyborg Superman can reach me in the timestream is through mjolnir, but opening portals with it takes forever and it would only play into my advantage, so the only way the hammer could matter would be if it was thrown into the timestream. If that happens, I'll just freeze it and keep it into a forcefield for the remaining of the batle (good riddance). Other than that, I'm entirely safe here, so I get to mount an assault unimpeded at top speed.

According to the rules I can remain five seconds outside the battlefield. That's more than enough.

I summon my cloaking device and suddenly CS won't be able to detect me (all this with but a thought):


We all know the gist, my device cloaked me from Galactus, Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange and allowed me to walk into Warlock's control room undetected.

I also set my armor so I'm timeshifted as long as I get back into the Battlefield:


Notice that energy goes through me, there is no true reason for me to fear technopathy in this timeshifted state. I'll still play it safe.

Then I jump back in time, to the very first moment of this match. I enter the arena at a safe distance, still absorbing exotic energies with mjolnir (I will only stop doing this if Mjolnir is thrown at me, in which case I'll dispose of it quickly and get back to business) going by the information originally gathered by my armor. Everything else is achieved by just thinking and allowing my armor to deal with details at top speed. This will take no time at all. My armor is set with a preemptive order to jump back automatically into the timestream as soon as I gather detailed information on the following:

1) The exact position and activities of Cyborg Superman at all times through roughly half a second into the match.
2) The exact position and activities of Mjolnir at all times in the same timeframe.
3) Any presence of tech in the battlefield and movement from it.

My sensors are uber and I'm perfectly cloaked, this is all just a repeat of the opening gambit that LoB will be playing once again and on my perspective it's old news. From there I'll adapt my strategy so he's absolutely crushed by my upcoming attacks. I'll outline my generic offense in case he does something brutish out of overconfidence.

The Opening Gambit (Third time is the charm)

Cyborg Superman is speedy and sturdy, but he's not very skilled and Mjolnir's magical abilities aren't amped by his stats. This means that he's not likely to produce a proper shield that would keep him from eating a whole lot of Time Stop:


I know where he is, I know what he's doing, this is just a repeat of his defeat in live. I'm jumping back into the first moment of the match, fully cloaked, shielded, time-shifted and having predicted his every move. The timestop happens and his speed no longer matters. He'll be sitting there peacefully while I put him down like a dog (and I will). Timestop is achieved with the slightest gesture and Mjolnir is still absorbing exotic energies. Now the good ol' mallet will pass into the offensive. I jump back into the timestream with a thought.

The Opening Gambit (Upkeep)

But you might be thinking "hey, Time Stop will end as soon as you jump back into the timestream right?", nope, because after he gets hit by it I'll just leave a cloaked timedupe that will be there extending the time stop with his own armor for long enough. He'll of course also jump into the first second of the match and give me, let's say two seconds of extra time stop, assuming nothing else was suspiciously detected during the whole ordeal. Yep. LoB won't last two whole seconds.

The Opening Gambit (Five by Five)

Mjolnir has this very cool ability of absorbing energy and then releasing it amped several times over.


I'll use this ability twice, but I'll only need to produce it once into the timestream (I hope to save at least an extra second outside the battlefield to regroup if things get nasty). The second time Cyborg Superman would be so undone and paralyzed in time that it will not matter at all.

I'll amp my Surfer busting beam up a notch through my mallet and leave the gun in the timestream:


This will effectively desintigrate any metallic elements of Cyborg's Superman structure, leaving maybe his biological parts badly burnt and battered. A blast that melts Surfer's Silvery skin multiplied tenfold or a hundredfold will leave no metal standing. There is no tech for him to jump into (mine is too time-shifted, too cloaked and too awesome to count). So he's just a charred crisp of Kryptonian flesh that will get depowered by my Mjolnir Ultra Diode ray in a second:


The other Mjolnir never really mattered, time-shifted, thrown aside into the timestream. Obviously this already counts as a forum win but you guys probably feel that I must absolutely make sure my tech is not controlled by this charred husk.

Nothing is easier than teleporting at a safe distance after Cyborg Superman is confirmed as koed by the scans of one of my dupes and not tech other than my own is around. I wipe out a shield with Mjolnir for the kicks and send my armor into the timestream safely. Suddenly CS has no tech to ever hope to hop into and no physical body nor hope for recovery (there is not even a Sun in this dimension). And thus, Kang conquers.




Final Post

Ok, first of all, let me address one of the things I skipped over last time:


*squints his eyes very hard*

I'm assuming this is a Reign of the Supermen showing. Fighting three weaker opponents at once shows that CS can be a team buster but it's unrelated with his speed abilities, he only needs to be around the level of Byrne characters (not necesarily using their speed) to pull that off. I mean, Hulk beats several opponents at once and he doesn't need to be faster than them.

Other stuff: Cyborg Superman getting hit by a hotter than the sun beam.

Surfer routinely bathes in stars to no ill effect, Kang was melting his skin and I'm hitting him with at least 10 times more strength. Also an amped CS showing.

I have deployed my strategy and disected all the showings LoB brought to the table, he has no way to affect me when I'm timeshifted, he has no defense against time stop, he cannot detect me with my uber cloaking. He settled on a rather slow opening strategy that will play into my ability to jump back from he timestream a the first moment of the Match. Cyborg Superman is faster and more powerful but I have time on my side and Mjolnir gives me superior firepower. The only situation that could benefit Lob here is a quickdraw scenario in which he actually gets to me before my technology teleports me out of the arena. But CS's abilities to speedblitz are mostly skewed from showings vs Superman that many admittedly slower players have replicated over the years. He did not draft Superman and he has never the same level of Kryptonian powers. My defenses remain an effective deterrent for his technopathy.

So let's solidify that defense, I brought scans about my ships using oscilating energy frequences, but this is standard equipment for my armor (uploaded both images in the same place by accident, you can check them both on the link):


And that's a weapon conceived to pierce forcefields not some random psyblast. Kang is psyshielded, so we know his defenses account for attacks of psychic nature (also in the link above).

If you somehow believe Cyborg Superman's shield would hold a candle against my time-stop just remember that Iron-Lad handled two characters with vastly superior shields as if it was nothing:

http://photobucket.com/gallery/user/Enteithegreat/media/ cGF0aDpLYW5nIHRoZSBDb25xdWVyb3IvS2FuZy1UZWNoL1B1bm

...And that's a much less experienced version of Kang.

His movement options? I know exactly where he'll be thanks to my sensors and I'll get him while time-shifted and cloaked. Timestop has an area of effect as proved by my previous scan so there is a healthy room for catching CS despite his speed.

I honestly expect LoB to dump everything in the last post hoping to avoid my counter-arguments and win the attention of the judges with never-seen-before-feats. But my plan will not allow him to squeeze new actions into his offense thanks to time manipulation, so he only has that quick draw scenario that I have throughly deconstructed. His carelessness is his doom as unlike me, he cannot go back to time to redo his opening strategy into a more fitting offense.

I planned ahead to the many uses of versatility that Cyborg Superman could bring to the table but LoB decided to use none of that. I respect his straight forward approach since his speed is a valuable advantage, but his powers are accounted for and his approach will only hinder his own plans as I step back and strike him from the shadows as if I was a timeshifted army, my sensors will scout his every move so there is no potential error. This was never a battle, it was an ambush.

Veni, vidi, vici quite literally.




*sees page stretched*

Who could be responsible for this?


First impressions

For Bentley..
I was waiting for a scan of Kang exiting for the time-stream, to see how fast the process takes. All I saw was a scan of his armor obeying his thoughts. Command =/= fulfilled action.

I was waiting for scans on a lot of stuff. I can't just take "I'll be outside, jumping around the timestream while simultaneously scanning and knowing everything about this technopath" at face value.

Bentley's seeing this as a quickdraw, and his main starting points are for minimizing the effects. Leave the battlefield as soon as he's able to, and asking of LoB to show he can prevent that.

The bouncing time-travel was a nightmare to read through. I feel like re-watching the movie Primer just to make sense of timelines again.

His offense is good between the burning off Surfer's skin and ultra diode ray.

Him commanding Mjolnir to absorb Cyborg Superman's...technopathy... and also after he had already entered the timestream? He leaves Mjolnir on the battlefield? This point keeps getting brought up, but it never makes sense or is proven in any way.

I think that technopathy hasn't been blocked and if LoB gets a chance, he could do it.

Leaving a time-dupe to stay there and sustain the time stop...that the other Kang did? This is a weird decision, why not stay there with the original if time-stop works? How would this 'time stopping' stuff take-over even happen, which version of Kang is this from?

Whenever time-travel is used in tourneys, the better explained, the greater chances of buying your stuff. Halfway through, it seemed as if "Kang-dupes" were randomly showing up out of nowhere to do tasks that 'mainstream' Kang was too busy doing, because he had to jump back into the timestream again, and it's unclear who is from where doing what, but for the random intervals of time you were specifying.

Also, you're saying "Kang dupes" a lot, but you're not using Doombots here. If one of them falls at any point in your plan, all of your plan falls, since they're the same character, at different points in time.

For Lob, by contrast, it took me about 1 min to read all of it, lol

- puts up a shield and mentally takes control of Kang's...everything, effectively dismantling him.
- shows scans of Henshaw's durability against heat greater than the sun, which is good, but he had the green lantern rings there, so maybe it's iffy. Unclear if he had autoshields.
- literally doesn't show any defence without his rings for the remainder of the match. Confidence!


The fight

So LoB shows Henshaw bullrushing Superman...with the yellow rings which, again, he doesn't have here. And a bullrush is..not evidence of the type of speed he needs.

I'm literally undecided even as I type this.

I think Bentley did a good job, for what he could do considering the kryptonite opponent

I think LoB could have a done a lot more of concisely proving Henshaw's speed gap or even touch the defense.

He also posts scans for ants, which out of the microverse say that Henshaw has Superman's genetic coding. 100% feats transferable? No.

But, at the same time, both of their actions are at the 'speed of thought'. And Kang 'no speed feats' vs 'Henshaw with kryptonian DNA' would, unfortunately for Bentley (who truly did a great job in this match) be in LoB's favor, who'd prevent him from teleporting into the timestream at the very least, and it's downhill from there.

It was a bad match-up, unfortunately.

Winner: LoB.

Post by Philosophia and I'd like to mention that the first verdict was from Smurph !

Good job LoB


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