Amped Goku vs. Cell

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This fight has two rounds. This Goku is the same that appear in the movie 8 and had the collective power of all Z fighters.

1st round: Amped Goku vs. Perfect Cell
2nd round: Amped Goku vs. Super Perfect Cell

Who wins both rounds?

Goku absorbed the remaining energies of Vegeta+Trunks+Gohan+Piccolo AFTER they had been beaten to shit by Broly and were almost entirely powerless(the Saiyans, for example, were so weak that they had reverted back to their base levels.)

Round 1: Assuming Perfect Cell starts at FULL power, I just don't think this Goku could incapacitate/kill him before the amp wore off. Keep in mind, the single punch he used to beat/kill Broly in Movie 8 seemed to have tapped ALL of Goku's remaining energy -- the amp notwithstanding. Obviously that same punch wouldn't be enough to cause any lasting damage to Cell at all(*thx regen*), so Goku's best bet here would be to try and pack all of that energy into a single blast before it was expended, imo... But even in that scenario, his blast would have to be vastly more powerful than the first Kamehameha SSJ2 Gohan used against Perfect Cell, because even THAT wasn't sufficient to incapacitate him for *any* length of time...Let alone kill him:
...And that blast was already FAR more powerful than what anyone else on the field could generate(the Z Fighters were awestruck by it.)

Do I think Movie 8/amped Goku can generate an attack powerful enough to incapacitate and/or kill a full power Perfect Cell? No, I really do not. So even IF Goku initially went into this battle stronger than Cell, ONE attack would burn-off the amp entirely... Then it'd be easy pickings for Cell regardless. /shrug

Round 2 is a no-brainer: SPC stomps.

Cell fans always forget that Goku blasted him to pieces here and he needed senzu after the regen...stick out tongue


And haters always forget that Cell was still SUPPRESSING his power when he fought Goku... Cell ONLY powered-up to 100% against SSJ2 Gohan:

...So like I mentioned above: if Cell goes into this battle at FULL power, then it will take a blast FAR more powerful than the first Kamehameha SSJ2 Gohan struck him with, to have even the slightest chance of putting Cell down. smile

You are right I forgot about that. stick out tongue


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.