Flogging a Dead Horse with Horseshoe Politics

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Dramatic Gecko
Lets all be real. A shout out to all my fellow Capitalists and firm believers in Democracy. That's what makes places like my beloved Australia, our good mates New Zealand, Britain, Canada, U.S.A., Japan, South Korea and many more such LIT places to be. But we got to address the bullshit that's causing a ****ed up kind of shade on the Western World. Lets talk about these ****ed up ignorant stupid yes-men on the Alt-Right and these mental arrogant narcissists on the Far Left.

Lets start with the first fundamental problem. 'Alt-Right' and 'Far Left' are terms used to describe the rarity and obscureness of these political identities. Yet as we clearly see, these radicals are given podiums and clout as their positions become MORE and MORE mainstream. The political landscape is becoming increasingly polarised.

Why is this bad? I'm glad you asked. Ask yourself what happens when two groups with radically opposing values meet? If argue, fight, war or purge wasn't your answer you'd be naive. Think of any civil war ever in democracies! Less centralised views and the growth of the radical Left/Right you'll find yourself saying 'what a wanker' and 'WTF are you even going on about, its a damn baby and I'll change its nappy when I want!' very frequently. SJWs and Trump Supporters very frequently make me want to gauge off their face and wear it as a Halloween mask, so it isn't a stretch to think the product of this increasing divide could be VIOLENCE. And god imagine if either of these sides actually won a civil war and enforced their views legally. Of course i doubt either of these groups could win a physical war against the existing establishment. One is taking 'mah guns' to an F-22 fight and the other is still in their 'safe space' waiting for their 2-week-old to give the okay.

I'll be real, I'm an aggressive Centrist and if you don't know what the **** that is it ACTUALLY wouldn't shock me these days. Being a Centrist is pretty much this: I put an equal value into my opinion on both the conservative and progressive ideals. I believe that without the other a country would suck shit. You need conservative values to help keep your country stable and safe. You also need progressive drive to improve the life and prosperity of the future. Without the conservative caution or the progressive ambition you are doomed to either stagnate and perhaps succumb to a militarist authority that microchips you and puts cameras in your house or become so eager to right every wrong that you ultimately forget what the real world is in favour of a dream utopia that could never exist in your lifetime and end up becoming a fascist who hunts down all the 'villains' that are in the way of your perfect world. As a centrist it becomes easier to see both sides of the argument and the best part is you can pick and choose the issues that are relevant NOW. Is the country doing great and growing at a healthy rate? Excellent time to get more progressive and improve the way we live our day to day lives! Are things going down the shitter? Time to get more conservative make the tougher but necessary choices. Or perhaps form more conservative opinions in some issues and more progressive in others. Like a Feminist who wants to support local business owners rather than the local Chess club for the Disabled. Or you could oppose the immigration of a certain nationality or religion but also demand more affordable government assisted healthcare. All these opinions mixed together create a balanced society built on what our nations are all about. Opportunity! HARD WORK! AND FREEDOM! *assume Aussie pose of patriotism with the southern cross in the background*

So to the alt-right I say this: Stop watching FOX news, its actually just Australia's Rupert Murdoch telling you what to think. Leave the ethnic minorities born in your country alone, if you want be a healthy level of cautious just focus on foreigners from elsewhere because you have every right to worry about who is coming into your country (but I'm afraid you actually are on the same level of anyone born there with you). For the love of god stop letting THE MAN slap you with his dick. Don't be a yes man! Be a hard working capitalist who knows the realities of the world. Life isn't fair and nothing will be given to you but never thank your boss for giving you 10 lashes instead of 11. I can't stress this enough for Australians and Americans who its most relevant for right now, don't let THE MAN dickslap you! Because he is and he's distracting you with your hatred for the Far-Left while he reams you behind closed doors.

SPEAKING OF THE FAR LEFT! Ahem... Dear Far-Left: What the **** are you on about? I'm mad at you the most Leftys. You use to be pretty cool guys but what the hell happened? ****ing Sweden has a Hate Register. WTF is a Hate register? At least the right only want to survey/segregate/murder/purge people because they're Xenophobic, scared and ignorant, something we are ALL use to and know how to handle (mostly guilt tripping and sick music videos by minority groups, thus normalising them in the eyes of the majority). But the left want to do the same ****ing things for a much scarier reason, its hard to articulate into a sentence because you are very cryptic about it and you'd never say it outright. Its something like: CREATING UTOPIA or WASHING AWAY THE EVIL. Its creepy and I want it to stop. Would you stop if I said it hurts my feelings? I need you to get over yourself and remember we live in a flawed world that will never be perfect in your lifetime. So take all that energy. Take all that willpower for a better future. Stop marching into restaurants that serve meat unannounced. And do what you're good at and build us sky cities on Venus. Seriously. Its nearly 2020 and I don't feel we are nearly as sc-fi as we should be. Get on it progressives. Try to start Starfleet. Star Trek is friggin woke so there's plenty of incentive.

If you are intelligent you've probably noticed that both the Right and the Left are threatening our society as they both push to take away more and more rights. While their reasons are different they both eventually fixate on hurting people and disrupting the balance of our world. Its time to get off this horseshoe and rediscover ourselves. While I prefer to be centrist I completely respect the Right and Left (the normal right and left not the Alt and Far) and the best part of my political position is that I can see both of their arguments with less of a bias.

I've said my peace. Its probably a mess but I make no apologies. If you are also a firm believer in Capitalist Democracies please share your thoughts I'd love to hear them. I'd also love to hear from you whether you are Right, Centrist or Left. But if you are radical as shit I will encourage everyone here to grill you.

Also we need to give our governments more power over corporations like shit man. I want to vote who's in charge not have some 80 year old with five companies just buying national leaders like he's at a damn shopping centre.

I feel like both sides are threats, but the pendulum swings back and forth in terms of which side is the bigger threat at the moment.

And right now I feel like it's only one side that seems to be defending MS-13 and Hamas.

And be careful:some people will say the alt left isn't a thing. But it 100% is. They think because some neo nazis first self identified as alt right it makes it different, but nah, alt left is just the radical little f*ckers that are so insane and extreme they are indeed the lefts version of the alt right.

Though I will gladly stop using the term alt left as soon as leftists begin only applying the term alt right to people who have self identified as such.

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