How powerful should the Force be?

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The expanded universe changed Lucas' original vision of the Jedi, but his own first trilogy was really shaky with how powerful they could/should have been anyway. The powers he gave them make them so powerful that obstacles which seems to be completely impossible for us to overcome should be nothing more than tedious distractions to force users. So how powerful do you think they should be?

Originals - Users can manipulate almost anything, with little regard to distance and almost none to mass. They have reflexes faster than blaster bolts, can manipulate people's minds and absorb plasma in their flesh/robotic hands. No amount of distance or mass between you and the user can protect you from the user's attacks. Combatively, they're capable of taking down malitias or even small legions, but perhaps not large armies.

Vader time and time again lets the heroes escape out of plot induced stupidity. He lets Luke fall in Empire, doesn't force choke him when the door closes in A New Hope, and refuses instantly kill people.

Prequels - Even more powerful than they appeared in the originals, force users can augment the force physically to be faster, stronger, and tougher. They can jump thousands of feet and survive.

Incredible cases of plot induced stupidity. They're too powerful for any obstacle to really be an obstacle.

Sequels - They can manipulate not only objects but minds, bodies, blaster bolts, and create projections/bonds so powerful that matter gets transferred over lightyears.

No non-force user, be it Grevious, Cad Bane, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, an EG droid, or anyone else, should ever be able to go toe-to-toe against a force user.

Expanded Universe - The disparity between a regular person and a force user is so great now, it's really just a joke if even an entire army thinks they can get so much as a scratch on a force user. A blaster bold can be dodged, absorbed, reflected, caught, or stopped in mid-air. Even lightsaber hits can be tanked with sith alchemy or tutaminis. I'm confident that a Force user could tear through literal armies of tanks, spaceships, air forces, soldiers, and water-based ships, without sustaining a single scratch on themselves.

The movies no longer make any sense. Palpatine could have destoyed every Ewok in existence in less than a second from the death star without even twitching his finger.

The one exception to this is Dave Filoni's 2008 TCW series. In it, Jedi aren't superhuman. They're basically just well-trained individuals and your average elite fighter should be able to take one on. They're much less powerful than even in the movies. They are time and time again taken out by groups of organized and deadly non-force users who really have no right to be able to even hinder them.

Makes for a more realistic dynamic between force users and others.

Then there's the part about things in the star wars universe which are said to be made specifically to fight force users. The way I understand it, if someone can use distractions, intimidation tactics, sleight of hand (Verdanaian "Sliding Hands" method in star wars), subversion (Teras Kasi in star wars), superior organization, hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, accuracy, and precision, leverage their strength, have an understanding of practical physics, and use technology which allows them to move, attack, and defend in superhuman ways, they should be able to overcome the superior strength and speed of force sensitives.

But then force sensitives can just destroy any technology you're using, and make your heart stop before you can do anything. As far as getting the jump on force users goes, they should be able the sense the danger. Also, if there's any non-force user out there that can beat a force user, it's Han Solo. He's gone toe-to-toe with Gallandro, Captain Crimson Jack, and shown himself to be the best pilot in the galaxy. And we all saw just how quickly Darth Vader shut him down.

The Merchant
The movies portrayal of Force Users. So they can take down squadrons of people, but eventually will be overwhelmed with firepower if there's an armu facing them. Top tier Force users can throw metric tona and absorb blaster bolta that vaporize stone and metals. Heck, in Order 66 clones shot Secura and Mundi multiple times when normal humans get one shotted. We know blaster bolta can turn people into charred skeletons.

Freedon Nadd
Is that you in your avatar, Merc?

Ive always seen Force users as Filoni does; they are a tier above everyone else but there aren't so far beyond that theyre untouchable. Yoda puts a huge limit on the Force in ESB by they way he teaches Luke; its clear that it takes a certain amount of concentration and energy to use the Force and thats its main flaw; you can augment these limitations with years of practice such as Yoda, Sidious and Dooku do to overcome their old age but Force cant make you invincible.

Youre basically Mike Tyson; you'd be hard pressed to take him 1v1 but gang up on him and the numbers will eventually overwhelm.

If the Mortis trilogy is any indication, even Lucas himself has altered his original vision of the force over the years... And in a very big way. /shrug

the force is an extremely powerful weapon, it can be used to: control supernova, drain vital energy from entire planets, create force storm to destroy entire planets.

Freedon Nadd
Tell that to George Lucas.

Think you're going to extreme here, not every Force User can take on entire armies. At best the majority can take on large groups, army busting is perhaps only maybe a handful can actually do...if that.

As far as crushing hearts and what not, that's kind of hard to do if said Force User is constantly having to move and divide their attention from getting hit with blasters, grenades or what have you, or whatever else the opposition has up their sleeve.

Also Han didn't really go toe to toe with Gallandro.

Freedon Nadd
Meanwhile, Palpatine gets rekt twice.

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