My entire thesis on the new canon

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In a phrase: I'm still on this boat.

Kathleen Kennedy seems to be alienating her fans every way she can, though. She handled legends in a way that wasn't very considerate, she's going all out SJW, and there's just way too much cash-grabby stuff. Now, the films, in my opinion, are good, so I'm still watching.

The star wars fanbase is notorious for its diversity of opinion. Too many fans don't realize that. They think their opinion matters more, and that star wars should be what they want it to be. I don't know, can't we share? Can't we have what we like, and let others have what they like?

And furthermore, there's too many fans that are getting involved with the politics. If you don't like the political aspect of the new star wars, stay away from it! Don't fan the flame!

I hate the interweaving of politics and current affairs. I hate the lack of care for what the fans want. But I love the diversity of things. There's references to legends, for those that might want them. There's stuff brought back from legends. There's reimagined stories that are completely apart from legends. There are comic books for those who liked the legends comic books. There are books for those who liked the novels. There are video games, and the new movies explore new ground for different audiences. There's something for everyone to enjoy. Why do people focus on the things that they DISlike?

I don't hate Kathleen Kennedy. I mean, she wouldn't be my first choice, but the only problem is, she can't please everyone. She's a lot like Louis XVI to me. The fans will behead her eventually.

Sad thing is, though, it'd be wonderful if they just started listening to more things that the fans want. Some want legends continued, so why not give it to them? I know some things are a little too much. The insecure men wanting more male leads just can't get their way, because they'd be coming in the way of the vision of the directors, but Disney can at least try and give the fans what they want. Kathleen Kennedy's only problem is her belief that she doesn't owe her customers anything. Either that, or she just doesn't understand the fanbase.

My stance is, I'll continue to enjoy what I enjoy, and let others enjoy what they enjoy. I encourage others to do the same.

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