Achillies challanges T'challa on the waterfall.

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Since we weren't difinitivley shown Achillies as anything more than a man, myth be damned, how does he fare?

Achilles vs M'baku
Achilles vs Tchalla
Achilles vs Eric

Sword and shield for all.

He wins casually.

John Murdoch
Cool thread!

Achilles kills all three. The Brad Pitt/David Benioff-written version was only mortal, and yet he shield blocked a spear thrown like a Brett Favre football by Boagrias, killed Boagrias in one shot, threw a spear through a dude's head and took down like 2-3 dozen dudes on the beach of Troy, and has his Hector fight feats under his belt.

M'Baku has a chance if he can follow up a strike with a throw or use a bear hug/grapple to toss Achilles off the waterfall, but if weakened T'Challa bloodied M'Baku up and broke his nose with some headbutts, Achilles is really going to make him pay for going the bear hug route.

Non-emotional T'Challa gives him a fight, but loses.

Achilles shows Eric what a real spear-and-shield soldier can do and whoops him badly.

Achilles murders all 3 of them. If all 3 of them fought Achilles together then they'd have a shot at winning. Either that or imbibe the flower of power, because their regular human-selves won't stand a chance against Achilles.

No heart herb, Achilles wins all three. He could take all three at once.

Achilles murders all of em with ease; the guy was put up against the best of Greece, including armies and didn't even break a sweat; he easily threw a javelin a football fields length which indicates great strength and skill; Ajax easily knocked over a horse and Hector beat him and Achilles easily beat Hector so we can get a gauge of his strength and kills that way

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