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Mood of the day omnibus thread.
Plan to alternate organized "hub" posts connecting best threads, arguments, etc, with random "whatever" fillers. 1st page will probably prove a mess, but, by page 10 ...

Mood of the Moment/ Thought of the Moment

Je t' aime

Song by Jane Birkin and Sergei Gainsbourg that is not only, arguably, the most suggestive mainstream pop song of all time, but has chords that make it arguably the most copied and "recollecting"/resonant tune of the late 1960s.

YouTube history suggests very few of these links will survive, but, while they do:
(Je t' aime instrumental)

(Whiter Shade of Pale, Procul Harum instrumental)

Other songs that share Je t' aime's strange fusion of Rock, Reggae, and Classical chords, which I'll probably illustrate, time-permitting:

"Boombastic" by Shaggy
"Duppy Conqueror" s.k.a. "Memphis" by Bob Marley
"Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye
"Peenie Wallie" (artist currently unknown)
"Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procul Harum
"Wild Thing" (artist currently unknown)

No Pesado, mi hermano


Marietta Zigalova, 2013

Saw a documentary many years ago.
Some special on Lions and Hyenas.
Remembered for the name Entwydemala

Typing that in to Google yields nothing at present.
Some foreign word that means " he who greets with fire".
But the translated PHRASE does the trick.

Hoping to stumble across the full program one day.
Extraordinary picture of respect and personality in the animal kingdom. For the most revered by the lions was actually Ntwy's brother. Mandevu or Mufasa or something of the like. Even Ntwy himself paid the utmost respect and deferred to M in all situations. But the hyena pride would "mess" with the older reserved lion. Until the outraged firebrand came on scene, ready to avenge all insults ...

i don't understand this

I empathize; there's a lot of stuff I don't understand.

For instance, I have no idea why, historically, 8/10 times I've tried to play an Instagram video on mobile, it's not worked for me.

Yet if the video is posted on some other webpage it can play, as in this case, where, while the vid lasts on that page (several, featuring a guy named Kenny conducting an interview have already been grayed away), you can see Heba Ali performing as base and jungle gym for Jessie Graf:

While it lasts, the 5 minute version:

Sutu Kun, Vieux Diop

Greatest single Flash page I've probably seen on this website
Absurdly contentious but informative
Good Wondy v Flash thread
Best scenario debate thread

Good Wing Chun
KMC hyperlink instructional from a helpful poster

Sidebar, underwater, Germany, etcetera
Tamsen et al

The Power of Cinema Editing, demonstrated with one of the most celebrated films of all time ...


88 Lines ...

3:56 to about 40 seconds later of the above captures some of the brightness of 80s afterschool/school special music.

Somebody had thoughts similar to mine about 88 lines, albeit the more well-known "prequel" version, AND about the song Je t'aime, apparently.
Amazing to come across stuff like this every so often ...

Came across a clip that would go well in JMaghan's sword fighting thread.
The swordplay is probably nearly exactly what he is looking for.

Remarkable to see how different pre-production versus post-production Star Wars work was for those very first 2 movies.

(Compare that sequence above to the actual Luke/Vader saber duel in Empire Strikes Back ...)


Elaine Page, in perhaps her most well-known semi-duet.

Link to a story concerning the above:

Are you autistic?

Originally posted by DarkSaint85
Are you autistic?

Do you need a good therapist, DS?

You shouldn't waste your time with amateurs.

You've got enough money to go straight to the pros for help.

You're posting slow today, D.S.
Average day, 'specially in the comics "versus" forums, you'd have responded at least 5 minutes ago.

Do me a favor and click the following link if you want to engage me in any exchange of length, though, please.

That way we can at least be interacting with each other toward SOME sort of goal together ...


Gracie Breakdown.

Thug wins 2 on 1?

Jay Siegel loves Mondays!

Excerpt from a 1999 article that gave me a lot of respect for Keebler ...

Imagine -- an ethical big business corporation ...

A Famous Cookie And a Face to Match; How Wally Amos Got His Hand And His Name Back in the Game

"For an entrepreneur who was down on his luck it was almost too good a deal to pass up.

Wally Amos had long ago lost control of Famous Amos, the cookie company he founded in 1975, and had even lost the right to use his name or the famous likeness of himself with his salt-and-pepper beard, Panama hat and embroidered Indian shirt. At one point, he lost his house. He was reduced to calling his own cookie line Uncle Noname, and the business was struggling.

Then in March the Keebler Company, the new owner of Famous Amos, offered Mr. Amos a two-year contract to promote his old brand. And Keebler was willing to let him use his name for his own business.

Mr. Amos was hardly in a position to play the tough negotiator. Yet, after sampling the cookies that Keebler was selling, he couldn't help himself.

''Somehow or another caramel coloring had been added and I don't know why that was,'' the 63-year-old Mr. Amos said, the lines in his forehead becoming more pronounced. ''And they were using a real low-grade vanilla flavoring, and I always used vanilla extract. One of the first things I shared with Keebler when we met was that I couldn't promote the product they were currently selling, that if I were going to be a part of it we had to make some adjustments so that it could be closer to a Wally Amos product.''

Keebler, a unit of Flowers Industries, which had inherited the reformulated cookies, agreed to meet Mr. Amos's conditions. ''Certainly Wally Amos carries the namesake, so it was an obvious place to look'' for a spokesman, said Bruce Grieve, Keebler's vice president for new-business development. ''People really know the name and so many people still recognize the face ...''

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