Evil Cho (Spoiler) (well kinda, not biggie)

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Malfoy's chick
Ok there is a big rumor going around that cho will become evil and help the dark lord is it true? what do you think? I not sure but i really don't like Cho (sorry to those who like her) and i hope she is. evil face devil

I hope she is too!

Sorry for cho bashing - I just really don't like her!!

I want a badge that says 'Cho Stinks'....


I believe that is highly unlikely... For those who have forgotten.. Cho Chang is in Ravenclaw. But personally.. I don't like her much, either.. But I don't despise her enough to hope that she will become evil just to contradict the people who like her.

So what if she is in Ravenclaw? A mistake to think that only Slytherin can be bad guys, just as it is a mistake to think ALL Slytherin are evil.

that dont happen. ive never liked her either actually.. always wanted harry to get with ginny..

Well sorry to bust your bubble but it ain't happening. I read the book. But, if you don't like Cho, there will be ample opportunity for bashing her after you read... how? Just read the book and you will find out.

Mmm, Cho is a horrible, pardon my phrase, ****.

Highlight the spoiler below to see WHY.

She kisses Harry, then she dumps him and dates someone else!

Why do you guys hate Cho? I don't understand. You guys are weird. Did you read the book Lupin? I'm almost finished and she hasn't dumped him yet...confused
I think Cho is a sweetheart and is just sad about Cedric. What would you do if your boyfriend died? Ugh. It would suck.

Wow...i can't believe you guys think she's a ****. I guess I should read the book before I say anymore....well...only 10 more chapters to go! Gotta get reading. Talk to you all later.

Well, I only read half of the book

I think JK rowling give her more spaces in this book adn ehmm the chemistry between harry and her is getting hot this time big grin

Ginny already take :P

cho will not become evil she is only in the book for one reason and that is to get with harry and i rekon it will happen officially in book 6

I wouldnt kiss Harry, thats for sure.
Rebound springs to mind.

Yes, I have read the book.

in the first book, we learn that there "wasn't a witch or wizard what went bad, that wasnt in slytherin."

so, she can't go bad. while not all slytherins are bad, all bad people are slytherins(unless htey went to another school).

I'm confused...lmao

blink I don't thinks she is evil and she is my 4 favorite Hp char yes hate her if you want to me she isn't really that bad after all she is harry potter's crush roll eyes (sarcastic)

And I don't think Cho is a **** in the O.O.F she just cries over harry's shoulders and dated him once what so bad about that? that doesn't means she's a **** mad sorry to be rude didn't mean it it's just that she doesn't seem horrible to me

Well you have to remember guys. Just because she is in Ravenclaw. Doesnt mean that she wont go bad! Cause Peter Petigrue known as "Wormtail" went bad and he is in Gryffindor!


No way i dont think so, I mean she was a bit of a cow in the last book but she was deppressed (I still dont like her tho) But you cant forget Cedric was killed by Peter Pettigrew one of Voldemorts followers so I dont think she would.


And another thing it would totally contradict what they were doing all though the fifth book learnin new magic to defend herself against evil.

I love Cho, and i hope her and Harry do end up. She so cool, GO CHO

I dont mind her tho i didnt really like her in the last book but i dont want her and harry to end up together.

Malfoy's chick
I don't think she will turn evil after reading the 5th book, but i still think she is a cow, no offence

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