Sonny into the Badlands Vs Iron Fist MCU

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Sonny Vs Danny no Ironfist pure skill

Sonny h2h


Danny gets wrecked hard. Loses 10/10.

sonny stomps 1 trillion to 1

Sunny stomps hard

Sunny wins comfortably.

Make it Daredevil and Iron Fist and allow everyone all their gear/abilities, and it would be a more interesting fight IMO. Because then the Iron Fist or Sunny's swords have the potential to oneshot (as hard as Dark Ones hit, they don't hit as hard as Danny, and Sunny has been rocked by their strikes before), while Matt can help compensate for the stat edge Sunny has to make it more balanced.


Have you ever watched the show? I figure no.

Also Danny is entirely human aside from the fist which he doesnt have here. Sunny without his dark one powers is superhuman to an extent.

The writers have current Sunny putting up a decent fight against a bloodlusted Dark One, while holding back himself. Yes, he did lose in the end, but I don't see Danny doing remotely as well, especially without the Fist.


And to give some context, a far less-skilled and experienced MK, who couldn't even control his gift back then, wrecked a Baron and entourage with zero effort, back in S1. From around 2:50:



On a random note, I miss Cyan. That guy was a beast.

I actually want Sunny to fight Gaius. To date, they are the only ones who have managed to put up a good fight against bloodlusted Dark Ones. The Widow only managed to take Castor down when his powers were spazzing out (we even see that his eyes were normal for the vast majority of their fight).


Silent Master
"this sunny guy"

Yea, you've never seen the show.

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