Black Sky (MCU) vs Nix (Into the Badlands)

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So, the Iron Fist vs Sunny thread gave me this idea:



Fight takes place in an open arena.
Both are armed with twin swords.

Who takes it?

And for those unfamiliar with Nix, skip to about 2:00 mark:



I think Nix, the shit dark ones pull in my opinion is greater.

I am torn myself. Dark Ones pull off a lot of crazy things (like the arrow deflection super jumps in that clip I posted), but Nix hasn't really been tested against more skilled characters in an actual fight, whereas Elektra did tussle with the Defenders.

So, I feel like Nix maybe has a bit of a stat edge, but Elektra has better actual combat showings.

Elektra most definitely has a durability edge. Not only taking Iron Fists, but during Danny's kidnapping she jumped out of a window while carrying Danny and crushed the car she landed on. She also shook off Jessica shoving that vehicle onto her (she was rocked though- totally stupid that they didn't take advantage of it) That was quite consistent
She also deflected a gunshot with her sword, in a pretty dark room to boot, which imo is better than arrows or crossbow bolts, even multiple ones.
And as you said, Elektra has shown more skill. And has dodged arrows even before Black Sky upgrade

I don't know about the bullet/bolt comparison. The bullet deflection is a really good feat. But Nix wasn't just blocking bolts from hitting herself. She and Castor were also deflecting the ones aimed at Pilgrim, while twirling through the air at their opponents. That's some crazy speed/reflexes to do that. Especially considering they did it effortlessly. Also, she casually caught the one bolt shot at her, pointblank, between her fingers. IMO, blocking a single shot like Elektra did isn't at all a stretch. Also, Black Sky Elektra appeared to have enhanced senses, considering she was able to fight 10 Hand ninjas in total darkness, so not sure how much the lighting in the room even mattered to her.

Fair enough

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.