Leo's Secret Wars: Rd 1: PG vs Deathslash

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ok, welcome one and all to the opening round of my little Secret Wars Event. competitors have been briefed on the rules. this is your BF:


you are in MINECRAFT. everything you can find in the MINECRAFT world is yours to use if you can make use of any of it. you start 1000 miles away from each other in identical surroundings to the picture but the terrain shifts rapidly. resources and characters exist as they do in the creative version of the game.

PG will be using an amalgam of MARTIAN MANHUNTER and VECTOR, while SLASH has MAXIMA and MIMIC (EXILES).

judges for this match up: Pr, phil and ds--my thanks for the help gentlemen. thumb up


right, so it's 1:57, so I guess I should start working on my OP. laughing out loud

Let's get the small things out of the way, My character is a solid almalgamation of Maxima and Mimic (exiles). The chosen character of Psycho Gundam is a mix of Martian Manhunter and Vector.

I feel for him, choosing a character with a history of losing and jobbing and having to go up against a character with a history of winning. With that said, let's get the stats out of the way.

As far as speed goes, Multi-Max (that's what I'm calling her for the duration of this tourney) is fast enough to surprise superman.

She has Psi-bolts powerful enough to harm Powergirl.

She can also smack around Superman with her energy beams.

Now with that out of the way, my plan is this. When the fight starts, she uses her tk to locate manhunter. Then she teleports him away.

Assuming that it doesn't work for some reason, She'll use her ferrokenisis to set the environment or the air around him on fire.

If for some reason, that doesn't manage to knock him out, Multi-Max will just use her vastly superior physical strength, skill, and durability to knock Manjobber out/kill him. Well, that's my OP. Short, sweet, and to the point. Can't wait to read Gundam's ridiculously long post. laughing out loud




Keeping this super simple


Since I cannot use the allotted time for shields, my character will render himself immaterial as well as totally invisible then lastly block my opponent's bread and butter on a global scale. All powers are nigh instantaneous.

Idunno what kinda battle field is being tossed at me me but I am pretty sure my gestalt character would be pretty safe in any environment (it would take some real skulduggery to effect what I have here), so as an invisible wraith my opponent will have to argue how he will locate my character and all the while that is going on I will have my character take the surgical route and pick my shots from a distance via Martian vision coupled with vast super speed, enough to blitz white Martians to whittle down my opponent. Shields will be likewise phased through and again, Martian vision or force blasts that are able to able to remove a large portion of Professor/Merged Hulk's tissue (Base level of power same as an enraged Savage Hulk) and almost oneshot Thor and the Avengers.

Rinse and repeat, never going visible nor tangible for any of it.

psycho gundam
Yeah yeah. I apologize for slacking but Deathslash did less than I expected he would do which is why writing a novel to explain all this isn't necessary, but him and I both seem to agree that Mimic is useless here.

Originally posted by leonidas
Now with that out of the way, my plan is this. When the fight starts, she uses her tk to locate manhunter. Alright so I'm just going to jump in here cause this is the part where his plan doesn't fly:


Deathslash didn't even use his preparation time to mount a defense, instead he went in naked with his opening salvo being used to locate his opponent. The shitball started rolling down hill right there. His telepathy would be blocked right out of the gate via Vector's power. Vector was in New mexico when he blocked Xavier's telepathy who was in New York state, 2023 miles away.

For the sake of quantifying his flight speed, this vessel was going just over 8 times the speed of light and Martian Manhunter was able to remain in a velocity deadlock with it meaning he was going about the same rate.




He has Maxima standing out there without shields looking stupid and in the first second of the match she's getting hit thousands of times by Martian vision potent enough to take out Fernus



Match Superman's heat vision and drill down to Earth's mantle to reignite a volcano the likes of which have never been scene since the cooling of the planet billions of years ago.


And lastly, force blasts from Vector that are powerful enough to make Thor use all of his strength just to brace Mjolnir to block it.


Maxima doesn't see any of it coming, can't stop it or mount a counter.

Speaking of that, let's assume Deathslash can use hoer effectively for a sec:

MM's casually telepathically sat her on her ass while she was bloodlusted during some team infighting




And Trained to withstand the fire weakness Deathslash wants to exploit


guess I've put this off long enough.

We start 1,000 miles away from each other. The moment that Multi-Max fails to psychically find him is the moment that her shields go up

and she changes form. Now this isn't her replacing her already epic durability with Colossus', this is her adding Colossus' durability to her own. Because with Mimic, powers stack.

Now, PG seems to believe that invisibility is actually a problem for Multi-Max. This is simply false. Do you know why? His plan consists of battering her with force blasts and martian vision. Even if he is invisible, it's easy to discern where the blasts are coming from.

Not only are Vector's blasts a visible force:

But so are Manhunter's beams:

He's literally giving himself away with each attack.

And let's keep in mind, as far as the Martian Vision/force blasts angle goes, she still has Wolverine's healing factor on top of her own. Powers stack remember? She's going to be in this fight for a loooooong time.
The moment that he starts blasting, she teleports his keister across the galaxy.

If that for some reason fails, she makes herself a fast moving target. Not very hard when she has Northstar's speed:

added to her own:

If she ever gets into a tight spot, she just teleports away if need be.

She then uses her ferrokinesis to set the surrounding trees, bushes, shrubs, air, whatever on fire for the easy win. Because yes, he's still vulnerable to fire. I'll explain this more in my final post.

psycho gundam


pg got his final post in before the deadline, so judges will take it into consideration. match is now done and in the hands of the judges. thumb up

darksaint's vote:

phil's vote

congrats to pg and thanks to the judges for chiming in. thumb up

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