Iron Man armor fight - Mark 42 vs Mark 46

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The Iron Man 3 armor vs Civil War armor. Tony is inside both, and for this match they are under an illusion which makes them think they are fighting Ultron. Fight takes place in Times Square.
Round 1: h2h only
Round 2: All out

They crash into each other and break apart. stick out tongue

The Spectre+
vibranium tech comes into play

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vibranium tech comes into play

Mk 46 is superior.

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Mk 46 is superior.

42<46. That's how numbers work.


Really don't feel like rewatching IM 3.

Any notable feats, remind me?

From what I recall, the bits on the armor that actually worked, worked as they should. But a lot of it glitched. Like I recall him having to manually throw missiles and crap during the mansion attack because his suit weapon systems weren't fully operational

Because of that, I feel like I would go with the Mark 46. It might seem inferior, stat-wise, but at least you know things are going to work when they should.

The thing is though, the things that work, they work spectacularly with Mk 42. While it may have broken apart when there was nobody inside, with Tony in it it took a lot less damage from things much greater than the stuff. Even when the thing self destructed, the separate parts where relatively fine. And it's repulsors have the best showings among Tony's armors too imo. And even the individual parts where capable of shattering metal with the thrusters and overpowered Killian together. So it's definitely competitive even if some systems are not top notch
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42<46. That's how numbers work.
Not the case with Iron Man armors. Mk4 proved inferior to Mk 2 in durability in Iron Man 2, and that's just one example
And then the Mark 44 is the Hulkbuster while the Civil War armor is Mark 46. Is the latter superior just due to a serial no.? C'mon

Another thing most people didn't notice about Mk 42 is that other than being an unfinished prototype, it was never fully charged in any fight.
According to the HUD, during mansion attack, it started with only 22% IIRC, and by the time it reached Tennessee, it had less than 5% and ran out. Then it was left there to charge by a power source Jarvis outright stated to be questionable, and before the next evening Tony had to call it to Miami to escape from Killian's safehouse, at which it ran out again. And when he finally managed to properly charge it, he had to stop it at 80% to fly off to save Air Force One crew.
And that the armor is not actually finished even if it breaks apart as shown in the climax fight

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Really don't feel like rewatching IM 3.

Any notable feats, remind me?

I will list em. You decide

Strength (without thrusters)
* Punches through an aeroplane window
* Breaks free of Savin's grip despite his heat messing up systems
* Held arm steady while a concrete block fell and shattered on it
* With just the gauntlet Tony was able to breakcables used to tie him up
* With just the boot Tony kicked a Mook hard enough to send him flying and ko him
* Blocked an armor part flying at high speed which bounced off and knocked off a lamp hanging from the ceiling

Strength (with thrusters)
* A single armor part, was capable of plowing through metal bars, PVC pipes, knock lamps off ceiling, etc
* Parts hit Tony and sent him flying
* One part smashed through the protective glass and knocked off the head of the Most 4 model
* Even the face plate knocked aside a metal table full of stuff
* A single gauntlet controlled by Jarvis could pull Tony and rest of the armor out of the majority of the rubble of his destroyed mansion
* Smashed through a forest by accident with less than 5%
* With just one foot part, Tony propelled himself and the Mook who grabbed him onto a wall hard enough to knock out that guy
* Carried off Savin and caved in a TV screen with his face
* Knocked off an aeroplane cabin door which had the handle melted into the wall
* Countered the momentum off the fall of 13 people
* Overpowered Killian and carried him off

* Protected Pepper from the shockwave that kod Maya Hansen despite being closer to it
* Undamaged by several concrete blocks falling and shattering on it
* Sent flying by the backlash of repulsors for atleast 25 feet, through a glassvwall and onto the pavement hard enough to damage the pavement and but is unharmed itself
* Shakes off minigun bullets from gunship
* Shruggs off a gunship exploding next to him
* Withstands getting crushed under the rubble of the destroyed mansion and the ocean floor pressure
* Crashes into a forest
* No sells handgun fire even without power
* Savin's heat attack does nothing more than temporarily fritzing some systems
* The individual parts were still relatively intact after self destructing

* Intercepts the face plate with the head
* When Pepper and Tony are sent flying from an explosion, on Tony's command the parts reach Pepper mid flight
* Flies from Malibu to Tennessee within few hours despite low power and battle damage
* The parts fly from Tennessee to Miami within few minutes
* Gets the drop on Savin
* Catches up to 12 free falling passengers, though barely in time
* Surprises Killian

* The backlash of a repulsor blast knocks Tony several feet back
* When Pepper in the armor manages to fire one, it's backlash sent her and Maya Hansen 25 feet through a glass wall and onto the pavement hard enough to damage it
* A double repulsor blast sends a piano flying into gunship hard enough to disable it
* Another double repulsor blast destroys several concrete blocks despite being underwater
* With a single repulsor blast oneshots a Mook and the backlash sends Tony and the metal cot he was tied to flying
* With single repulsor blast Tony knocks a metal railing off the ground a takes chunks off a concrete roof
* Blows holes in concrete walls
* Sends Savin flying

The Unibeam blew a hole in Savin's chest and kept going, and right through two aeroplane cabin walls in it's way

That's one thing that has always bugged me, even though I know it's pure PIS. And that was Tony being unable to catch Rhodey before he landed in CW. Because based on the passenger rescue bit from IM3, he should be more than fast enough. Hell, IIRC, even the Mark III was fast enough to catch up to a falling pilot as well.

And the Mk 7 and shotgun armor caught up to Tony mid fall. Heck Falcon had caught Cap mid fall he got hit with PIS as well

Though it could be simply that MK 46 is inferior to every previous armor. It wasn't able to catch up to the Quinjet yet the heavily damaged Mk 6 left the Helicarrier with the Quinjet right behind him but outpaced them so much that they were 6 minutes behind

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Pretty much common sense.

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