Former Atheist Tried to kill his father; says Jesus saved him

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An, albeit old, video from David Wood I came across. In this video, Wood shows his psychopath self as he talks about how he felt nothing when people died, learned how to make bombs, and then tried to kill his father just to see what it felt like.

He then proceeds to explain how Christianity saved him...

I don't know about you lot, but I'm agnostic and I don't feel the need to bash anyone's head in with a sledge hammer. The scariest part is how the comment section encourages him...

People who don't commit crimes merely because a sky god tells them not to are unhinged psychopaths.

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Yeah, I've been an Atheist for as long as I can remember and I have never wanted to kill people for no reason.

Just wait till Jesus starts telling him to kill the whores.

Not gonna comment on this weird shit specifically.

But for most Christians I know, their drive from their faith to be good isn't due to a fear of Hell. It's due to their belief that embodying and acting out love is a redeeming process. In my own experience I can say that the closer I am at any given point to that, the more I feel free from the torture of my own shame and self-deception of my own arrogance, the more each moment in the world lights up around me for my appreciation, the more I feel pulled to act in service to the people around me, and the more I hope I can actually open something up in other people, and the more I seek for other people to open up something good in me.

I certainly can't speak for all Christians, but I can speak for myself in saying I am not primarily driven by a fear of punishment (I'm a universal reconciliationist after all), and I can't speak for but I can speak about most of the Christians I personally know and say I trust from all I've seen of them and all the time I've spent with them that they aren't that way either.

This shouldn't be taken as me arguing for God's existence in this thread, or arguing atheists can't be good and moral people, after all my best friend, the person who was with me in the most defining night of my life for me who comforted me and spoke with me and helped me understand myself and the importance of love was an atheist.

This isn't me trying to incite some pissing contest about religion vs atheism, this is simply me stating that for a decent number of people who have become better people because of their faith, it's an unfair characterization of them to say that everything about that comes from a fear of punishment and that they would be some of the worst people imaginable if they did not believe in that punishment.

DMB would be a child molester if he wasn't afraid of the demon rape after he died.

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Yes. There is not Demon Rape DD. Go ahead and Rape Those Kids! You Literally have NOTHING to Fear!

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