Amped Goku vs. Exhausted Perfect Cell

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Goku (with collective power from 8th movie) vs. Perfect Cell (when fought against Goku in the Cell Saga)

Who wins?

So a significantly fatigued Goku, amped with the energy of an exhausted Gohan/Vegeta/Trunks/Piccolo vs. a depleted Perfect Cell(ie. post-Warp Kamehameha)..? Interesting.

At first I was going to side with Goku solidly, but when I think about it, Goku wouldn't have logically received an overly massive amp at all. Granted, he had the added ki of 4 additional warriors, but the caveat there is that those 4 warriors were extremely weak when they donated their energy to Goku -- Gohan/Vegeta/Trunks were so exhausted, for example, that they had reverted to their BASE levels, and Piccolo was just as weakened:

Moreover, Goku himself was already quite weak by that point in the movie, which means that it would have taken a large portion of that donated energy just for him to return back to full power.

Conversely, even in his depleted state Cell was still confident that he could beat Goku, even if Goku ate a senzu bean. In fact, Cell stated that even at full power Goku's chances against him only increased "slightly", which would make their fight more fun/exciting for Cell(that's why he was literally goading Goku into eating a senzu, lol):
But obviously Cell wouldn't have wanted Goku to eat a senzu if he believed there was even a slight chance that FP Goku could beat him... And the fact that no one disagreed speaks volumes.

Moreover, Trunks believed that it would still take ALL of the Z Fighters at FULL power to defeat Cell after he was depleted:
IOW, it would've taken FPSSJ Goku + FPSSJ Gohan + ASSJ Vegeta + ASSJ Trunks + Piccolo + Krillin + Tien + Yamcha to overcome a depleted Perfect Cell.

All of that being said, even IF we assume this 'amped' Goku is more powerful than a depleted Cell, he would still have to perma-kill Cell to truly 'beat' him... And I'm not confident that he'd have enough power to accomplish that. /shrug

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