MCU: Luke Cage vs. Quake

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Quake has the Centipede serum
Cage as of Season 2

H2H only

H2H? Does that mean Daisy can't amp her strikes with her powers? Because not sure what she can do then. She literally took the modified serum in the last fight of the last episode, and never does anything physical, so we don't know how much of an amp she got in that regard. Coulson was told he could expect some degree of physical boost, due to the Centipede elements, but we're never given specifics. So, I would back Luke in that scenario, simply due to lack of physical feats for amped Daisy.

If she can use her powers to amp her strikes/kicks, then she wins. Luke isn't tanking strikes amped with blasts that can knock people into space.

Luke stomps unless Daisy can use her powers

Wouldn't this fight be kind of pointless either way? We don't know at this point if Daisy's physiology is overall superhuman not but it would really matter much compare to Luke's durability upgrade.

On the opposite side Luke stands no chance against Daisy if she can use her Quake power boosted by the Centipede serum

Pretty much. Without her powers, Daisy doesn't have the feats to suggest she can do any serious harm to Cage. With her powers, her strikes/kicks will pack more than enough power to put Luke down.


Darth Thor
In the last episode Daisy did tank a fall from the Sky, in the fight against Talbot/Graviton.

Not really sure how she did that though.

That finale fall feat is a HUGE outlier though. I mean Daisy has pretty good durability feats, overall. But that one is WAY above and beyond anything else she has withstood to date, to the point where it is inconsistent. Because if she can tank that kind of impact with only minor damage, there are tons of things in the past she should basically have tanked that she didn't (like Ruby's hits still visibly hurting her only a few episodes earlier).

I mean I feel like her durability is somewhat above that of a human (referring to pre-centipede showings), but not by that much. Quite frankly, that feat should be above even Super Soldiers and the like, IMO. The Panthers, even in their nano suits, were somewhat winded from just falling a relatively similar height.

Darth Thor
^ Yeah was a pretty confusing feat.

But she was basically Super Woman in that fight.

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