Captain America/Luke Cage amalgam vs Spiderman

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Generally speaking, whenever people pit a street/super soldier tier duo/team against one of the movie Spidermen (at least Garfield or Maguire), the consensus tends to be that there is just too much of a stat gap for it to be competitive, even with numbers. So, this is a different approach.

This is a Steve/Luke amalgam, where their stats stack on top of each other. For example, the amalgam is as strong, durable etc. as Cap and Cage combined.


Maguire Spiderman.

Fight takes place in Times Square.
Opponents start 20 feet apart.
Amalgam has Cap's IW gear.

Who wins?

Edit: Bonus points for coming up with a good amalgam name. So far, all I got is Cage Rogers, which sounds like it could be the name of a male pornstar.

Power America, combination of Power Man and America.

And Spidey. Macguire's Spiderman still would have a stat advantage everywhere but durability, and his webbing is too versatile and powerful a tool for them to overcome IMO.

Tobey still wins. He is still stronger, faster, and imo, still more durable excluding piercing damage, and too much experienced in dealing with variety and due to being, well, Spider Man, much more agile and with spider sense, which means shield throws are next to useless

Fair enough. Do remember though that things like speed also stack and, considering both characters have shown superhuman speed individually, their combined speed should actually be pretty potent. Also, it's IW gear, so pointy shields.

Yeah. Pete ain't untouchable but he's got a solid range advantage when the amalgam loses the only ranged attack it's got. Plus Pete would be extra wary of the pointy shield even with the blades retracted. And it might help cut some webbing, but useless if Pete just webs the hands together. And even combined they cover less area than the shield, ergo less protection. Considering he's taken bladed attacks from the Goblins and was pretty fine later, they won't be much of a problem

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.