Jurassic World (2021)

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Jurassic park 6 is coming 2021 June 11

I watched Fallen kingdom today and I gotta say it wasn't great, I preferred Jurassic world a lot more. It'll be interesting to see how dinosaurs and humans "co-exist."

And by the way did they forget all about site B? They're saying all the dinosaurs would be extinct due to the active Volcano on Isla Nublar, what about Isla Sorna?

I re-watched Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and I liked it a lot less the second time. I think it's not going to hold up well to repeat viewings, which is a shame because I think all of the other films I find re-watchable at least to some degree. There are some semi enjoyable moments, but it's mostly not good. And it's hard to put my finger on.

But for example the whole opening sequence was completely unnecessary and stupid. I know they just wanted it to start out the same way Jurassic Park did, but it didn't go well with the main idea of the film. They should have had a scene that increased compassion for the dinosaurs. It wouldn't have been something very hard to write. And the morons going in to get what they came to get acting like they're totally oblivious as to what kind of danger they were in was ****ing stupid. They would have been nervous and jumpy as shit. It's not like they didn't know what a potentially hostile environment they were in...

"Oh, what? There's a huge T-rex behind me? Huh? Maybe I should run like ****??"

The film should have started with some charming flashbacks to the functioning park or something, with kids having a great time and some more harmless dinosaurs or something. They really didn't think well about what the script was actually trying to say.

The whole plot of a volcanic eruption on the Island and getting the dinosaurs off the island is ripped straight from the Jurassic park arcade game which came out in 2015


Sound familiar?

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