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Anyone else notice that, at the end of the movie, when Mr. Malfoy raises his wand to attack Harry, he hisses 'Avada...' the beginning of the killing curse 'Avada Kedavra'!!

Malfoy's chick
Sweet, i didn't recognize that because his voice was hard to hear evil face

I only could tell cos we were watchn the vid at my house with the volume up high!

Rally? Next time I'll pay more attention to that scene. sick

i heard that kinda freaky but i dont think that it was that in tha book

No malfoy's father didn't try to curse Harry in the book. smile

Yea...I noticed that the first time..I laughed. Lucius would have been in so much sh*t...I think Harry should have reported him...wink
But I hate when they add stuff to the movie when it didn't actually happen in the book. Very annoying! mad

ya i heard it i hate tha malfoys im glad lucious went to prison

I am glad he's in prison too...they are awful....and that house elf.... sheesh!!! Kreacher...........that made me mad

poor dobby!

Yeah...I loved Dobby. He's so good to Harry and very loyal...=)

dobby is so dif. from kreacher. but i prefer kreacher. hes just so funny, and he reminds me of some one i know. dobby just freaks me out, though he is very loyal to harry

dobby is cool....kreacher's character is very dark and sneaky...HE'S perfect for the Malfoy's!

yea.. i heard him say avada

Lily Evans
umm he did say that didn't he well that would not be the last time right. Cause he did try to kill harry in the OoTP.

I watched it at the cinema and i pulled the biggest face when malfoy said "avada.." i mean like he is going to be so blinded by rage about a house elf leaving that he kills harry gets cought because he is in the middle of hogwats gets sent to prison and the relationship he's been building with the ministry is destroyed. Its bad enough when they miss things out, but to add stuff in?

Yah well, when will Draco die?? I mean if his dad is off at azkaban, then what would he do? His dad is like, his most favourite person in the book! (Besides himself?!)

Um, considering Harry would've died if he had carried out the curse..... huh


I Love Sirius
He didn't say "Avada" He said "Vera-" and then he got knocked out. I was watching it with the caption on. I doubt Malfoy would be so dumb to try the killing curse in Hogwarts with Dumbledore around.

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