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The Enigma
detail whether for any N, where N is a whole number, of character Y, Darth Sidious as of Return of the Jedi, without the ability to invoke Force storms, will win with a preponderance of probability in a conventional battle defined where all N of character Y are surrounding Darth Sidious in a series of concentric circles with the smallest having a radius of 50 meters on flat plains, and with Sidious being able to recharge all of his Force reserves given 10 seconds of continuous focus to an equivalent degree as if he were launching a moderately taxing Force lightning, with a low slope of healing that explodes around 9 seconds in, and given no mental fatigue for each fight, of which is each treated separately. No telepathy by either side, or merging of powers within the group, is allowed.

X =

1. Roman Legionary
2. B1 battle droid
3. Clone trooper
4. One month trainee at PoD academy
5. Jedi padawan
6. Jedi knight
7. Jedi master
8. TPM Obi Wan
9. Plo Koon
10. RotS Obi Wan
11. Dooku
12. RotJ Vader
13. Darth Caedus
14. Yoda

Edit: assume given the lack of mental fatigue that the probability of outlier mistakes on Sidious's end, such as simply forgetting to put up a Force barrier, can be modeled as p=0.

Edit: also assume that any unintended physical effects of the presence of some arbitrarily large group of bodies are neglected in this simplified model, i.e. they will not collapse into a black hole.

The Ellimist
This is one of those questions where the specific medium and very fundamental interpretation of the way gaps between characters works within Star Wars probably play a greater role than the placing of Sidious himself.

Given your stipulations, almost any Legends version of Sidious would get through 1 easily. Then I could see it going anywhere from 2-13, more reasonably between 2 and 11.

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