The One True King: MrMind vs Anvil

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OneBigAnvil, vs Mr Mind.



Full capacity. No CIS. PIS is, always, off.

Fight takes place in Dubai, standard 0.5km between our proud combatants.

1 OP and 2 posts for each candidate

Mr Mind's OP:

Bran's OP:



One Big Mob

One Big Mob

One Big Mob
First off, I'd like to thank the judges Jlxking, Bentley, and Rage for voting for me. It's much appreciated mates. thumb up


So the conclusion here is pretty straight forward. My opponent has repeatedly stepped over his own arguments and sowed the seeds of mistrust, while I however, have shown a face you can trust:

He has shown no actual solid feats of the Creation Blades while misinterpreting the one feat he's brought forth. He tried to build off a being he simply did not have access to the power of (Max Faraday), and as such, he has not delineated where Tao lies. He has demonstrated a no limits fallacy on the blade being able to cut through anything while handwaving away multiple statements and actual damage of something I presented in regards to War Thor for example.

The Creation Blades are a complete unknown as a result. He doubled down on lowballing my characters - something he admitted he doesn't stand by mind you - yet he failed to solidify his winning proof. Even ignoring everything I've conferred while taking into account his lowballing, he has not drawn enough parallels for us to know what happens if he does actually get close. It might as well be a random sword for all he's shown... and all he's shown from Zoom is him cheapshotting Wonder Woman and failing to knock her out.


He has not shown anything from Zoom to account for far-in-excess-of-lightspeed; a character he admits is much faster than Mr Majestic. I have shown multiple pages from Zoom that shows that he operates at or slightly above lightspeed. He has denounced the use of ABC logic which largely effects almost everything he says, but it seriously hinders his speed. In the meantime, I have shown my characters can:
Travel and move faster than his characters per a given speed in the source material
I have shown my characters react to characters on par with Zoom's actual comic speed
I have shown both my characters react to a character faster than Flash's fastest calculated comic feat

His plan involves Zoom taking the sword out of Majestic's hand, and traveling the length of the battlefield and decapitating my characters before they can flinch. All I'm doing is clapping initially. With a deficient in speed feats, I think we can decide what's more likely.


He has not actually countered the power I've established my characters possess. Sure, he's scoffed and laughed at my points, but that does not make the bogeyman go away. The one he seemed most focused on was the Midgard Serpent, but everything else fell to the wayside to him. He wasted precious characters on a mere planetary feat while he let multiversal feats slip through his grasp. I however, focused on the important parts while fully aware of my character limits here. I wish we would have had another 10k characters so I could fully dissect everything he said, but I focused on what's important - Multiversal feats are apparently not to him.

His only counter to something as simple as two Mjolnir's smashing together is calling them different Thors - using the literal powers of Thor - yet he thinks it's perfectly reasonable to get all of Flashes feats?

In his lack of effort he has allowed me to build a reasonable comparison towards Hulk's fists/claps and Mjolnirs bashing together. Something disastrous for anyone on the planet/universe it's directed at. This is just one of the things his lackadaisical effort has afforded me. In summation, he has let a lot of things slip through the cracks that put my characters far above his, and he's provided no counter to the feats, nor a defense with his characters besides "They're really fast".


The last part will be to highlight the deceptive nature on display here.

He makes a large point shaming the use of ABC logic. Then he displays an example of ABC logic he thinks will help him and be disastrous towards my case. The issue of course, is that he acts like this is the first and only time he demonstrates this logic. As you can clearly see in his points on the issue at hand, that he does not like ABC logic. Yet, almost everything he posted has been ABC logic.

He has advocated multiple times for full capacity, no low feats, and no CIS, yet he clearly goes against this in regards to my characters. Again, following his logic, it would stand to reason none of this counts. He's trampling on his own examples with vivid descriptions and reasons. Literally arguing against himself with potential points an opponent would bring up.

He has lied many times over the course of this BZ. More than I can point out for that matter. He has made it so that his word can't be believed without an explicit scan detailing his words - which he has not provided in many of his claims. That is up to you judges to decide what you should account for.


Now I know it's a lot to take that Hulk/Thor beat this team, and you may not have thought they had a chance before hand, but put aside your biases and see the missteps of my opponent have allowed my characters to flourish. This is not about the characters, this is about an impious use of good characters, and questionable logic implementation.

Our Lord accepts repentance, and he will accept you by doing the right thing.

This is a really good post. You guys are welcome for having witnessed it.


Alright I'm just gonna post this one directly as well, as it's long overdue.

This wasn't taken with much of a serious intention obviously, but I'm going to give a semi serious answer.

The Thulk amalgam cannot deal with that level of speed. At least that's what I thought. But then Bran posted this:

And everything became a little less clear.

Overall though, in a tough battle, I think it's clear that the Thulk amalgam would be easily sliced to pieces by an absurdly broken amalgam pick from Mr. Mind.

There was really no way around it. I did like that Midgard Serpent feat though. I recommend it gets posted as much as often. And whoever does it, that's gonna work out real good for them.

Congratulations Mr. Mind on a well argued battle.

My vote goes for Bran.

Match is a tie. GGs both of you.

Originally posted by Bentley
Match is a tie.

If it is a tie...then xJLXKing has the decider.

Congrats to MrMind!

Congratulations to Mr Mind on his well deserved victory. To think some idiot would vote against him.

One Big Mob
Very good, close and clean match. I guess the better gender neutral human won this time.

Also Dambo with the shambo judge vote. Racist.

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