Battlezone: AlbertAnvil vs. Supermutant!

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*Albert will be repping Daredevil and Nightshade.
*Supermutant will be repping Gorgon and Psylocke.

-Normal (unamped) version of characters.
-Nightshade is composite (Pre 52 and Rebirth.)
-Gorgon has the Godkiller sword.
-No BFR.
-Victory by KO or death.
-Battlefield is the football field of Gotham Stadium, and opponents start at each others 40 yard line.

*3 post limit. No posts will be accepted after 5/10/2019.
*Judges TBD.

...And yes, Albert is aware of the consequences should he not complete this BZ.

Albert's OP:

At the beginning of the match , Nightshade will use her Magical Darkness. It's an ability which lets Nightshade to make her opponents completely blind by taking away the light. By doing this, Gorgon and Psylocke will be completely defenseless since they won't be able to see their opponents while Nightshade and WW will have no problem. Since there won't be any light so all of

After she takes away all light from her opponents, she will unleash her shadow giants. (note: this isn't an outside help, Nightshade can make these giants by using her shadow powers) Notice the size of just a giant.

Here further explanation of Nightshade's magical darkness is given as she can let anyone see through her magic while rest are blind. Well, the main objective of this scan was to show how strong these giants really are as one of them stomped Jack of fire . Notice that he broke the ground in the process .

Proof that she cam make and control multiple shadow giants at once. Notice that here in this scan those Giants were wrecking hell demons without much trouble so these giant will definitely cause much trouble to my opponents specially when they can't even see them coming because of blindness

Nightshade can also turn intangible so all of their opponents attacks will be useless

BTW she can redirect any attacks which is projected towards her via shadow portals .So good luck with projectiles or kicks and punches because she'll send them right back at you

Psylocke has nothing which can put down Nightshade, her mind is a trap for telepaths. If Psylocke tries to enter her mind then he'll be trapped there for eternity unless Nightshade want to release her, So, basically if Psylocke tries to use his tp on Nightshade then this fight will be over for him.

She can also coat her opponents in shadows where they'll be helpless






I've received 2/3 votes, but a winner can still be decided...

Winner: Supermutant

Thanks to Galan for hosting and to the judges. This was a satisfying battle.

Originally posted by AlbertoJohnAvil
if you can't debate herald level than say that instead of making constant excuses avoiding it.

lol Don't think I have forgotten about this comment Alberto. If you one day develop the testicular fortitude to bz me in a herald match, I'll be waiting.

Alright, I might as well post here now.

I'm gonna be honest, that wasn't that close.

Supermutant showed how badly outclassed Daredevil is against Gorgon, and then provided proof that Nightshade can be telepathically controlled. Alberto tried providing some proof that Nightshade could hide, but not from a telepathic geniuys like Psylocke.

Overall, I found myself much more inclined with the idea that Nightshade would be taken over, and Daredevil dismembered.

And that wasn't because Alberto handled shade badly, just a hard fight and his team was on the losing side in feats and whatnot.

Overall well argued for both, but a decisive victory for Supermutant .

thumb up

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.