Battlezone: AlbertAnvil vs. Supermutant! (rematch)

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-Albert is repping Fantomex, Supermutant is repping Psylocke (616 versions; no E.V.A. for Fantomex.)
-No BFR.
-Victory by KO or death.
-Fight on populated Manhattan streets.
-All other rules are the same as the VS forum.

*3 post limit. Deadline is 5/26/19.
*Judges are MrMind, Damborgson, and DarkSaint.

**Loser is banned from any sort of BZ participation/discussion, for 8 months. Both contestants have agreed to this stipulation. No exceptions.

Albert's OP:

I will begin this random encounter by stating the second we engage I'm spamming gunfire and sentient bullets that don't miss.

You cannot dodge them because they will track you and down you. If they hit you they will at minimum slow you down for a continuing of rapid gun fire and spamming sentient bullets while I immediately take cover and evaluate the situation.

Here's a clear example of the sentient bullets...

Here you will begin to see not only the use of sentient bullets but an incredible display of marksmanship as shown here spamming sentient bullets.. Even able to briefly take down Magneto who normally treats all gunfire as if it's irrelevant.
Proving as well the speed and caliber of these bullets is on a whole new level.

Again sentient bullets finding and hitting...

Fantomex springs into action with what to me is what he's MOST famous for and that's his misdirection as some like to call it.
Misdirection allows him to create advanced and extremely realistic illusions. These illusions are not holographic projections or telepathic manipulation but rather "reality skewing."
As shown here doing it on the fly to two on alert, armed, and fully aware guards.

Again mid fight his misdirection uncanny. This time against mind-controlled Wolverine, Archangel and many others...

I'd like to quickly scale Wolverines senses. From ontop of a building hes able to sense an enemy that's down beneath the street in the sewers. (scan 1)

Some final scaling for Wolverine shows he can even sense when he's being watched by someone high above in building.
Now remember the misdirection feats Fantomex performed were right in Wolverines face and on the fly in mid combat.

Misdirection is immensely effective because literally nobody is immune to it, and Fantomex can use it on the fly. He's misdirected the likes of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey.
As shown below in one my most favorite feats by him to date...
But first!
--A quick recap shows the initial onslaught of bullets and sentient bullets in constant pursuit.




after a bunch of spamming feats....and out of context and misinterpreted scans...I will spend this turn countering my opponents last turn. And exposing a rule break (or 2) based off of his lack of actually reading the book...
lets start with the bullets

These bullets are actually part of his standard weapons. He keeps them on his person and only uses them when needed. Or when he wants. So yes these are viable in this fight to the death. But let's discuss below why my opponents claim that he's all out of them is convoluted....

I never once had to agree on this because just because the skinless man is dead doesn't mean he can't use them. And as I said a again they are apart of his ammunition to his guns that is also standard gear. My opponent posted two separate scans from two different time periods of fantomex "stating" 2 completely different things about the bullets...

In this scan that my opponent posted fantomex explained he was "down to his last". But he never specified how many. He didn't say "down to my last one".... Follow me here because I'm about to blow it away...

In this scan my opponent posted on a separate occasion he told the skinless man (from who's skin the bullets are made from) that they were "gone forever" now what's fishy about both of these scans I wonder....

The first scan where he's talking to Deadpool and says the words "down to my last" is from Uncanny X force vol 1 #15 during the end of the dark angel arc. But if we fast forward 7 issues.... get the book where the second scan when he's talking to Skinless man and says "lost forever" was from uncanny X-Force vol 1 #22...during the otherworld arc. in all of the issues in between.... fantomex never used any of the "LAST" of his bullets that based off the times he used them in comics he keeps them on his person which makes them standard with that being said there's a pattern here ....

If he still had said bullets available why do you think he would tell the man whose skin the bullets are made out of whether or not he still had them. When in that same book he asked Fantomex "where's my skin?". He wouldn't tell him.... because what is the main characteristic of the fantomex character?

HES A ****ING PROFESSIONAL LIAR! So much that his lying is apart of his power set! Not one time in the comics has it ever specified how many sentient bullets he had. And "down to my last" still 1. Did not specify how many he's down to. And 2. He Could've been lying about that entire sentence! He can't help's his nature to misdirect. Even the next page Skinless man figured all that was bullshit because he know that fantomex can do that... Hell even when he said lost forever he could've just been referring to the bullets that he has already used!

So based off the sporadic usage and the fact that both instances the only thing you have to go on are the words of a character that lies with every breath in his have no tangible no proof that these bullets are gone. And u can't prove that they are not a standard weapon considering that he carries his ammunition on him and uses the same guns. The only reason he hasn't used them could be simply because he doesn't feel the need to....and speaking of which you spoke on the track record of the bullets. There is no setback to them. They work like any other bullet we have seen him kill with in comics...when he shot through Magneto's shield they still hit mags...who's has been shot many times before and live. (Mags durability is insane). But neither of those we're kills shots... Because that wasn't the mission.

Now as opposed to when he used them on archangel....Warren didn't take a bullet to the face and keep fighting like my opponent simply bounced off his armor. This was a kill shot had his armor didn't protect him...

Armor covers Warren's entire body except....

. I never once said that granny doesn't exist. And there is no indication in the comics or otherwise that ever stated that the Morrison era fantomex did not have the reality skewing powers....because it's been part of his powerset since his creation in the weapon plus program. See once u start making shit up u lose....see below.

I don't have to really double down on the truth that he reality skewed and misdirected Jean and professor....because he did...I already proved it...not just with words but via scans.he revealed to Jean what he wanted ...basically telling her that the old lady really wasn't there.

Jean didn't realize he was lying about almost everything in his story until the moment where she deduced that he was weapon 13 in this scene then he started fessing up a bit...and still only telling her half the truth... At that moment she was pissed that he duped her and was tired of the run around....

Also just because u proved that mother exists (which was simply a spam from comic vine). Doesn't mean that visual of her was and point. We all know Deadpool exists. Nightcrawler saw him and felt him until it was all a illusion by fantomex.

...that was a crappy explanation. My opponent just admitted if he was out for blood he would've killed her. My opponent admitted he would've gotten the job done. But if u read the context it seemed as tho he had several chances but all he was trying to was get her attention to prevent her from getting to Magneto. with his misdirection...on the psychic plane Which he did to her the entire fight and she still never got all the info because she admits it at the end of the fight. The rest of the info she was looking for he already told her. Then opened up his mind for her to check if he's lying.

Speaking of...theres slight difference between misdirection and reality skewing illusions....

The I was making yet again is she can see and has indeed reacted to opponent has yet to prove that she can't be tricked by an illusion. But I have already proved twice that powerful telepaths even more powerful than her have fallen victim. To it. She is no exception...

Also is this fight against weapon 13 she did not use the demon bear like telekinesis and my opponent saying that he had amped misdirection is irrelevant to the scan because he wasnt using misdirection or illusions in this scene. And she still didn't kill him.

Now let's end the debunks with my coup de opponent is terrible at power scaling his own character....and he literally had to break rules to bump her up SMH...

Before I get to the shenanigans...I addressed how fantomex made it hard for shadow king to shut him down. Using his 3 opponent said fantomex missed but that not what it was ...the bullets went through shadow king because he was just a projection. Intangible. Psylocke ain't intangible..

But wait IF U LOOK AT THE SCAN.... fantomex took his mask off with shadow king....TO PROTECT PSYLOCKE! WHY? because as much as my opponent wants to scale psylocke against shadow king...

Her track record against him is based off events AFTER THE ONE MY OPPONENT POSTED SAY....he controlled her EVERYTHING! ASTONISHING X-MEN#1 shadow king mind rapes and take over her body....

1. Psylocke is NOT this fast and primarily does not and had never used super sonic flight to close the distance in a fight. Flight is not something she uses during combat. Not only did my opponent basically try use speed blitz here but...

Although this is 616 PSYLOCKEs body....this is NOT 616 psylockes soul or mind.
That scan is from New Exiles #7...

In that book...and the next 2 after it...slaymaster is killing psylockes from different universes. That's when this of the other universes Betsy took over the body of 616 betsy....

Which is why she didn't recognize her team and was speaking Mandarin. Because from this point on this was another version of her.

The next scene...

Even the books acknowledge that change on the intro page....look at her profile pic as red. The previous book it was blue.

So at this point she is not in control of her own body anymore. And the new psylocke has unlocked something that 616 never did. Which means...not only is my opponent is using.... A composite feat. AnAmp outside of 616 Betsy own ability. And OUTSIDE HELP! AND THE RULES SAY....

For further reference please see New Exiles 8 and 9.

Cable clones were used through that entire XForce run...the real cable was being held in no she didn't put him to he's terribly bad at scaling...see below for proof
The cable that got put to sleep died here

At that point it was all a new cable talking to her.

The real cable was in stasis....

there is No instances in comics that shows her resisting misdirection. If u refer to my first round I made it clear that in Uncanny X-Men number 8 that entire fight was him stringing her along in his brain so she would not get the information that she wanted but the information that he wanted her to have. The entire time he told her what he wanted her to know. and at the end she gave up not Tim down with the telekinetic blast and said that she will do the job herself without his help because he wasn't trying to help her.


And that concludes the BZ.

Judges, please PM your verdicts directly to me.

I have received 2/3 verdicts. A winner can be decided...

Winner: Supermutant

**So per the stipulations of this match(which both contestants agreed to prior to starting), Alberto is now banned from any sort of BZ participation/discussion until January 29, 2020. No exceptions.

Thanks Judges and to Galan for once again being a great host. I think these BZs are more enjoyable when something is on the line other than pride. Alberto to have a chance against me, you need prep time so now you have 8 months worth lol.

Whoa, people get banned from Battlezoning if they lose? Or was this a stipulation for lose condition?

It was a stip they both agreed to prior to the BZ.

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