Supermutant vs Beatboks - TGH - SEMI FINALS

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Here's the DA RULES

- Winner by incapacitation (restrained for an unreasonably long period of time, knocked out, otherwise taken out of action, etc.) or death.

- BFR is OFF

- No summoning of tools or outside assistance. Only what is reasonably considered standard gear may be used.

- Prep Time (5 seconds of prep before each match, then both character will hear the "ding" and the fight will begin)

- And for the fun one.....ALL FIGHTS ARE IN CHARACTER. That's right, you'll have to argue as you'd argue in the VS section. Just a lot better.


The room of spirit and time. Essentially a featureless environment with a ring the size of the planet earth. You will start on opposite ends and then find each other.



A custom signature and the title "the greatest hero"

Any questions?

Edit Match Format

3 Posts

Blind Opener



3 judges, or two vote majority victory


Beatboks' ACTUAL OP



Sorry for the delay, been a little snowed under this week.
So I've read Mutant's first two posts and rather than hold things up will address them and cover whatever he had in the third in my closer.

Well pretty much what I expected.
Everything hinging on an energy drain that Thor simply doesn't do out of the gate, and NEEDS to.

in character

There appears to be some question that Alan doesn't kill when I clearly showed he does.
Apparently Mutant can't tell the difference between killing a single adversary and killing an entire city of Civilians. Of course Alan judged himself badly when he thought he had killed MILLIONS OF INNOCENTS. doesn't change the fact that in the what of battle tat was exactly what he did. before he even processed it without realising they were all Brainwave mental constructs and not real people he killed every member of the Japanese military and the entire civilian population of a Japanese city.
Here shows his willingness to kill even more.
here Alan talks about all the times he's tried to kill Grundy.

The difference is of course as in keeping with forum rules I have not forgotten a power. PLUS I have used it well into the the battle after having used the normal instinctual and oft used abilities

From a time when he was inexperienced in the use of his power. In All Star Squadron which was set a year and a half later he was able to wipe the minds of every JSAer and All Star who fought Utra's war on America of all memories of the Infinity Inc who travelled back in time to help them so that the JSAers would not prevent their own children from being born by the knowledge.

not to mention the fact that he has mind controlled Dr Fate, Telepathically matched Brain Wave and Hector Hammond and while disembodied without any green flame power TP overpower Krona

I'll look for and post scans in closer.

Energy manipulation/ Absorption

I have to laugh however at the irony

so let's look at the scans Mutant presented here.

Thor while fighting alongside a team mate Hercules stands by and watches an energy blast strike and immobilise his team mate that he had the power to absorb but never did. He THEN goes on to a long two panel monologue before actually doing anything about it.

Thor attaches Presence with lightning, strikes the ground with Mjilnor and then monologues on for a page and a half before attempting to drain The presence.

every scan presented by Mutant of him absorbing energy is an example of him being slow to go to that power. I am not saying he wont do so, just that in character it's not his go to move.

You see True Believers being in character under forum rules doesn't mean a character wont use seldom used powers. I never said it did. In fact recent amendments to the rules pretty much state that a character wont forget a power that he needs to use to win/survive. what I said was

Mutant's own scans confirm that, he attacked Presence with a hammer strike first.

Speaking of which we are supposed to be impressed by the power of Presence because he could BFR Hulk in Defenders 56. Yet in that very same issue a member of the defenders not known for energy manipulation could tank that energy and disperse it not once but twice.

so yeah being able to handle that level of energy is great proof that one can handle the level of energy that can break Classic Fate's shields and shield from what his shields couldn't

He shows Vandal Savage leeching Green Flame energy but fails to show that Alan was able to control that energy even when leeched.
despite having none of the starheart left himself he was still able to control it
In fact that is a common and very repetitive theme in Alan's life.
Even from his GL days when he needed a ring he could still control the energy even when the ring was taken from him.
Combat Speed
The reason Normal humans could tag him in his classic tales was because back then he was a normal human wearing a magic ring. He hadn't spent decades internalising it's power and changing to magic energy itself. Mutant himself has posted the scans that prove the change now.

Re the Jay Garrick scans from JSA 62, mutant fails to mention that Alan wasn't present when Dr Midnite who could see the aura around Jay confirmed he was possessed by Spirit king and was an enemy. Instead he was consoling Hal Jordan/Spectre trying to get him into the game. He had no reason to expect an attack from Jay.

It's getting late. I'll read mutant's last post and try and get my closer in over the weekend

Beatboks Closer:




Congrats SM, best of luck in the final (if there is one)

Pretty much how I expected this to end before a post was made 👍👍

Can't say I envy you for debating from that position XD

Originally posted by Bentley
Can't say I envy you for debating from that position XD

I enjoy tourneys more from an underdog possition. I find it boring otherwise.

I always pick my characters on that basis. Makes it nore fun to come up with an angle.

Honestly all mutant had to do for the win was point out 95% of the evidence I offered was invalid (which I expected).

Drafting allowed me to choose a green Lantern and I chose Alan. BUT that meant all Sentinel (from a time Alan was more than a GL) feats were not available to me. As pre crisis is no longer canon (some of it has been referrenced but not much) it meant that only about 4 or 5 of my scans should have been acceptable.

I rep Kang so I know nothing about debating from an underdog position

Originally posted by beatboks
Congrats SM, best of luck in the final (if there is one)

Pretty much how I expected this to end before a post was made 👍👍

thanks, I will certainly be the underdog in the next round.

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