Battlezone: Supermutant vs Alberto

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Alberto has Kent Nelson in control of Classic Dr. Fate and Green Lantern Alan Scott.

Supermutant has Worthy Thor Odinson, and Loki the god of mischief.

Three post limit, no self bfr, 2 min prep, standard gear except for allowed prep, no summons of independent thought creatures or armies allowed. Fight on the moon 50 ft apart, win by death, ko, or incapacitation.


my op:

First we go invisible

We look into the future and every possible strategy your team might use will be known by my team
And knows how to counter or avoid them easily

Which travels 60 trillion light years in a half second and was stated to cover infinite distance

Here again we see him easily avoids pre crisis supes and jonn blitzing at him

This same Superman was crossing universes in a matter of seconds

Alan easily catch up to Jesse quick going at her fastest

This same Jesse was showed to have surpassed hunter in speed back in #8

In his first Arc while fighting Wally
Pc Superman was totally frozen

In final crisis we see Superman catching up to reality blitzing missiles that were meant to sterilize universes

With my team proven to be way faster than
Once we reach the opposing team
We paralyze them even tho they wouldn't even be able to to react to our (my) team's speed

Alan ages both to dust

Not only is my team much faster and versatile
But also way more powerful
So whatever stunt tries to pull
He'll have to prove they will work on beings on my team's level in terms of actual power or it shall be considered a no limit fallacy thus won't be counted :

Dr fate' s power is felt In two universes

Easily manhandles two multiversal threats

Survived getting slammed through an infinity amount of dimensions

Spectre confirmed fate's his equal during pre crisis

Who's mere aura warps the multiverse

Eclipso who stole mere fragments of the starheart from Alan killed crispus Allen

Crispus Allen while greatly weakened warps reality on a multiversal scale

And easily undo his action

When Cain said creation he was referring to multiverse

Summary: my has future knowledge on the other team's strategy
And thus my team could easily counter or avoid any attack unleashed by team Thor
Both alan and Dr fate a way more faster and powerful at least multiversal + as I showcase
Supermutant will have to prove his attacks would work on beings on that level or we'll just consider it a no limit fallacy
Till then I rest my case here


1. I wanna say the OP said no amps or outside amps, so how is Battle armor, the shadow blade, Destroyer, and the normstones not outside help/equipments???

2. How powerful is this socery?
Also can mjolnir absorbs an infinite amount of energy? I'm not asking for universal level energy absorption
I want multiversal and beyond

His power is inconceivable to 5d entities like ultra humanite fused with thunder bolt
Who at the time was stated to wield an unlimited amount of 5d energy

It also funny how you showed counter for Thor and not Loki
So you killed him right there

You didn't get my strategies did you?
Remember I told you I had future knowledge on how you'll fight
With my team's speed we'll check every possible future before your team will even wink an eye
Also what are you gonna nullify?
A power that's prolly infinite and could be scaled beyond?

First supermutant may think I'm left off guard but what he doesn't realize that whatever move he tries to pull will be known to my team

And since he's capable of multi tasking

Proceeds to create clones to counter any attack :
Counters below

So since he said Thor will send mjolnir to eliminate my team
First this hammer is so slow
As stated by the scan he posts which says goes across the galaxy and back in 60 seconds <<<<<outracing the entire big bang which moves 60 trillion light years in half a second and stated to cover infinite distance. Or speed which is greater than blitzing through reality as I posted earlier
But nvm let's counter this

As we see here Dr fate twists time and space and will just redirect thus destroying their own shield or weakening it

While the clones will be taking care of the attacks unleashed by Amin's team
Dr fate will be making Alan and himself immune to magical attacks
Thus all of your team's moves are useless except for the hitting (physical)aspect which will also prove futile since my team have tanked way worse


1. Alan wasn't even trying
He was literally toying with them
He wanted them to hit him

He wanted them to hit him:

Alan was no selling her punches in the scan you showed
In the next panel
He confirmed he let them live this long cause it amused him
Next we see everybody getting clapped
Why didn't Jesse avoided/outrace it?

Also even if we considered your false claim true
It wouldn't discredit this scan cause for all we know she got faster than she was and this scan shows she was(just like she got faster than hunter who was way faster than she was) moving at her fastest

In the flash blitz storyline which came out in 2004 or 3
She was no match for hunter and had to give her speed to Wally to take down hunter
And in the Justice society 2007 we her moving faster than hunter
So the speed of speed force users mostly increase as time goes on
So even if we consider your claim true which isn't
You still fail

2. What's ironic is how you accuse me of not reading comic and you do
I've read every Justice society run to have ever existed in PC
This isn't even Jay

This was the spirit king who possessed Jay

Two issues earlier we saw this same guy without even possessing jay(base) manhandled Hal Jordan as the spectre until
The spectre force itself took control and ate him alive

He literally took away his redemption powers

Last I checked. As a spirit of redemption Hal easily created a Nexus to all dimensions and reality across time and space

Thor is not immune to aging
The it's because of his life span as an Asgardian

He was aged 700 yrs in an instant
Far greater than 700 yrs? What 3000 or 4000 or at least 8000
But it's all pointless if you read my scans

First of all Alan won't just stop
He'll just set the aging process till they age to dust

So I'll advice you read my scans well
As we see here 10,000 years passed in a matter of seconds and considering the speed my team will be attacking with
They'll be aged to dust instantaneously



First of all, I wanna thank both of you for picking characters that I'm not terribly familiar with (yes, even Thor, who i only know from Avengers books). It means I get to approach it in a way that removes any bias where I might know something about a certain character that could affect my opinion. I know it wasn't intentional, but it's appreciated nonetheless.

Now, Alberto, a word of advice: You need to be really, really specific when it comes to OPs in the tourney forums. Loopholes have caused all sorts of shenanigans in the past, and to be fair to Supermutant, his summoning of that extra gear didn't (imo) break the letter of the rules you had set out, even if they did break the spirit or intent of them. You should see the shit some of the guys on the forum used to pull because of rules not being thorough enough.

Okay, full disclosure: I wasn't sold on either plan. Some of the links didn't work for me, or what was stated by the description didn't seem to match up with what I was seeing, but for the most part the basic idea was explained well enough that I feel like I got the gist either way.

What swung it for me was that in the end, it felt like if either plan went wrong, it was Supermutant's one that could recover more easily. Alberto's left too much up to chance, even if I did enjoy his kind of abstract "i'll just go in to the future and try to predict every way you might win" strategy.

So yes, long story short, Supermutant by a small margin. I usually hate reading through numerous posts like this, but you both made it entertaining, even if the banter was a bit rough.

Initially when I was asked to judge, I brought up some misgivings I had with their prep rules. I was privy luckily to their messages to each other and it looks like both parties eventually came to an agreement. K now on to their match.

Alberto - Now if I read this right, Alberto did nothing with prep(?). He relied on his team's "speed" to execute his game plan. Gameplan being the learning of future scenarios then immobilizing the opposing team that leaves them open for the kill. There's also the aforementioned prep debacle which only compounds the problem of the lack of prep with team Alberto. Unfortunately it seems the BZ posting had ended and team Dr. Fate/Alan Scott did not further clarify their position with the lack of prep.
There were other things I wasn't sold on with this team besides the lack of prep like combat speed. A lot of equating and attaching from other character's feats were used. I think not enough was shown on this point to allow for the proper execution of the game plan. I could go on but....

Supermutant - You took the time to actually set up things during prep. Honestly I feel you should have really clarified the bz rules with your counterpart before any posts were given, but in the end he did eventually agree to go on, but i digress...
So u had a plan. It was pretty clear and straightforward. Prep gave you some pretty substantial upgrades. Alberto did nothing to refute such upgrades except for briefly pointing out their validity, but ultimately allowing them. Although I did not buy that bit with the shadow blade. That is too far fetched within two minutes. You would have needed Surt and his twilight sword to recreate that blade and as far as i know that blade is gone. Sorry, gotta draw the line somewhere. But for the most part your upgrades are a go.

So the match starts and Doc Fate/Alan turn invisible and look into possible scenarios. All the while they are getting bombarded by an amped team Thor/Loki. Err... Irrelevant scans aside from both sides, I think the opening was almost game set match in favor of Supermutant. Even if things didn't go exactly according to team Thor/Loki's way from the onset, their significant head start, amps, and better explained counters seemed more feasible. Team Dr Fate/Alan Scott didnt show enough in the rebuttals or enough rebuttals even...

There really is no other choice but, Supermutant here.

Thanks judges for very timely verdicts. Now Alberto prepare yourself for a new signature as a consequence of your defeat.

Congrats, Supermutant.

And I have to give props to Alberto as well. You showed a massive improvement compared to your last BZs. Well done. thumb up

Thanks galan, very much appreciated ! big grin

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