Thoughts about changing houses...

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I feel like I've been having an identity crisis.

When I read the HP books for the first time when I was in high school and I got involved in HP forums, I used to identify as a Hufflepuff. I have always been one to value kindness, patience and loyalty. I also always felt overlooked, which I felt Hufflepuff often was.

Back when Pottermore was still in beta, I was a beta member (was it 2011?). I did the sorting hat quiz and I was officially identified as a Ravenclaw. I was happy with this. I felt like Ravenclaw was the most sophisticated house. My favourite colour is blue so it was the most aesthetically pleasing to me. It was also the house of my favourite character, Luna Lovegood. I liked that the house valued wisdom and wit because I often felt like I had those traits.

However, as I've grown older (and wiser I suppose), I have learned more about what I value the most and the kind of person I am and aspire to be. I care a lot about other people. I care about the welfare of others and think it's greatly important to be kind to one another. I am currently studying to be a social worker, and I have a high moral code that I follow in life. I am passionate about love and acceptance and doing what is right.

From what I've learned, these are all traits of a Hufflepuff. About a year ago, I decided to sign up for Pottermore again since I forgot my old login information. It came time for me to do the sorting hat quiz, and this time, it said I was a Hufflepuff.

I feel like I was supposed to be in Hufflepuff all this time. However, all these years I have told people I was a Ravenclaw. I've gone to several HP events where I dressed in Ravenclaw clothes and identified as a Ravenclaw. I feel like it would just be wrong to take it all back and be a Hufflepuff now, you know?

I feel like I'm being dramatic. Who knows, maybe I truly am a Ravenclaw and I'm just having doubts about myself. I guess that is why I wanted to post this here with people who can understand what I'm going through and see if maybe I can get some answers to help me through this dilemma.

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