Jim Braddock is severely underrated.

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Everyone only really knows him for beating Max Baer and being the main character in "Cinderella Man", but the dude's an incredible boxer.

For instance, did you know when he fought a prime Joe Louis he hadn't fought (or presumably trained) for 2 ****ing years, that's a hell of a lot of time to take away from fighting of all things, it makes you rusty, and he still knocked Louis down once: IaOr3G8UKnA

Furthermore, for most of his boxing career he suffered from injuries to his hand, due to losing his fight with Tommy Loughran, he injured it in a bout of what was probably depressive anger or something, and from then on he had a pretty long losing streak (I'd like to remind ya'll that he was only ever knocked out ONCE, by a prime Joe Louis, and every other loss he ever had was by decision).

Then in the VERY LAST fight of his career, beats Tommy ****ing Farr, this is the dude that gave Joe Louis one of the toughest fights of his entire boxing career (everyone in the place booed when Louis was given the decision btw), and defeated Max Baer and Tommy Loughran earlier on:

People like to talk so much about how Baer "hardly trained for 2 weeks" before his fight against Braddock, and that's true, but people forget Braddock was also disadvantaged against him due to his hand.

Finally, I think this may just be Joe Louis trying to show respect to Braddock, but dude said he was one of the bravest fighters he'd ever fought.

Also, safe to say he was a pretty nice guy as well, lol. One of the first white men in years to give Joe Louis, a black man, a shot at the title, he also returned a lot of money to the poor and the church.

I do think that, yes, he should be regarded as one of the greats, I don't think he could beat, for instance, Rocky Marciano or Mike Tyson or something like that, but I do think he'd be good enough to make it to a decision with them 9 times out of ten.

Hoping this controversial thread sparks a debate, tell me what ya'll think.

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