Objectively, How Much Stronger UI Than Blue?

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How much of a multiplier does Omen UI and MUI give Goku over his SSJB transformation?

Vegeta still is in the same ballpark, so I wouldn't say it's too big

Ya but Vegeta's had a lot of training to boost his power.

I'm mainly just talking about Goku. When he goes from SSJB to UI, how much of an amp do you think he gets? 2x? 10x? 20x? etc

waaaaaay stronger.

ssjb goku w. 20x kaio ken AND the spirit bomb couldnt do jack shit against restrained jiren at first. then when goku activated omen the first time he was fighting the same jiren on equal footing.

so i dont know for sure how many times stronger omen is, but it's way past 20x. and then difference between mui and omen is probably equally as immense.

A lot stronger than KK*20..... probably 40-50*
Then MUi should be 2-4X UI

As mentioned by others: during the ToP, Goku /w/ SSB+KKx20 was absolutely nothing to suppressed Jiren. Then Goku activated Sign the first time and was able to bridge the massive gap between he and Jiren. So it was probably something like 40-50x SSB.

Though I don't think the difference between MUI and Sign is nearly as vast. The implication during the ToP is that MUI was essentially Goku unlocking the offensive component that he lacked in Sign. It definitely provided a power boost as well(as evident when Goku easily palmed and gestured away Jiren's energy attack, and then proceeded to defeat FP Jiren.) But DB history tells us that a relatively small gap between fighters can often equate to an absolutely one-sided shitstomp.

Goku vs. Nappa
Goku vs. Vegeta
Vegeta vs. Cui
Vegeta vs. Dodoria
Goku vs. Recoome
SS Goku vs. Freeza
SS2 Gohan vs. Perfect Cell
Bootenks vs. Mystic Gohan
etc. etc.

So based on my own head-canon, I'd say that MUI was 2-4x Sign, which would put it anywhere between 80-200x SSB. You'll see a lot of people throw around multipliers that are WAY higher, though.


No clue what the gap is between SSB and UI now, though. SSB Goku is far more powerful than ever thanks to Merus' training, and Toyotaro is basically treating Sign as a transformation(with both defensive AND offensive capabilities) that is > SSB, but obviously still < MUI... To some unknown extent. /shrug

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