!!!Herald Tourney: FINAL!!! Philosophia vs. Martian_mind vs. Supermutant

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Philosophia: O.M.A.C. and Dr. PolarisMartian_mind: Loki and Atlas (DC)Supermutant: Stardust and The Atom

This will obviously be a 3-way battle between the contestants.Three posts are allotted to each contestant (1 opener, 1 rebuttal, and 1 final.)Fight takes place on an indestructible Earth.Prep-time is limited solely to creating shields.Starting distance is 0.5km.No BFR.Judges tbd.

Philosophia's OP:

Hello everybody!

Here we are. At last.

Judges, before you start analyzing the match, there is one fundamental thing to keep in mind:

The choreography

It is very important in a match with 3 posters and six characters to keep track of what everybody is doing consecutively -- don't let the trees distract you from the forrest.

Before the match

Nothing new here.

Polaris proceeds to make magnetic shields around himself and OMAC. To refresh your memory from the semifinals: physically immobilizes Power Girl for hours https://imgur.com/a/opkoEcF, https://ibb.co/n0fGB9f], Hal and multiple GLs can't get through with their energy attacks https://imgur.com/a/OaCRBu5], Maxima can't get through it with her psionics https://imgur.com/a/e6QzfZW] etc.

And then...

Ready, set......go!


Polaris instantly attacks and eliminates Palmer. Being a very vulnerable human, with a thought I immediately sabotage his belt which is made of circuits https://i.imgur.com/v7CGhfZ.jpg] and kill him by exploding lungshttps://ibb.co/4SF5fNm]/the iron in his blood https://ibb.co/YB0TZHG #2 https://ibb.co/pbKQjdr https://ibb.co/MSfbJXV #3 https://ibb.co/TgbWP1V]

Those circuits in his belt I mentioned, with which he's against the master of electromagnetism ? They've also been hacked https://i.imgur.com/U7ZfYnH.jpg, https://i.imgur.com/CV357RE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Y0uv5Yv.jpg]. So not only does Polaris instantly render it useless, but at the same time OMAC's technopathy stops it from functioning through his A.I.
Some examples out of a dozen:

In short:
Atom will instantly be killed and have his belt rendered inert by, on one side, Polaris, and on the other side, OMAC A.I.'s technopathy.

It's like stabbing in the heart, shooting in the head and setting the same thing on fire, I know -- but since I can overkill it from multiple angles, I will do so.

Next? Well, it depends on how the match proceeds.

Some things that we know will happen for certain:
- Stardust will get vaporized, either by me or by Loki, as Storm has easily done so:

Or gets KOd by OMAC . BRB has restrainer her with his leg and KOd her:

But wait -- Stardust reforms, right? Well, one little known fact about Stardust is that its reforming is based on the electromagnetism:
Polaris will make it so that it never reforms again.

Unfortunately, Stardust is a sitting duck. With Atom out of the picture she has nowhere to hide. Her shields are featless, she has litereally zero defense against any of Loki's stuff and with Atom out of the picture, it's a wrap. I don't need to lift a finger.

So, there's one really big problem in the match.


Unfortunately for Loki, he will be too overwhelmed to make spells, as he has been before:


By magnetic storms which would sap his energy and focus:


Even more tragic for him, his body is entirely vulnerable to my magnetic abilities:

And once I grip him, he is rendered useless:

Polaris can easily match that, given his power finess:
to recap:
- Polaris can detect the vibrational frequency of beings in the Earth's magnetic lines, manipulate magnetic vibrations from an entire different location, attune his shield to specific algorithms that counter an abstract energy being.

I will also lobotomize Loki:

Also, let's look at Loki.

Is that a metal helmet against the master of magnetism? Oh....

Well, time to crush.

Loki is too overwhelmed to do anything, immobilized, lobotomized and OMAC starts beating the shit out of him https://ibb.co/Nsrx21t much stronger than Power Girl: https://ibb.co/gSFj020, https://ibb.co/r4hT0qm, https://ibb.co/M952SvR], blast him with energy projection, and, you guessed it, teleport his limbs off:

But...did we forget somebody? The mighty Atlas? No. If at the point I engage him Stardust is still alive, I use Atlas as a mental pinata, filling his insides:
And just move him to beat the shit out of Stardust, lol. Once I have no need of him, I choke him unconscious, shut his brain down, teleport his limbs off . I will also never let him engage OMAC himself in a physical slugfest since his mobility and consciousness is under my control

In summary:
- Atom dies instantly, his belt is rendered useless
- Stardust is either one-shotted by Loki against whom she has no defense against, or his body is shattered and I keep it from reforming
- Loki gets Polaris'd
- Atlas is my beach ball




All throughout the starting strategy, I was thinking "Hmm. Who will try to attack me? Spells, power cosmic, physical force...What if they all come at once?"

Judges, honestly, I'm quite astonished at how well this has worked out, beyond my most wishful scenarios.

None of them engage me at all, leaving me to do whatever I want.

Well..don't mind if I will.


With Atom's belt at the word "GO!" instantly nullified and himself killed, supermutant's entire plan goes right out of the window.

I immediately know that Loki's mannequin challenge illusion is not there https://ibb.co/jMcpjpJ], not to mention I specifically go for Loki's helmet which is not there anymore and I'd know: https://ibb.co/DffRvkb etc.].

Knowing Loki is no longer there, I simply use OMAC's A.I. to teleport away to the South Pole and start absorbing it to amp myself.

To reiterate how powerful I get:

And I start making these shields:

And it's a wrap. Not even Flash, who is the king of vibrating through things, can do anything about it.

But by far the best part is that Martian Mind does something absolutely hilarious -- he actually turned Loki into a one-dimensional character for the remainder of the match.

You'd really have to struggle to do that.

1). He uses Loki to run away and psi-blast from a distance. On the one hand, that's good since Stardust is done with zero defenses against it.


No Hulu for you.]

But me? My shields block Maxima's psionic blasts:

This is the same Maxima who one-shots Supermanhttps://i.imgur.com/M7Qjlz8.jpg], Orion, Captain Marvel, and many more with her psionic abilities. In this specific category, Loki pales in comparison to her. Also, I don't know why I need to say this -- but CIS is off. There aren't half a dozen personalities in Polaris' head fighting for control.

Besides the shield stopping psionics, OMAC has also plowed through a psionic attack and one-shotted Dubbilex:

In the showing he posted, it was Kevin who was caught in the attempted control -- OMAC is actually highly-resistant/impervious to psionics, since the A.I. is in control:

So in essence - shields which stop psionics, and you're also trying to attack an A.I. which is a losing battle.

2). He uses Loki to amp Atlas. What Martian fails to understand, and I'll use an analogy here: just because you can multiply a person's power a certain amount, doesn't mean that translate to every person being multiplie by that amount. That's not how this works. Imagine Loki amps Alfred, who can lift 50lbs, to be able to lift 500,000 lbs. Now, imagine Loki gives that same energy to Atlas, who can lift 5,000,000 lbs. That's why you see vastly different numbers . That same amp is negligible for Atlas.

This is all irrelevant, of course. Atlas is a one-dimensional character who got beaten by Steel in a physical fight : https://imgur.com/a/1F31Yd8. He could only hang with Superman due to the magic weakness, and got beat in under a minute once that was removed:
Not to mention -- the Superman he fights there? That's not the same Superman OMAC fought. The latter overpowered New 52 Superman who is far stronger -- bench planet for 5 days without breaking a sweat type.

Atlas is only useful in as far as maybe he can be used to punch Stardust, but even that's a no since Loki would just magic her with psionics and whatnot. In case I need him to punch something, I'll whisk him away to the target:

https://i.ibb.co/F4x4c9t/e-So-Rom-VLy914-GM2nw8-Ca0-UIANCJ2ex-Z2-Hn6o-By6t7z-LLp05q-Rt3-WUn-NAISr0-Ds-J2a-TVro-Qkib112-s1600.jpg https://i.ibb.co/KV0fkQq/j-Hq-jjn-XH42i-G9s-Obnbp-Du-ZJ-mn-X2-PYy-VF-IAr-Hx3-If-X-vua4m-O-o-Bf5ajk5f-PZc-Qf8-Owsoq-Fgm-s1600.jpg https://i.ibb.co/rm9YRkF/Clv-LI0-WHv-Qh-NAO6f-T0-L4g-JRDM8-EYUq-M8-EIUXd-L9bn-Tk-KX-0w-WUZrl-D5-Kq-SS342w-H3-U2j-JTHdv-4-s160.jpg

But if it comes to an actual confrontation with me, this won't be a punch out. See my initial post for how Atlas is my pinata, and I'd kill him with either Polaris or OMAC whenever I feel like it.

And the thing is...

Loki removed a shitload of his options by opting for distance fighting. Atlas is, in essence, useless, so he amps him just so he can say he uses him, lol.

Imagine this -- I started the match surrounded by 4 opponents, ranging from everything to magic, power cosmic and physical power.

That's not a good place to be. But due to their simultaneous passivity? I get a shitload of time to do anything I want, and in a few seconds I'm at the south pole, and now I can do anything with vast range that I not only have as Polaris, but also as OMAC due to (1) teleportation and (2) energy beams:
1. https://ibb.co/3sKytSG, https://ibb.co/1M5hF1f
2. https://ibb.co/hgfRtcv, https://ibb.co/M952SvR

And range? Well, Polaris can easily track Loki inside of Earth's magnetic field:
He is a beacon screaming "I'm here" with his electron flow aura, on an empty planet.
Polaris can of course track and magnetically own people from around the world, as he did against a Controller and render him inert, as Loki has been :

I can create magnetic storms around him:
And this:
Crush his head/lobotomize using his helmet.
And, of course, I can always shut down Loki's brain:

And if you haven't gotten enough of the exotic ways Polaris would beat him, we can go the old fashioned.

Loki got KOd by Thor with a single strike:

Thor has broken his hand casually:

Suffice to say, I'd also teleport OMAC at his location and physically beats him

In the eventuality that Loki doesn't know how to use 90% of his abilities that Stardust doesn't have a defence for, I'll just use magnetic black holes to own her:

OMAC to dismember/shatter it, electromagnetism to stop his reforming, etc.

The most hilarious scenario would be if Stardust creates a black hole herelf, when she gets completely overwhelmed by them. I'd simply use OMAC to teleport her into its event horizon, then back, as I laugh from a distance:

Updated summary:
- Everybody is passive, I can do what I want without impunity
- Atom dies instantly, his belt is rendered useless at the start of the match
- Loki tries to use his enormous versatility to, uh, teleport away and pew-pew from a distance.
- I teleport and chill at the South Pole, amping and making shields that they can't get past, as Loki goes through Stardust like butter. I track them both through Earth's magnetic field.
And then...
...I have my way with Loki through a myriad of ways, while making a pinata out of Atlas

Good times thumb up





Philosophia's Final Post:

I.Mortal Kombat



I'm not hacking the belt and using it for myself. I'm stopping it from functioning entirely using Brother Eye's control over technology AND Polaris control over, well, EVERYTHING that makes his belt work https://imgur.com/a/zlVBvqq]

It's the difference between trying to hack the password to a computer, or just simply unplugging it.

Instantly at the start a part of Brother Eye's consciousness is transmitted into Atom's belt, freezing it, as it has done to Batman's armor and it was designed to stop something like this:

https://i.ibb.co/5WTDk4t/DAIShfe.jpg https://i.ibb.co/hgJJfm9/vaTeQY9.jpg

"Got past by suit's internal redundancies QUICKER than I could have IMAGINED"

Which would happen to the featless against technopathy belt of the Atom. In fact...it has:



At ths start of the match, Brother Eye's consciousness is instantly inside Atom's belt.

His abilities are under my control, even if I let him shrink down and up, because I'm inside his belt every step of the way.


I honestly could have only used only one of Polaris/OMAC's A.I. to take care of Atom.

It's a contest on who ruins Atom first.

Polaris ravages him due to all those pesky human things like lungs, iron in his blood, brain etc. https://imgur.com/a/w9q23bM] while also stopping his belt from working by controlling the circuit in his belt.

In an absolute hilarious scan, to defend against this tactic, supermutant showed Atom getting hit by a magnetic beam Non-CANON - see later]https://imgur.com/UgebzuG]. Why would your show your own character getting hit by a magnetic beam that is not even meant to harm him, when the moment Polaris hits him he gets his entire body exploded?

Furthermore, Polaris doesn't need to 'shoot' beams. He affects beings through the magnetic field from a distance https://ibb.co/874ZTYK], there's no magnetic 'blast' travelling towards the Atom, he is INSIDE the magnetic blast, which is the Earth's magnetic field.

Imagine you have complete control over the ocean through hydrokinesis. Now, imagine somebody is in the water. You don't 'shoot' water at them, they ARE in the water.

Polaris is vastly enhanced https://ibb.co/ZKV2qpf] he can easily operate his powers at lightspeed https://imgur.com/a/eSb8wsS] and react to Flash https://imgur.com/a/IANm6GR].

Atom is also at the limit of his reaction time and "maximum velocity" with shrinking against Deathstroke:


Deathstroke has caught him with lasers as he shrank:



Quickfire, things Supermutant misleads about:
- Everything with Star Sapphire? What you saw with the 'forcefield' around his molecules? It's an issue from the 70s. Non-canon Pre-Crisis (https://tinyurl.com/y646e882).
- in the JLA scan, the belt is adjusting his mass against Gravity, not Electromagnetism. The belt controls mass and size -- nothing to do with resistance to anything else. Don't get fooled by his wording -- there are zero feats for anything he is saying.
- Stardust' shield didn't defend against two black holes. Gravity moved her in an energy shield sandwiched between two event horizons of white holes, in which she was frozen helplessly until Galactus saved her. Stardust shields are literally featless. He lied the last battlezone "Stardust easily shielded against a planet type bursting attack" when it only blocked some debris from an asteroid destroyed by BRB https://i.imgur.com/OUP4F0f.jpg]
- Stardust absorbed small, "cosmic ash", near-death energy beings from her own race then fed them to Galactus as they screamed in terror https://imgur.com/a/mhcYoBn].That doesn't show Stardust is a telepath. That doesn't show that she can resist Polaris' magnetic black hole draining.

If you see a bit of an 'oldish' art in his last post, please feel free to reverse google search his images and look at the publishing year.
Read the scans he posts, and not his fan-fiction.


Judges, what is important here is this:

- the belt is technology that can easily be taken apart: https://imgur.com/a/sgZcdeE
- it has been jammed: https://ibb.co/pzwCNPg
- it has been hacked https://imgur.com/a/Ftf32Lj]. He's also trying to distract you from the lack of defense feats against any of this. Ryan saying Ray would have prepared for that - he has no feats from Ray proving that he can prep against it and we don't have prep in this fight in the first place.
- I have a supreme technopath who transports his consciousness and stops/control all technology
- I have Polaris, who has total control over the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes all of the Atom's internal organs, blood, etc. AND tech belt.
- He has zero feats to counter this. And I do mean ZERO. Don't get fooled by his mis-interpretations and no-limits fallacies.

He had one opportunity at the beginning to make this a contested fight, while I was attacking, but he resorted to running away and psi-blasting from a distance. This allowed me to increase my power and skyrocket in tiers by teleporting https://imgur.com/a/2C3iSpS] and absorbing energy at the south pole. I go from low herald to essentially trans tier -- making shields that Nobody, including Loki, has a chance to get through: https://imgur.com/a/evL74wy

To recap:
- physical force, weakness scanning
- energy projection
- intangibility
- psionic blasts/telepathy
- teleportation and MAGIC

....ALL combined have a hard time. It's a ridiculous level. Really analyze this.

Psionic blast

Loki is relying on psionic blasts THAT HE HAS POSTED ZERO FEATS WITH other than straining Dr. Strange's shields which, as shown above, I'm FAR above. Even when unamped, they've no sold Maxima WHILE Power Girl was punching them AND Polaris was using his power in various ways to hold the entire city of Poseidonis in air https://imgur.com/a/tDydV3H] and to restrain multiple Atlanteans amongst them Aquaman, who ALSO tried TP to no avail:

Maxima, whose telepathy has one shotted Superman, Orion, Captain Marvel and Brainiac could not get through his shield, and had to hyperextend Polaris to the point that his shields were down and ONLY THEN she managed to get FACE TO FACE with him and could ONLY hold him for a few moments: https://imgur.com/a/On08LvT And this is WITHOUT his shields, WITHOUT any kind of AMP, and judges, I can't believe I have to say this again -- there are no multiple personalities, since CIS is off, no matter how desperate my opponents get and forget tourney rules.

I'm not Stardust. Same trick won't work for two opponents.


Martian Mind thinks that a cardboard illusion that he "leaves behind" as he goes away would somehow baffle everybody. Loki is specifically LEAVING the location by teleporting. That's like being a ventriloquist, but you leave the doll on the table and go to a restaurant to eat, thinking the puppet will start dancing by itself. I ACTIVELY scan in order to attack him -- which Odin and the rest HAVE NOT. There is ZERO proof posted that his VISIBLE illusions would stop my ACTIVE senses ESPECIALLY since I target his helmet which is not there and everything would simply pass through it: https://i.imgur.com/QQLfXmI.jpg

Other stuff

- 'But what if he does what he did to Bor?" First of all, Bor's defenses were SPECIFICALLY down: https://imgur.com/a/eNZQ0. I have shields tanking the JL.
- 'Loki survives decapitation!" With prep spells. Without them he'd die: https://imgur.com/a/xQUINEO. Furthermore, I'd teleport his limbs in differents parts of the globe/throw them in space -- I'm not Balder, and just leave his head lying there.




I have received 4/5 verdicts, which was enough to decide a winner...

beatboks' verdict:

MrMind's verdict:

Pr's verdict:

DarkSaint's verdict:

Winner of the Tourney: Philosophia

best bz ever

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