[Holiday Tourney - Semi-Finals] Damborgson vs Bentley

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- Nimrod
- Emma Frost
- Pitt



- Coldcast
- Quicksilver
- Abomination

No Prep
Standard distance
No CIS/posters in control
Battlefield will be a merger of non-populated DC/Marvel Earth



After giving my opponent a false sense of security by writting a full write up for an amalgam tournament he'll now find out that my plan is even more fearsome now that I don't have to fear Pitt with t its.

Let's go.

Speed Kills

Quicksilver is my wildcard here because none of my opponents is a speedster in anyway that is relevant to us. I'm quite capable of closing distance in a fraction of a second before they ever get to mount any decent thought, let alone a defensive or offensive manouver.

I'm afterall faster than the speed of thought:


I can outrun a bullet:


My opponents need to get a lock on us to even start to make this a fight and I won't let them that chance.

My gun is bigger

Coldcast's claim to fame is casually incapacitating Superman from an extended period of time. Messing up with his perceptions by rigging his electrons:




Please notice how messed up Kal's perceptions are: his resistance to manipulation and his senses are well above what anyone else in the field can muster.

This is a surefire kill and I'll be aiming that shot towards Nimrod as soon as the bell rings. But I'll immediatelly follow it up with a EMP blast to get rid of whatever consciousness he manages to retain after the initial onslaught.


During this time Abomination will just get to Pitt aggressively and overpower him like he did with Wonderman here:


We will play it flexible here, but the idea is to break Pitt, send him next to Nimrod so I can obliterate them with a single blast like the one Coldcast used to obliterate Superman:


They are not surviving that.

What about Emma? Quicksilver twisted her neck before she even realized the fight she was into.

Now, maybe you are wondering if Nimrod can somehow can rebuild himself after being erased as such (he can't). Let's remember his adaptability is not a plot power in this battle, he won't be doing no-limits stuff, we'll judge him based on what he has done in the past, like having trouble to heal because of the Mighty Mercury:


Overall I feel my chances are good and my powersets will overpower my opponent's. This is the luck of the draw since this could've gotten way messier if there was any prep time but I'm confident in the ability of my guys to pull this off cleanly even if we're not amalgamated lol

Reminder for judges: there is no prep (not even 1 min). Every action is done after the bell rings and match starts.


Bentley's 2nd Post

Now that the strategies have been laid down and after analyzing Damborg's gameplay I find it... Inadequate. He has indeed a way to counter Nightcrawler's teleportation... Which I'm not using? Then he uses shields that have no feats against electron manipulation and claims Nimrod will somehow be able to protect Emma despite having no prep? Many powers are in display but these defenses don't match the kind of offensive I'm using here.

I believe Damborg is pushing the idea that reverting Nightcrawler's teleportation means Nimrod's reflexes are somehow instantaneous. But what we see here is Kurt teleporting and making it close to Nimrod and then flames hitting Kurt, affecting him through the process of teleporting again to bust one of Nimrod's arms. Nimrod did manage to hit Kurt after he teleported, but he was expecting teleportation and just had to outreact Kurt's second teleportation using a countermeasure he had prepped in advance. Kurt teleporting towards Nimrod was achieved before the robot had his flames on, which goes to prove he actually didn't react instantaneously. Let alone the fact that Damborg decided Nimrod to first shield itself before trying to protect Emma wasting precious time.

But the thing to keep is mind is that a counter-measure against teleporting is just that. I would use a counter-measure against time-manipulation and pretend it would work against super-speed, I don't see how this ability make Nimrod effective against superhuman reflexes and agility.

Then we have Nimrod vs Juggernaut which pretty much implies Nimrod sucks at protecting people:

The sentinel is adaptable and sturdy but it has no experience protecting others and it's the only line of defense keeping Emma for getting her neck snapped. And honestly I'm not seeing anything that suggests he's a major obstacle.

After Emma's neck is snapped Quicksilver will circle the area at a safe distance circling the area while building up speed to unleash a whirlwind. We will succesfully incapacitate Nimrod by manipulating him and blasting then him with my Superman busting blast and we'll take out Pitt with it if possible, otherwise Coldcast will just shield and levitate to recover his energy while Pietro scatters around all the particles after the blast with his whirlwind. Abomination is able to handle Pitt for an extended period of time since he has succesfully fought Hulk for hours in the past:


Once enough power is gathered Coldcast will against stop the electrons of Pitt and burn him down.

Nimrod's shields that resist energy are identifying the power that is used against them in order to reflect them:


That is only possible because Nimrod experienced the same type of attack already, and my electron manipulation is not something he has faced before and it'll shut down his shield leaving him vulnerable against my EMP and my subsequent Superman destroyer. My attack will be immediate, fast and relentless while Nimrod is wasting time trying to defend with inadequate tools and being too late to protect Emma.

Bottomline: I'm faster, more powerful and more focused from the get to go. That gives me the win

Damborg final post:


So I won't spend too much time on my final post, I'll just bring up some very important points that I don't want to be glossed over.

I've posted my scans, I've done my arguing, and i'll emphasize what we're dealing with here.

There was some limited teamwork on Bently's part. He tried pairing off characters:

Abomination vs Pitt

Coldcast vs Nimrod

Emma vs QS

and winning individual battles, which you can see in his OP and his rebuttal.

I on the other hand, his Nimrod support Emma's mental attack with synapse blocking, and a tangible defense against blitzing Emma as Nimrod protects her, while Pitt makes sure no one leaves with their head attached after it's been wiped of all functioning and prevented from even firing a single synapse.

I then provided scans of Emma outiright mentally freezing quicksilver.

With multiple other mutants no less

and as stated by Bently himself, Nimrod functions better when he's already been exposed to an energy he's being attacked with, which he has. Coldcast used Electromagnetic attacks, which Nimrod was exposed to and countered when he fought Magneto.

So my strategies are there, they work, they've been proven.

Thanks for reading everyone, sorry for the delays Bently.

I'm not usually this busy...

Bentley's final post:

I have been having a blast and I hope the judges and Damborg are having a good tournament too. Let's finish this with class

So far the debate has been exactly as expected: Nimrod is being used as a no-limitsy tool that must carry the whole team as Emma serves as the main offense. My strategy is tailor made to destroy this set up. Quicksilver is going straight to Emma and knowing Nimrod was going to play nanny I immediately pressed with devastating offense using Coldcast.

Let's debunk Damborg's second post as he finally starts to use powers that actually relate (somewhat? kind of?) to the situation i hand, let's clear those. First: he aknowledged that Rogue level mobility needed specific measures to be handled:


Thanks for that. I already mentioned that the counter-measure against teleporting was a ball of fire that affected the area where Nightcrawled arrived, so if he uses that close to Emma she's burn which would be funny because it'll cremate the body with the broken neck as Nimrod will be late to catch Quicksilver.

The idea seems to be that Nimrod will be teleporting next to Emma with his shield on but even if it does manage to do just that, Quicksilver can simply go around it. I mean it's a huge purple robot, not cloaked or anything, he doesn't have the reflexes to time his teleport, this guy gets hit all the time:



And I just have superior reflexes to avoid him even if he pulled it off:


can easily manouver at high speed:


and I have clowned Exodus's AOE attack which is way more massive than Nimrod's shield. As far as we have seen Nimrod has never shielded anyone else with his powers, so there is a good chance that his vaunted defense will not only fail to make Emma safe but it might bounce back her attempt at a psychic attack. Lucky for her she will never get it off her.

Then we have the Magneto scan, which is from a comicbook where several Nimrods are featured:



I'm not even sure that's canon for our Nimrod here, but the scans themselves are not that flattering and by the admission of Nimrod itself Magneto is vastly weakened. So we are comparing a weakened Erik with a full-power Coldcast who has arguably more brute power to begin with. That by itself makes the idea of Nimrod tanking my attack kind of moot but then we have to point out the no-limitsy nature of this argument. Magneto uses the Electromagnetic spectrum indeed, but it's not as if that powerset was just one thing like "fire", this is a wide array of different energies and Nimrod doesn't have a resistance for every energy because he downloaded Magneto's power once or that it's in its database. Indeed, we have never seen Magneto slowdown the electrons of someone of Superman's caliber and we have absolutely zero reason to think Nimrod countering him will give him a hard pass against every possible energy manipulation, that's a no limits fallacy. If at least this was a strategy that Magneto uses at times like if I wanted to crush Nimrod with magnetic pressure I could see the argument of this defense.

Also the fact there are several Nimrod bodies there makes it so we cannot be sure if a couple of them got phucked up by Erik before the others adapted. I'm not facing a Nimrod army, if I incapacitate one body here, that's enough for me to carry out my plan.

So I believe this makes it clear that Damborg has thrown a lot of speculation about how he expects Nimrod's powers to work. Nimrod needs to reflect things it has never faced, it needs to react at speeds it has never reached, it needs to shield and protect effectively as it has never done and it has to handle a bonafide herald powerlevel when it gets routinely handled by metas. Meanwhile I have proven clearly that I'm fast and I have broken powers to dispose of my opponents.

Pitt wouldn't last long at all against me either since I can just freeze his brain casually after all is said and done.


GGs Dambo


Martian Mind:


Winner: Bentley.

Congrats to both, and Bentley, see you in the final!

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