!!!!!!!!!!!! Darksaint vs Bentley [Spring Tourney quarter final] !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fin Fang Foom


- no bfr
- no prep
- 0.5 km starting distance
- battlefield = normal Earth that regenerates

Saint's opening post:

Bentley's opening post:

Sorry Philo, I had to do it.

Fin Fang Foom leaves the now cursed body of Lobo as soon as he swallows the heart. Now Lobo is the recipient of the Wendigo curse and his spirit is forever gone in animalistic savage hungry thoughts. I win as Lobo's mind and Darksaint's control over him no longer exist.

So to no-one's surprise Darksaint decided to bring up a cloning strategy. I'm seeing this as an aknowledgement that he has no chance in hell of beating my team on straight combat. Let's get more into the details of how our gameplans interact.

First of all I want to thank DS for providing me to this extra showing of Lobo being possesed that is being passed up as a "speed feat":


Indeed Deadman reacts slower than an instinctive adrenaline charged and savage Lobo who is in the middle of a battle. Think of it as muscle memory acting faster than consious thought. This is really nothing out of the usual for someone trying to control a character in berserker state and I don't see it as proof of Lobo somehow speedblitzing my two characters.

I will be charming Lobo and using his wildness to make him try to duke it out with Wendigo quite immediately, Wendigo can jump at him fast enough to intersect a flight plane, taking him off the bike if he ever gets on it. By the way, I'll let the judges decide whether he should start riding the bike or if starting the battle riding it constitutes prep, this would give me even more of an advantage as far as pulling off my plan first, clearly.

Now, Darksaint seems to be under the impression that his bike is well beyond my speed tier. Fin Fang Foom has interplanetary speed feats that easily put him in lightspeed, such as travelling between planets in the course of a few pages:


He does it again towards a different location:


You might say "Bent, there is no specific distance and timeframes in these feats, how can you figure they are transluminal?", unless you believe these three locations were found within the same solar system, this kind of speed is transluminal. Also notice how FFF is talking about the vastness of space and Terrax who an herald doesn't seem to be able to detect the infant he's looking for, so that adds to the idea of these distances being huge.

So I have the travel speed to intercept the bike and with a single hit, suddenly Lobo's mobility becomes sh*t. If somehow he manages to run off with the bike I can follow and intercept him, boil the blood he leaves behind or even ignore it, since Lobo creating clones in Antartica or the middle of the Ocean won't matter a bit when the Main Lobo gets knocked dow ove over in China.

Also to be honest that blood is probably boiling mid-air due to friction because it's just falling off too fast. Darksaint's plan actually does nothing other than having Lobo flying around like a dork.


But I don't think it'll matter, Lobo has an established weakness to manipulation:


Tech, magic, pheromones, you name it. You'd think his psychic resistances would prevent it to some degree but he decided to prep against pheromones rather than trying to resist:


And he has no immunity or whatsoever to mystical transformation which, in this match up, is my other venue of attack:


He also lost his ability to clone through poisoning so it's not as if his body was all that resistant to foreign agents affecting it.

When his blood becomes my blood then he'll undergo a transformation not unlike that of the werewolf that I just shared:

Using the Wendigo heart will fit right into my plan of manipulating Lobo's aggressive nature while he struggles in this hybrid form. It'll be over quite fast as soon as I get to him.


If despite every evidence I presented you still think Lobo has a chance of getting away in his bike and carry out his cloning plan, even if you say blood won't evaporate or you doubt Fin Fang Foom can simply take him down mid-flight... Nothing is stopping me from infecting one of the clones instead, making him a Fin Fang Foom hybrid on top of a Czarnian and making my own army of enhanced clones.

If you think I can control Lobo but you believe I'm unable to control him well enough for whatever reason, I'm always capable of throwing Lobo's spirit into another draconic body:


Except he will just have a regular dragon body and non of my experience power and czarnian enhancements. FFF has a long story of beating the crap out of other space dragons

Ultimately I have a ton of options to deal with the plan Darksaint presented even assuming my strategy doesn't go exactly as intended.

Spring Tourney Round 1
Post 2
*Le sigh*
I had high hopes, dear readers, I really did. But it appears Bentley has decided to unfortunately go the lowball route, and not actually address anything in my posts (nor, the weaknesses within his). I will, as always, be taking the high road here, judges. I COULD easily do the same as he - use lowball tactics for Foom, or for Wendigo. But no, I am far too classy for that.

Let us start.

Firstly, please note, judges, that he snuck an illegal scan into his OP. The version he had drafted specifically did not infect people with scratches and bites - yet, after being told this, he mysteriously left that scan in and didn't even acknowledge it in his 2nd post. Very well, judges - since he disregarded it, you must too.

Secondly, his entire strategy depends on TWO tactics - 1) Use mind control, and 2) use said mind-control to...force Lobo to eat Wendigo's heart, thus cursing Lobo with the Wendigo curse. Great plan, so let's pick it apart.

He uses scans of Foom...controlling a mere human with ZERO resistance feats. Apparently, this is enough to control Lobo (let's ignore that there are actually hundreds of thousands of Lobos dropping down on his giant dragon head). Lobo, whose willpower is enough to overwhelm Green Lantern willpower:

Uh...who's that? Ok, let's go with a named GL - G'nort:

Who? Ok, let's go with someone more famous, Hal Jordan:

Not once, but twice:

Nah, context! Hal was distracted! OK, how about...Guy Gardner?

OK, that's a bit better. How about Starro the Conquerer? And yes, this shows every single clone will have equal amounts of willpower:

Then there is the usual neural Djinn scans and Blackrock scans:

Note that last panel. Look who else succumbed. Yup, Hal 'god of willpower' Jordan is there. Kilowog. Willpower out the wazoo.

But you know, Bentley has totally proven his tactic is legit, because it worked on some random human once, over a matter of weeks, without Foom having hundreds of thousands of clones beating the crap out of him. Note, this isn't lowballing - this is literally the only mind control feat Bentley has shown. Against someone with ZERO mind control resistance feats, sure, maybe. But this is a clearcut example of no limits fallacy going on.

But then...

Eating Wendigo
I think Bentley has forgotten what Lobo's name means. 'One who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it'.

He attempts to pass the curse of the Wendigo onto me, which sounds like a clever plan, EXCEPT: it does NOT WORK.

What is the curse of the Wendigo?
https://i.postimg.cc/qzX2tNk8/RCO002-1.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/QHrpxQr8/RCO006-w.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/Xrjd9nJt/RCO008-1472032352.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/xX6HRBN8/RCO017-2.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/sB1W0K5c/RCO017-1583422507.jpg

I trust this drives home what I am getting at. The Wendigo curse arises when a human eats another human. Cannibalism.

Lobo most assuredly is not human. Eating Wendigo would do nothing except....well, give Lobo heartburn, maybe?

All Bentley's strategy does, is have Foom trying desperately to mind-control a single Lobo as hundreds tear him apart, and Wendigo being eaten alive with a hearty burp from others.

That's assuming my own plan doesn't succeed.

Again, this is not lowballing - this is a giant gaping hole in Bentley's strategy. It's like bringing Kryptonite to fight Shazam. He has sacrificed Wendigo, just so Foom can...try to mind control a guy who's fought off Starro, who's overpowered Green and Yellow Lanterns, was resistant to beings who OVERPOWERED Green Lanterns, whilst hundreds of thousands of clones, all with equal willpower feats, rain down on him. OK.

Some other points to bring up:

Oh? Foom will burn the blood? With his nuclear furnace breath? See Solaris, a literal living SUN, failing to burn Lobo. I mean, I assume they meant nuclear reactor, which reaches a whopping....300 degrees C (source: https://www.google.com/search?q=temperature+nuclear+reactor&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB921GB921&oq=temperature+nuclear+re&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0i22i30l5j69i61.3904j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8)

Nice. I will leave you guys to Google how hot neutron stars get, let alone living ones who are actively trying to burn you stick out tongue

He has some nice panels of Foom flying. Nice. Zero speed feats, though.

A werewolf! Nice, now we are getting somewhere. Except Bentley fails to mention that Lobo was still in full possession of his mental faculties (check his scans of him fighting). In short, relying on him 'struggling in his hybrid state', whilst presenting scans of him being VERY combat effective, seems...weird.

In short, he has an imaginative plan split over two parts, where both parts unfortunately don't work. Meanwhile, he has no answer whatsoever to my clones (the heat he brings can't burn the blood, and he has no way of catching me)nor has he shown any durability feats to being torn apart.

Bentley's final post:

Makulians are waaaay less similar to humans than czarnians who inter-breed. I'm ok with leaving this up to interpretation from the judges though: consider my arguments for it working and if it doesn't I have the venue of throwing up Lobo's essence into a split body like Kamisama did with Piccolo anyways.

And again, with the bike we got a bunch of space travel feats to brag about its speed but DarkSaint readily dismisses my own space travel feats. You can't have the cake and eat it too, you are fast in space and I'm fast in space, that's the only speed you managed to bring to the table according to your scans and I'm posting similar feats. If I bust your bike which I can intercept with my speed and range your mobility becomes so bad any mountain or lake becomes a difficult barrier to overcome and I'm still a space faring dragon. Actually you probably fall off the bike as soon as it gets hit with my initial breath that tries to burn the blood that comes out from your mouth, it might just melt mid-flight from tere, or break when my Wendigo crashes into you. You need to flee very fast to even have the slightest chance to survive this and your initial position and reflexes as mentioned here, are unimpressive.

So to sum it up:

- My manipulation is consistent with the comic depiction of Lobo.

- He has been shown affected by transformations, either dragon form or wendigo.

- Lobo interbred with humans so canibalism is not as easily dismissed as DS pretends.

- Lobo's speed feats and reflexes here do not suggest he can blitz his way out of our opening attack.

- DS's plan is full of holes.

- My versatility makes it so I can back up my plan with the sheer weirdness of mypowers:


Initially that strategy took a lot to device but having used it before Fin Fang Foom will be able to use it on demand.

My strategy is full of transforming and using vices to win, it's a monstrosity that gets to shine in full glory. The logical result of such horrendous comics and it might be the best that comes out of them, geez.

Thanks for your attention

Darksaint's final post:

Pr's verdict:

Delta's verdict:

Congratulations Darksaint, you are the winner. You advance to the semi-finals.

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