!!!!!!!!!!!! Bentley vs Darksaint [Spring Tourney FINAL] !!!!!!!!!!!!

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We are here! After going through the other contestants the two meet again!

Bentley /Mirror Master]






- no bfr
- no prep
- 0.5 km starting distance
- battlefield = normal Earth that regenerates , can't leave the battlefield without getting back in max 30 sec.
- Mirror Dimension is not considered as BFR. It's a valid dimension to be in without losing the match by self-BFR and it's also not considered as BFR-ing the opponent.
- location: New York



Bentley's opening post:

Darksaint's opening post:

Good luck!

Third time is the charm

It seems that DarkSaint conceived his plan under the impression that he was in position to somehow speed blitz a character that is faster than he is. Because Superboy is dismantling his bike before Lobo even gets to react and freezing him as he falls down like the brick he is.

The bike is fast, of course, it's a spaceship after all, but at no point riding a spaceship would make me outreact an opponent that can catch up with bullets after they've been fired. For all intents and purposes he's an statue waiting for Superboy to mess up with his every plan. Think about this for a second: in the past three matches when has DarkSaint advanced undeniable proof that Lobo has enhanced reflexes to a degree that would outclass Mirror Master's? Don't you think he'd have posted such scans already if he could?

Throwing the numbers of how fast the bike can be is a red herring because the speed of our characters is not evenly matched. This was a decent idea against Wendigo or Blackbolt that started their actions at a similar pace when compared to Lobo and because the starting distance allowed him to enact his getaway plan safely. Let alone the fact that he wants to make you think he's throwing nukes, shooting and unloading every gun in his bike before he even bullrushes Mirror Master at high match speeds. He's not going to be fast enough to start the bike, let alone look for weaponry inside his pants lol

Maybe we should consider how fast Superboy is instead: the circumference of Earth is 40,007.863 km, so if he was to race around it in a few minutes let's lowball it and say "a few" stands for 12. It would take him less than a 100th of a second to clean that starting distance and disable the bike. When have you seen Lobo shoot or react in that kind of delay?

Simple plans win

Let's go back to that beautiful teleporting scan:


Mirror Master disappeared in thin air by being in the sight of a speedster and carried someone away with him. Nothing in the scan suggests that this action complex manouvers such as aiming, finding the opponent, and the action I want him to enact is simpler than the one shown in the scan (there are less passengers). Does this look more complex than the motion of throwing a hand grenade and have it go off?

There are orders of magnitude to this: how much faster would you need to be in order to carry a much complex action towards an opponent you haven't located while trying to also start your bike?

The same issue with Lobo's shooting abilities, they are neat but they are not being used at 500 meters of distance:


Even in that small showing you can see Lobo pausing before taking the shot. DarkSaint is trying to convince you that these actions will be carried seamlessly despite the proof he advances being unconvincing to achieve what he pretends to do. Has the bike ever been activated in a fashion that implies it was started before anyone can react?

I don't really care about the durability of the bike as we've seen tactile telekinesis dismantling robots and alien guns immediately.

Unlike his plans my strategy is clearly defined by the showings I've provided and since he knows that he has tried his best to lowball my scans (Superboy might be an inferior clone of Superman but he's faster than you are). You can indeed complain about Mirror Master because his speed showings come from scaling, but doesn't that cut both ways? How fast is Lobo when you stop measuring him against the daxamites and kryptonians of DC? Can DarkSaint clearly and conclusively prove that those 500 meters aren't an impossible distance for him to overcome in order to reach Mirror Master before teleporting.

The only way DarkSaint can hope to win is if he carries all these fuzzy complex manouvers before I carry out an action that is simpler than the one covered in two panels.

One last twist

Let's say that you believe that Lobo can still somehow sneak away from Superboy with his bike intact despite him trying to focus somewhere else. It turns out the bike is actually a death trap because Mirror Master can use really small reflective surfaces as a portal and shoot from there:


All those shiny reflective surfaces in the bike such as the screens, the speedometer and the metalic finishes:


Those are windows for me to snipe him and transmute him into oblivion.





And with that, Judges, the match is done. Please PM me for any questions.

Pr's verdict:

Diesl's verdict:

Delta's verdict:


Thank you to all the judges and participants for your time and effort!

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