Zion is not destroyed

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A common misconception: the ships were sent to counterattack the machines but were destroyed by an EMP save one survivor: Smith. However there is a brief scene that shows a number of sentinels inside Zion (with the criss-crossing bridges in the background) but the city is deserted, am I right to argue this? What really did happen?

My understanding was the machines have not yet reached Zion. The 'slaughter' that is refferd to in the film is when the ships are sent to intercept the sentinels at the 'pipelines'. Whatever that means. The captian that was breifing Morpheous also sald that they made a final pass AFTER the machines started digging again.

So Zion has not yet been destroyed as the machines have not yet reached it.

One question I had was Is Niobi and her crew dead or alive ?

Niobe lives (unfortunately - I don't like her chracter) but none the less it was the third ship's crew with the accident that died, however as morpheous says everything happens for a reason, was this an accident? "Three ships, three captain, three objectives, ... i see providence"

It should be OBVIOUS that Zion has not been destroyed YET.

Everything will be answered in the 3rd movie. There is one thing that is inevitable: Trinity is going to die and there is nothing that Neo can do about it. Everyone thought maybe that the architect lied about Trinity or that he was proved wrong. Things happen for a reason. I believe this will be shown in the next movie. If not, philosophy can go to the shits!!!

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roll eyes (sarcastic) she already died in matrix reloaded, u slept through that or what?
just as neo died in the original matrix film. they 'revived' eachother.

"there's nothing neo can do about it" you say?
the architect says "there's nothing you can do to stop it",
and he was correct. however, he did revive her.

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