PSO2 simply does not have an interesting story

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Weather is creating a much better comeback as it changes dynamically and may impact the battlefield, even though the magnitude of the impact was not spoken of. Time may also change, and footage showed some nice touches such as fireflies in the woods at night. There is no word on fast travel, mounts or vehicles nevertheless, but Sega has implemented some new methods for players to move fast across this large new world. Players will be able to run faster after a dodge both in and outside of combat. A blue streak follows underfoot, so you will know you are doing it right when you see it.

The other important addition to movement shown off in the first NG trailer is the slide. It goes as far as some of the screenshots have left it look. Players may access high ground and jump off to glide and get pretty damn much across the map. Like in Breath of the Wild, you will have the ability to make you are way up a mountain to slide off from -- but without anything inhibiting you like stamina. It will also cause some dramatic entrances in to conflict.

Sega already stated that gathering and crafting could be getting an overhaul, and while we did not get a peek at crafting, we did observe how much nicer it would be to snag items within the specialty. Gathering can be performed on the fly, similar to Monster Hunter: World. Get close to a product, and just tap a button. Fruit can be picked from trees, there are new docile creatures which can be hunted for meat and other items and healing items can be seen throughout the land as green luminous indicators called Resta Signals. It is a lot more intuitive than the current game.

Combat is very like PSO2's current combat system, right down to the weapons, Photon Arts and Photon Blasts. It is only quicker, more mobile and smoother. There are no longer Perfect Attacks; instead, it's more like modern action games with combos and counterattacks. Dodging and obstructing is more fluid for all classes also. Certain classes may observe a difference in drama. There's no more attacking in the atmosphere indefinitely, so expect to be on the floor more dodging and countering.

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.