Neo vs. Yoda

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Neo is the SIX
Who would win in a fite btween Neo and a Jedi? (if Neo could use his powers in the real world)

Im pretty sure that Neo would win. All he really needs to do is jump into Yoda like he did to smith in Matrix 1

Tough one this.

If Neo's operator can get his hands on a light sabre fighting upload program then its pretty even i rekon.
Yoda is a nutter though

Sigh... this is like the Agents vs. Jedi thread... gah!

In or out the Matrix? Without defining this the question is ludicrous.

preston mullins
Yoda would win because he is from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Whereas, Neo is only from the Matrix.

princess leia
ahh...this is awful. i dont think you can compare them can you? neo could probably just sizzle the lightsaber to nothing or bend it to stab yoda though.

Yoda would win outside the Matrix without a shadow of doubt. But inside I think it would be a close run thing.

princess leia
yeah i think thats what he meant when he said that neo could use his powers on the real world.

Hmm, well first of all Yoda can control matter & sinse thats what Neo is "matter" "program" "whatever" Yoda would have the advantage sinse NEO is a program. Ok skip that rubbish, who would win the fight with no rules. Neo, why? he can simply see everything in slow-mo as everything around him moves in real time.

princess leia
neo isnt a program! i cling to that belief.

but how could we truly know who would win
ones a super dodge bullets person and the others a super fast small thing with a lightsaber

princess leia
we dont. the force has never been measured next to neos powers as the one.

Neo has the ability to change anything he wants in the matrix, so in the real world with them powers he could kill Yoda the same way he did Smith. What could Yoda do to stop him? Yoda doesn't know every martal art - can't fly. Heck Neo was shot around 6-7 times in the chest & didn't die, so what would a lightsaber do?

Much to learn, you still have...

Digital Master
yoda would win because even though he would insert himself in the matrix yoda could manipulate the matrix like neo could since he is a firm believer of the force then he could also manipulate the matrix and defeat neo at his own game. the force and the matrix could have the same rules if they both existed in the same galaxy and thus allowing neo and yoda to duel within the matrix..... ( also neo would loose since he is pu$$y whooped).........hahahahahaha!!!!!

Right lets get one thing straight. There are no medichlorians inside the matrix hence the thing that makes Yoda a jedi is absent.

Ths means that Inside the matrix Yoda would just be a short green midget.

This thread is like comparing apples to oranges

For the sake of arguement, let's look at this 2 ways, with the following conditions...

1. The fight takes place INSIDE THE MATRIX.
-both Neo and Yoda are plugged in.

2. The fight takes place in the REAL WORLD
-neither Neo nor Yoda are plugged in, no Matrix powers available.


It would seem at first that Neo would have the advantage, but not's why.
What makes Neo so powerful in the Matrix is the strength of his MIND.
We all know that Jedi's too have very strong minds. Therefore, if Yoda were "plugged in," he would not be able to use "the force," but his Jedi fighting knowledge would remain with him. Furthermore, Yoda's mind is strong enough that he too would be able to "bend the rules" and have the same powers as Neo. Therefore it would be a stalemate.


Yoda has a monumental's why.
In the real world, Neo would have no "special powers" like he has in the matrix, whereas Yoda can use "the force" to hurl objects (Neo included) around at will. Neo would only have his martial arts skills, which he should be able to use to adequately defend himself in a weapons duel. However, in the end, I think Neo would be purely on the defensive and eventually forced to retreat. Although it's not an ultimate victory (Neo lives to fight another day), Yoda would definitely win the fight.

Well actually in the real world, Neo might have powers as seen in the end of reloaded.

In that case (the end of reloaded), Neo was able to exert some kind of power over the machines with his apparent "remote-link" to the Matrix.
For the sake of this arguement, let's assume Neo has NO real super powers in the real world (i.e. flying, stopping bullets, super-fast movement).

Neo couldn't destroy Smith, he came back.
So I don't Neo couldn't destroy Yoda.
Maybe they would just go on fighting until one of them died of old age. In that case Yoda would win because he can live for much longer.

are u saying Yoda is plugged in somewhere?

HAHAHA, that is a really good point. Atleast someone was thinking of that.

Either way, all of the commone sense stuff aside, I think Yoda would win because he's older and he's wiser and he's got more expierence. That would be an awesome fight to watch though.~

Inside, Neo would win because he can go into slow motion against Yoda and kick his ass

Kyle Raynar
i think they both wouldn't fight they would kick back on dagobah and have some of yoda's stew or a beer or something and talk about battles they have been in you can't say one would win over the other because
A) yoda's a puppet neo would just end up laughing hiss ass off
B)Keanu Reeve's was in bill and ted's excellent adventure so yoda would look at him like he's a moron

Hint bang goes through slice: cuts parts off... roll eyes (sarcastic)

thats a ridiculous question.
-haha the force will not help you!
-first here come then you see will!
-up shut!

victorious, master yoda would become! extinct, shall neo be!

Neo would win coz he is the best love

Hah Yoda has the whole of the Force behind him he could just pull Neo onto his Lightsabre eek! So ther Korri

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