Zootopia has so many problems

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This Disney movie really likes to hate on evolution. Remember when Judy Hopps said on that press conference that a predator's killing instincts are in its genes?, That is actually true. An animal's way of being is deeply rooted on its instincts and you can't change who and what they are. For example, the way of thinking of a carnivore is way different than that of a herbivore and Zootopia penalizes you for thinking that it is. But carnivores evolved specifically to kill and eat other animals. They are literal killing machines. As civilized as carnivores can be turned into, they need to have their killer instincts with them, otherwise they will die. The red fox Nick Wilde and the other carnivores are really proud self hating carnivores, It's really stupid how Nick Wilde hated Judy as a friend over explaining something true about biology and she had to make an apology to him.

The animals in Zootopia are way too humanized and do not have true animal behavior, they can just be swapped out with humans and the movie would not be any different. Just makes it worse is how the entire story uses cliched animal stereotypes, thats very unoriginal. The racism allegories and messages don't work well with animal species. the animals in Zootopia don't even feel like animals at all there's nothing animalistic about them.

Another infamous thing about Zootopia was that the writers excluded Primates because they said they were too similar to humans and they do not exist in their world which is stupid as that makes the Jungle part of the city pointless.

Zootopia has few domesticated Animals such as sheep, pigs and horses though domestic cats and dogs do not exist in their world. However, the movie's premise is that humans never existed to produce a domesticated version of these animals making it very contradicting.

You might want to loosen your helmet straps Timmy.


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