How does Moon Knight compare to the mcu super soldiers?

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Moon Knight
Black Panther
Captain America
Winter Soldier

How strong/fast/skilled is he compared to them?

He's better then all of them, lol.

He might stalemate BP if they're both in their suits.

Moon Knight uses the powers of a God as an avatar so can't really compare them

John Murdoch
Black Panther - If in his suit, it should be a stalemate, as BP can't put Mark down, but Mark has no way of doing anything but kinetically-charging BP's suit with his glaives and strikes. Maybe if Panther saves a kinetic charge punch directly to Mark's face, maybe it puts him down for a KO, but that's the only way I see Panther winning.

Captain America - Mark stomps unless Cap has mjolnir and can shoot some lightning bolts at Mark.

Winter Soldier - Mark stomped before the Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV show, but after...Bucky gets uber-stomped.

Winter Soldier

I would say, moon knight has more in common with Jim Carey The Mask than any marvel superhero.

In his ceremonial armor, Moon Knight looks resistant to virtually all conventional harm. Those spears they shoved through his body in episode 3 only slowed him down, and he popped them off without taking any damage at all. He's closer to someone like Ghost Rider now, rather than a street level vigilante. So yeah. I'd say he's far above super soldier level.

I know Marvel had a decision to make here, because no Marvel vigilante has been called a copy of Batman more than Moon Knight. So they chose to lean into what makes him different - dissociative identity disorder and the mystical connections. I know the comics have portrayed him having mystical enhanced capabilities as being something in his head he imagines, but it's more fun to watch him have them for real.

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