Poll (Who thought the sex scene in Matrix Reloaded was needed?)

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I thought that they could have done without the sex scene. What do you think?

yeah...it didnt fit in at all with the movie..and they didnt show anything anyway, so there really wasnt any point at all to it...they should have got rid of that and the horrible rave scene too..

yeh I thought it wasn't necessary to! But the movie does have some boring parts so it kinda spiced things up lol stick out tongue

Like I said before I was glad it was in there so I could use the little boys room and not miss a thing!

I'm going to be the different one and say that it was necessary-sorry(!)

well most movies can be without a lot of scenes if you really want to look at it in detail

I thought it was a nice touch it showed they were still "human"

I agree with Fire... the scene added a more "human" spin. It helped to show the range of emotions and feelings between Neo and Trinity.

But it had to be that long! They cool have just showed the end, we get the picture!

It was like freakin 15 minutes long or something. I did enjoy the break to use the restroom, but I understood that they were still human. I didn't need 15 minutes of sex to show me that.

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I thought it was too long, unrealistic and lacked chemistry....
seriously.. I think the wachowski bros don't have a good grasp on how a scene like that should be... lol

The scene could be an important point for the next movie.

There was a large discussion on this here: http://forums.killermovies.com/f42/t6320_1.html

I seriously doubt its importance. We all know that Trinity and Neo love one another. We know that they are together. We didn't need 15 minutes of the movie dedicated to them having sex.

I think he means it could play in important role as to what is created from this scene...if you know what I mean wink

Darth Vicious
While i didnt care for the scene at all since i dont find Trinity that attractive it did add a human feel to the movie ant it showed that THE 1 had needs for his lil 1 also if they want to ad extra minutes in Revolutions i wouldnt mind seeing Persephone getting it on for whaetever reason or for no reason at all! lol

Well I'm not saying I mind sex scenes. I do. But in a movie like the Matrix I like to get into it and not the stupid things that the director and producers think would be something nice to add.

princess leia
i dont mind it. it does show the love-but they can show the love in other ways. they dont dont need to show the wild monkey dance for 15 minutes. 5 minutes would suffice.

I totaly agree with that

I have said this before, they should have choped out this scene and made the final flight of the osiris from the animatrix part of reloaded.

I think the scence was needed, it just could have been a bit shorter. And the rave scence defnitely could have gone. What were they trying to say by that? We are going to f**k the night away and have an orgy while the machines try to come kill us????~

The only thing it did was it let the bros not make as much money as they wanted to. They were looking for 350 million and I dont think theyre going to make 310. The only way they are going to do this is if they re-release it 2 weeks before Revolutions comes out.

There is a reason for the sex scene. It is there to show the sacredness of the love between Neo and Trinity. It is also a contrast to the hedonistic impulses of the other people in Zion. The love between Neo and Trinity is also a major part of the plot, as their love is how Neo became the One. Neo dies, and only because Trinity accepts her love for Neo that Neo becomes the One and becomes un-dead. It is only through Neo accepeting his love for Trinity that Neo ressurects Trinity.

"To deny our own impulses, is to deny the very thing that makes us human."

The Omega

now the red lady i could very well take....but trinity..hmm...erm
i voted no...
But i guess they had to have some cover for that crappy zion music..geez

The Omega
Well, Dexx. The movie doesn't deal with who YOU could take, but who Neo loves.

i know, i know...but the decision of wether or not i like the scene DOES deal with who i can take.....so...no, i don't like it.

General Kaliero
Gee, if there were really any sacredness at all in this, should they not be MARRIED? As it was, it was sex only for the purpose of sex, and nothing else.

The movie could have funtioned just as well, and probably better, by cutting both Neo and Trin, AND the rave scene. The should have filmed Final Flight of the Osiris instead, and live action.

that's not true. marriage has nothing to do with this. the brothers wanted us tor ealise how close neo and trin really are, and that scene underlines it.
and the final flight of the osiris had good enough animations to be considered worthy of the matrix universe...as did most of the animatrix

Not really, i dont need to see keanu reeves doing that...

mm.. its okey that they want to show us..the fifference between.. the humans..and the machines.. but confused
its not very funny to watch that kind of scenes.. stick out tongue
I never thought.. that the matrix will have that kind of scene


we really can see the love between triniy and neo..in the elevator ..
so.. it wasn't necesary.. stick out tongue

and I mean.. only people older than 15 can enter.. and that's not
good to me really sad

dunno..i a way it's better because they kind of blend the 'all action' movies with a bit of 'drama' ..and those usually have sex scenes at the peak of the relationship.

The Omega

one of my favourite bits wink

mm well yeah.. that's true stick out tongue

but Iam a little girl .. I can watch that scenesangel

sorry.. I CAN'T

The Omega
Gabimr2> That's no problem. You just cover your eyes with your hands, and ask the person next to you, when you may look again.
(Nods slowly)

Gabi? angel? laughing out loud

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