Something I noticed in Animatrix

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I was just watching the Animatrix again last night and I noticed something quite funny. Do any of you remember the name of the robot which rebelled against its owners and basically killed em smile

It was B166ER. LOL: Bigger smile What significance it has I don't know, but I thought it was amusing nonetheless :P

The Omega

They make this Animatrix a bunch of stuff we should hav known a long time ago, like it should hav come right after "The Matrix". We waited this long to figure out how the story really went. I believe the B166ER will hav no significance at all any more then the Animatrix. But this is just coming from me.

They only got it "now" because it has taken them since the first film was finished to make them. If you don't believe me, watch the documentaries on the DVD of the Animatrix. The Animatrix also has huge significance to the story...not only for the first film, but for number 2 and I am possibly thinking number 3 also smile

Once again, the human mind can only tell so much.

Digital Master
you know that whole thing with b166er sounds to much like the original planet of the apes they should have come up with something better . well that is my point of view. what do you guys think.....?

ergh..did any of you guyz ever think it REALLY might just be a robot name?

Everything in these films is put there or named for a reason. Every line of the film has meaning. Don't believe me, go back and watch the first film and listen to the following conversations VERY carefully.

Conversation between Mr.Anderson and his boss.
Multiple conversations between Neo & Morpheus
Conversation between Smith & captured Morpheus (well...Smith does all the talking).
The conversation between Neo & The Oracle.

There are more, see if you can spot them. They are VERY important and you literally won't believe the information they actually 'give away' purposely.

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