matrix...? what are ur thoughts about the movies?

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Happy Dance Happy Dance Hey wat up? Niw this matrix concpet...very complicated lets start this thread off with the topic: how did neo stop those sentinels in matrix reloaded in the real worl and WHY ISN'T NEO IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ur first question-'How did Neo stop those Sentinals?'
I say the Agent Smith in Bane's body did something to the sentinals and it had some sort of coding in it. That's probly y he could 'feel them'.

Then ur second question-'Why isnt Neo in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!'
It's probly cus if u were Neo and u died, it would mess up everything. Or it might just be becus they makers were idiots. Pick ur explanation.

princess leia
it was magic ok? i dont know why hes not in the game someone said legal reasons.
however, i love the movies!!!!!!smile

the movies are that new and that cool, i mean everybody if hes important or not, is damn stylish, that its fun to watch it. and the story, of course.

What it seem like with the game is that the Wachowskis spent months and months writing the story for the game which coincides with the film. Then planning what they wanted in it and basically Shiny did **** all. I am betting the Wachowski's are ULTRA pissed at Shiny now for creating such a rushed game with half the features missing.

Yeah infact, the Matrix the movie, is supposed to be the most REAL VR system ever, so real you think it's real.

So a Matrix Video game, theorhetically should have been Graphics Based. Plus it should have been the most Deepest game ever Made. The Brothers Should have waited on this. They should have taken 3-5 years to accomplish such a task. To reach at least Doom3 or Halo 2 quality Graphics at least.

This might just be the beginning though. This might just be a teaser. For revolutions, they might make a game that has better graphics and longer.

They have been planning the game since the first film finished (this is found out on the Animatrix documentaries on the DVD). But Shiny ****ed it up smile

Also the Matrix Online which is being released for PC in 2004 is a Massive Multipler Game which is based after the events in the 3rd movie. You get to create a character and learn skills etc and guess what...

You can do bullet time...I shit you not smile


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