most stylish matrix character/outfit

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which outfit is the most stylish in m1&m2. i like seraphs (of course) but just cool are the twins. damn stylish. Neo is looking like a priest in m2 nd trinitys outfit was better in m1. Niobe is sexy too.
Persephone looks funny but not cool with that things that are pinned up on her ass. ghost is cool too, morpheus of course, but the twins are the best.

Seraph DOES look good, for sure...

Seraph for Outfit & Morpheus for them shades.

(note to self... they fight eachother in revolutions)

Ah in the 1st one i liked switch cos everybody was dressed in black and she was dressed in white! stick out tongue for the second i like the twins and niobe!
And then we have Morpheous who is always cool, full of atittude and really cool shades!stick out tongue

The Twins outfits kicked.... *** their outfits were very fashionable.. i'd expect to see those suits in like, vouge... very cool.

Neo.. looked like he was wearing a dress... hee

i have to say seraph also. I love that character, and clothing articles of that sort ARE the most comfortable

the keymaker

Neo had a nice dress.

princess leia
i like persephones except for the stupid fishwings
i liked trinitys boots i lov her boots they are very cool.
i liked her suits to actually.

yup, the fishwings killed the dress.

it looked like a suit to me smile
Neo's clothes would look good in a women!stick out tongue

The Omega
IN a woman, Kes? big grin No way am I gonna swallow Neos outfit. I, btw, thought it was very cool, the M2 outfits for both Neo and Trinity. I liked the full-suit idea behind it. Remember, they’re mental projections of their digital self, so how they look in the matrix are how the perceive themselves. So that Neo has gone from normal clothes in M1, to a monk-like look is in line with his development.
So, five stars for the pair. But I have to hand out points for Smith and the agents as well. Armani suits NEVER go out of fashion. Morpheus looked excellent (again), Niobes garments were neat, but well… You get a stylist to choose the coolest looking stuff that can hang from you, so small wonder, they’re all dressed to kill smile
Persephone was too demure for my liking, but the dress with the mermaid look was a good idea, since she played the role as seducing siren (or so it seemed).

yeah that jacket would look cool in a women form! I like it!stick out tongue

The Omega
Oh, in woman FORM wink
I think it should stay on Keanu though… *content sigh*

lol smile

most of you are right. morpheus´ shades are defenetly(sp) the coolest ones.
And what do you think about the real world. who wears the coolest fashion in zion.
I liked trinity´s clothes in the dance-scene (before the sex-scene!!!). i mean her clothes in the sex scene are stylish too;-)
the senators are looking like they´re all star-wars-fans but ....
what do you think bout the real world?

princess leia
by the sounds of it, omega, you would actually like it off...

I like Trinity's and Niobi's clothes in the real

do you know what i recognized in the real world? morpheus is fat!!! i mean not really fat, but i think he was not that big in the first movie...

haha, yes he is a large one. Like when he is talking to Niobi, his belly is pretty large and hairy. LOL.

hee, fat hairy morpheus!!!
c'mon... no one else liked the twins outfits?

They are the coolest!big grin

The Omega
Seraph> big grin
Princess> No, I said I didn't want to eat it! wink
Skittles> Yes, the Twins had cool outfits. I¡¦m just one of those hopeless fans, who can¡¦t find anything wrong with the movies and just LOVES everything. Even Smiths shoelaces cool

princess leia
omega>yeah me too.

hey omega.. how'd you know I had a thing for smith's shoelaces....they're very sexy........

niobi's shades were funky

you know who´s stylish too? apoc. i mean hes from the first movie but hes damn stylish.

The Omega
Skittles> big grin

omega> laughing

and yeah.. niobe's shades were cool

The best outfit.... All of them. Except that geeky kid that kept hanging around Neo.. and the Oracle is just too plain..

niobie is deff the best dressed


i liked neo's style in both M1+M2. From M1, the all black suit he wore 2 see the oracle (mmmmmm... smile, in M2 the long preist-like outfit. he looked so streamlined in that smile. seraph also looked good. loved niobe's hair and shades. they went well together.

The Gryphon
Yeah switch was the bomb, too bad she was never alive long enough to see her in action. That the same reason why I liked the suit Ghost was wearing during the freeway chase... too bad he never wore that during the rest of Enter the Matrix.

i think neo looks god nomatter wot he is wearing *sigh* cool

Hey Rin...
I happened to like the kid...
not geeky...


me, me, me, me!!!!! big grin

Me too.. wink

TWINS TWINS, definitely TWINS!!!!

I second that!! wink stick out tongue

Neo's overcoat is great, and Niobe is...................WOW!

now, if we're talking pure STYLE here, it's not just what you wear. it's HOW you wear it, and how you carry yourself. therefore:

niobe: now, being a guy, i gotta pick a female as numero uno. the red alligator trenchcoat and wild shades were pretty nice. but to tell you the truth, it seems like more guys knew their stuff than the matrix girls . . .

the merovingian: he's french. he was one smooth, if not slightly effeminate, muthaf**er. but then again, what french dude isn't (no offense). he was slick. he had a plain outfit, but he was SLICK. he had that strut.

ballard: very stylish looking clothes. and the way he presented himself too, like when he fought seraph. "all you know about me is that i was `bout to kick yo' ass." plus i dig the shades. it was like watching shaft all over again.

agent smith: c'mon. the cleanly pressed suit? not a thing out of place even after coming out of a 100-him pile-up? the shoe shine? this guy knows style. and the low, drawn-out "mr. andersooooooon" just pulls it all together.

agent smith is best after twins

I was thinking about my post and agent Smith is very stylish. Black Suit cool shades kick butt personality to boot, but Niobe is ...................WOW wink big grin

yo dis is jonno and if anyone has codes to unlock multiplayer mode on enter da matrix game can u plz send dem 2 me.
And i also tink dat the twins outfits were really kewl and can u buy dem?

Does anybody know, where can I buy a Jacket like the one is Seraph using in M2...


smiths reloaded poster is lush

Neo of coarse smile

i liked Trinity's catsuit even though i dont like her and she doesnt suit it

The Omega
Skynet> That's a more or less classical kung-fu training suit. Bounce down to your local martial arts supplier and look around smile

Yeah I liked the Zion's womens clothes...definetly the best outfits

I liked the Agents Shades in the first one. The Slim ones that cover just about the eye. I wish i had the kinda money to get ones that actually looked good cool <-- they were kinda like that

Ug, anyone else actually feel like they're IQ is dropping?

OMG, i feel like i just walked by cheerleaders and my IQ was taken from me because of the intensity of thier absense of IQ...

big grin rolling on floor laughing laughing

Neo looks hott wotever he is wearing...or not as the case may be whistle

The Twins, but i suppose i am slighty biased as I love the Rayment twins (the guys who played em)

I think what Trinity was wearing during her love scene with Neo was the best of them all. wink

*** Just kidding. ***

I think Neo's Dress was da best!

yeah!! I love the twins style cool big grin

...just like new..

twin one is my fave twin and he said that! i love him

big grin

Seraph gots stylezzzzzz
Smith comes at #2 smile

the merovingian in revo!!! oh how i want that costume!!!!!

Darth Revan
Morpheus is cool also

I found searph's clothes on ebay! smile

Neo...Neo...Neo. His clothes are perfect, as someone said...They evolve with his personality, it's genious.

Comming in at second: Morpheus. I like the ties smile

Darth Revan
Trinity looked better in m1. On the cover of reloaded, her glasses make her look like an owl.

Is this only from Revolution?
Mero has stile in Revolution.
Twins in Reloaded
Morph and Swith in Matrix.


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