the oracle: choose a side

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What is up with the oracle. I mean to say, is she good or bad? Not that I can say one way or the other is good, but lets just say, where do her interests lie?

Good: She helped Neo find himself. She seems to be scoffed at by the architect.

Bad; She is a computer program who told Neo only what he needed to know to save herself and the machines. Her purpose, like that of the merovingian was not to be exiled but to exist with a purpose, that which is so important to Agent Smith. Smith too has a purpose, even if he thinks that he does not. So the oracle is evil because she is doing as the keymaker said: I'm just doing what I am supposed to do (or something like that)

Reply by me: No, the oracle is good. Neo broke the system's rules by leaving the source code behind and returning to save Trinity and it was the oracle who inspired her to love him. She wanted to break the matrix? maybe, but the strangest effect that this alteration in the pattern has had is that Agent Smith is now "freed" to kill Neo, to cause two freak events may counteract them both. I think she is good.

Please reply with facts, not just opinions

princess leia
i think shes good. i dunno...

I think she is good and basically a slave to her bad purpose. Neo has made a believer out of her, thus she has a bodyguard to protect her from deletion.

Good. It says in the video game that she was sold out by a man and a woman, because of a really important kid. Does any one know any shit about that??

Yeah I think that maybe the kid is a metaphor for the Matrix as the Archatect (I really need to learn how to spell) is the father and someone maybe Perstephone is the mother then the Matrix could be their child. It would need protecting now that Neo chose the door to save trinity and cause a system crash in the Matrix.

I believe she is good

the oracle means voice...or it could be that she is a voice of both good and evil and all choices. she gives neo all the choices and it's left for him to make one. thats whatb the oracle tell what is happening and fortell what is going to happen so its up to the hearer to make a choice

Nope the Oracle is good.

Dont you see that she allready has Been replaced by another Program, maybe persaphone, but most likely the architect. Now she's helping the Humans.

She's not acting out any of the Architects Plans, she's doing her own thing.

I posted my opinion in another post so I will find it and paste it. But I will say that I think she is good NOW, but used to be on the side of the Machines...I believe she is now an exile smile

That's almost exactly how she describes herself.

Yep, in the 2nd one she definately does, but in the first she does it more subtly...very good actress, she will be missed sad

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