Does Harry Die?

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now that'd be a movie i'd pay to see...

I don't think that he dies because Rowling has to write 4 books about him. So, Harry won't die!

Harry Die you Gota Be Kidding. Why would rowling kill of such a famous Character? Hes Not gona get killed, if he does i will kill myself.I reckon Ron Gets Killed off! Dunno why but i hav a feeling. LOL

I reckon Harry will die in the seventh book, after possibly a big revelation about Lily/James.

harry has as much chance as voldermort gettin killed but if u lot have read book 5 u'll no that one of them HAS to be dead at the end of book 7

Vipa, I disagree. I reckon she may make a mass onslaught!

lupin if youve read book 5 u'l no about the prophecy?? bout how either harry or voldermort has to die so either 1 could

Both could die....

I think that Voldemort will die because I do not think that Rowling would stop with year 7

i have three theories.

Book 7, harry kills voldemort, Harry has no antagonist, she cant write
anymore, the books end.
Book 7, Voldmort kills harry, the books end. No negotions, final say, goodbye, HP.
Theory3(the good one):
Book 8:Harry becomes an auror with the MM(quite possibly headed under Albus D, but who knows), and then kills voldemort.

I think theory 3 is quite possible, buk i'll leave it p to Rowling to decide.

I agree with you on theory 3 deadalus.
I would love to see Harry become an Auror. By the way in the very last book one of them HAS to die. I think Harry dieing would be amazing but it wouldn't make sense unless she made sequels called LORD VOLDEMORT..hehehe. That would be cool.
I loved the fifth book by the way!

i think harry should die

i dont really think harry dying would work. seeing as the books revolve around him and all. even if it was right at the end of the 7th book, she couldnt just write "harry fell down. he was dead." as the last words. people would get a bit angry i think. but hey, you never know.

Arwen Undomiell
I really thing that Harry won't die because he have to be an Auror and to kill the Woldemort. That's my theory yes yes yes

Wizard Lord
Harry may well die, who knows? The recent book does say that either Harry or Voldemort would have to be dead by the end of the books (well not neccesarily the end of the books, but the two of them can't exist together). Possible theories are that :
~ Voldemort will die at the hands of Harry Potter
~ Harry will die at the hands of Voldemort
~ Both of them will die in some sort of struggle between the Aurors and the Death Eaters/Voldemort's Supporters
We will just have to wait for the seventh book to find out what happens! Lets just hope it isn't TOO much of a long wait big grin ....

What i rekon she'll do is kind make an end battle between harry and voldermort but none die YET then harry becomes an auror and JK goes like 3 years into harrys future whens hes like 21 or somthing and he defeats voldermort or maybe somthing else!

i dont think that harry will die. the harry-potter-books arent that kind of books were the main character is dying at the end.

possibly die in last book...

no. i think dumbledore will sacrifie himself for harry.

i thnk harry will die killing voldemort


i've heard he's going to die in book VII

laughing out loud THAT'S AGOOD ONE! HARRY DYING....although it is apossibility.

Thats a good interesting way to finish the book making the hero die.

I hope J.K. makes and eight book...or an epiloge...or a prologe...somthing!
Maybe she'll make a whole book series about something completely different! I hope she does because she is an amazing author!

i agree brookealicious
also i think haryy will kill voldermort after he becums an auror


Actually I think Harry will kill Voldemort while he's at school. But it would make a better eigth book if he kills him AFTER he becomes an Auror.....good idea...hmmm....

i bet ron kills him

that'd be a huge twist!!! and cool!

i think that harry will die because rowling has said that she won't write any more books after severn even though she'd be tempted the only course of action not to tempt herself would be too kill off harry although it pains me to think it! rowling has killed off many other charecters that we have come acustomed to especially in 5 (you know who i mean)

robin sad sad

Yah your right

I don't belive that Rowling will kill Harry. No, no, no, I think that at the end of the last book Harry will become a seeker at Great Britain team.
big grin I don't think he could be an Auror wink .

it is rumored that in the sixth book dumbledore dies and in the seventh book harry and ron both fight voldemort together so maby harry, ron, and voldemort all die in the seventh book fighting each other

Where did you hear it?
If that would be true maby they wouldn't die. Maby their friendship would save them or something like that. smile

well J.K. Rowling did say that in the seventh book one of the 3 main characters die and supposedly ron and harry go to fight voldemort in the seventh so if harry and ron both dont die then one of them die i dont think it will be hermoine because she is in the hospital recovering from an injury when they go to fight

When Rowling said that? sad

if harry dies...a sudden stop flowed the room...

From what I've read of rumours and interviews with JK...

She says that Harry might not be alive, and that he's supposed to learn something very important about Lily in the next book.

That, or as the rumours say, Harry kills Voldemort and disappears.

Or they both kill eachother.

Or Harry gets turned into a frog after killing Voldemort and wanders forever in a swamp called 'Eternity'. (Unlikely, but meh.)

A non-rumour, however, is that the last word of book seven is scar ...

It could be 'And that's what happened to the boy with the scar.'

Or 'That's the end of the boy with the scar.'

Or 'Harry walked off with (insert name here), absent mindedly rubbing his now fading scar.'

'He sat in the back of his uncles car, absent mindedly rubbing his scar.'

Some such thing...

EDIT: And by the way... It is rumoured that Dumbledore will die, but most unlikely... And that Ron will die. Harry is supposedly to fight Voldemort with... Guess who? Draco Malfoy!

Dance on, Banana! Happy Dance

You think all of this will happen in book 6? I heard that the last sentance in book 7 is "Harry, where's your scar?". Sounds cool though...Has she even written book 6 yet?

draco supposedly fights an evil force with harry not voldemort

and another rumor (which i think is highly unlikely) is that draco cause out with hermoine because harry goes out with someone from slytherin and draco actually falls for hermoine! But i think that this rumor is higly unlikely. Oh and harry then falls for hermoine when at this same time ron likes hermoine as i said i think these rumors are very unlikely


Ah yes, because Voldemort is a happy, lovey-dovey feel good force. Certainly not evil, of course!

And Ron dies in Six, Harry kills Voldemort in Seven, and she's only said that the last word is 'scar.', nothing else.

<wipes sweat from forehead> Phew!

Shine on, you crazy Banana! Happy Dance


i think jk should write some of the books from the series... eg. Hogwarts A History and all the history notes shes written about the death eaters and so on, it's be great to get to know the whole harry potter world!

i dunno i think sumthin will happen to ron r hermoine

wink what it hermoine came up with a way to kill voldemort?

what about harry and cho's relationship? is there a good future for it?

I think Hermione will die in the lat book and Harry will live and kill "you know who" lol!! Yeah but i hope there is a book 8 but it impossible because you can only attend hogwarts for 7 years then you graduate!! So that rules out book 8!! Maybe dumbledo will die and Hagred will become headmaster or something or Harry!!!

I think that Harry might die...b/c of the scars connection...I think that if Lord V is vanquished by him then he too will die..b/c of the bond of his scar to him. OR that maybe he will live and that the scar will burst and cause him LOTS of pain and then it may just vanish all together....... this is just a hunch though. Its likely that he will die to save EVERYONE else's lives!

Harry becoming an auror would be cool...but JK said that she knows she's writing children's books and that you do have to kill off people that we won't want dead...but in the end she will make it all make sense. I think if he does die she will make it a VERY good endding still so that we all won't be too upset about his death. We would look back and go...WOAH!

i hope he dies not that i dont likehim it would just be a more dramatic ending


No! I don't think Harry will die because that in a way though dramatic, would be a depressing and VERY sad ending!!! It would be even worse then the death of ****** in OotP!!! sad Also, I think Harry will kill Voldemort in the seventh book.

Also, I heard that there will be an epilouge and that there is suppose to be two weddings, one: teachers and the other: students. So, if JK DOES make an epilouge then I don't think that Harry will die. Unless the epilouge takes place three years after Harry left Hogwarts, Voldemort is still alive, and so Harry kills Voldemort in the epilouge and then dies! Though I TRULY doubt it!!!!!

Oh, and this my take on how the last sentence in the seventh book will be:

As Harry feel to the floor, Voldemort dead at his side, his head pounding, his clothes ripped an torn, and his hands and face covered in drying blood, he brought his hand to the one thing that filled his life with so much pain, regret, sadness. . . and yet hope, faith, and happiness. . . Harry brought his hand up to his now empty forehead were once laid his red, vivid, lightening bolt shaped scar.

Or something like that anyway! :: shrugs shoulders :: ^-^

Yeah..I do think the scar will disappear....though it may be very painful. Because Lord V will be hurting badly when he dies....I can just see his scar exploding and then disappearing....b/c the scar is a curse........ I do wish she would say how he became an auror or a defense against the dark arts teacher...IT MAKES SENSE...B/C THE SCHOOL CAN'T EVER KEEP A GOOD ONE!! And who better than Harry to teach everyone.

yeah.. Harry as DADA teacher... dat'll do.

from the interview, I think Rowling herself is not 100% sure if to kill of Harry or not.
Ya know how she responds when ppl ask her if there'll be more Harry Potter after book 7, n she was like well then, u're gonna have to wait to see if there's still harry for the 8th harry potter or sumthin like dat.

since I heard dat, I know dat she's considering of killing Harry in the end, but only after Voldemort dies.
course the wedding could very well b hermione n ron, n it would be James n Lilly all over again, pure blood n muggleborn marriage..
Dat also wut makes me think dat Harry may not be wid either Luna or ginny (or whoever) coz he'd b dead.

but rowling is the creator... if she doesnt want it, harry wont die, n there will b 8th book.. we're gonna have to wait till then, rite?! stick out tongue

Yeah you have alot of good points VampVicious. Ron and Hermy would be alot like Lily and James........but then Hermy is not on the quidditch team AND Hermy is alot like Lily though....always getting mad at the boys for not listening to her...hee hee

I hope Harry won't die. These talks about death not only of Harry make me sad sad

don't worry if j.k makes harry die there will be millions of little kids crying all over the world... not to mention the adults...

i think it'd be cool

i dont think harry will die i think dumbledore will die trying to protect him and harry kills voldermort in revenge

I think that in the 7th book that Harry will finaly kill Lord Voldemort. Hopefully! I don't think that Harry will die though, because in some interveiw J.K. Rowling said that the last chapter of the 7th book with kind of be an epolouge and she will say what each character does after Hogwarts. Harry will probably become an auror. Ron will probably be a pro quidditch player and Hermione will probably work for the Ministry or be a teacher. Just my thoughts though! smile thumb up thumb up two thumbs way up to J.K!!!

I'm not worry. If she will do it I belive there will be confused

harry will not die she makes to much money with him to kill him

i think it'd be cool for harry to die

i think that if harry were to kill voldermort, that he would be killing himself....b/c....they share so much of each other...wouldn't one dying kill the other?? just an i dont think that harry will die.

yeah..see that's what i was veering too...that HARRY might die...OR that maybe when lord v dies...that Harry's scar will burn off and dissappear. it will burn b/c of the dying pain that voldemort is goign through and then it will disappear after he is dead.

wink According your version Harry won't die, will he?


I think that charmaine is right.
but i think that ron will die in the 6th or 7th book cuz Harry is ment to be alone.

i think ron will get jealous of harry and turn to the "DARK" side and trie to kill harry but harry will whoop his ass stick out tongue

Horst wessel
what if, harry killed voldemort, but voldemort had left a successor that was even more evil then him?
yes evil! EVIL!
I like evil

who knows???????????

Yeah, who knows? Everyone will kill each other and this will be the END!!!

I doubt there's anyone evil'er than Lord V............EXCEPT FOR MALFOY!!

I don't think that Harry will die. He's the main character he can't die!

I heard that at the end of the seventh book the last word was "scar" any Idea what that could mean?

i've heard that from alot of people too........ I THINK...that when he kills voldemort he will find that his scar has burned off and disappeared... b/c with the downfall of Lord V then his scar will no longer exist...B/C its a curse............. and after the person who gave him the curse is dead...then the curse should be broken...right???

harry should die

Maybe that's a good idea. but what if Volde kills him? Oh well I still think that harry will probably kill Voldemort and everything will be happy. smile

well i think there's a possiblilty that if harry kills voldemort that he may die too...b/c they are linked to each other and he already feels lord v's moods and stuff....

Hold on there, Chica. Last time I checked, you were hanging around with Lord of the Rings discusions... And unless your a fan of both (like me), I think your just trying to cause havoc around in the Harry Potter area... Now, how would you like it if someone came into the Lord of the Rings section saying that Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Merry, Pippin, Sam, Frodo, Bilbo, Elrond, Galadriel, Arwen, Faramir, Eowyn, and Eomer should all die and that Sauron would take the Ring and rule the world?

Anyway, Harry shouldn't die, and that's that.

harry will wake up and it will end up being a dream even though i doubt it but that wood suck he wood have to be in a comma

mormegail...WHO WERE YOU TALKING TO? I haven't been at the lord of the rings area.....maybe you were talkin to someone else?

NEVERMIND..YOU MEANT CHICA16..OR WHATEVER.... yeah she is trying to get us fired up over here...

does harry die?.......HOPEFULLY!!!!

I dont think that harrylovewill dieno....i think he kills voldemortevil faceand since his scar is a marking or what not that it disappears since voldemortevil face is no longer around!

Yeah I agree eek! laughing out loud eek! laughing out loud eek! laughing out loud eek! laughing out loud

harry potters gay. i hope hell die becaus he such a loser. hes a stupid british idiot. i hope that blonde haired kid kills him. i heard the books were good but the movie just donwright sucks. People pay 2 much money 2 c dumb harry save grifferndor or whatever. harry and ron r gay 2 gether but i like that girl. now u need 2 c lord of the rings. im oppsessed with it.

I think that it's most probable that Harry will die in the Seventh Book, while defeating Voldemort.
The prophecy in Book 5 can be taken a number of ways, and noe of these seems to point to some kind of great battle between the two, with Harry dying in order to defeat Voldemort. Harry has hidden talents and powers, and he would more than likely use these to fight Voldemort. It would be a battle of equals, not like in their previous conflicts.
Killing off such a popular hero would be a brave move, and I applaud J.K. Rowling, if this is the path she takes.

DB xxx

That's what I thought, but i dunno...maybe we are completely wrong all together!

u guys read 2 much harry potter books. read the lotr books.

WOW I have heard from a VERY reliable source that in the last book Harry will die

oh wow! Maybe he will..

Fallin Angel
Its a childrens book , i doubt they will allow the main character to die

HARRY WILL DIE... i got this from an inside source
draco and harry will also be lovers

duh!!!! harry of course wouldn't die. why? Well because then that would b the end of a series. Plus, i heard they were going to have a tv series of harry poter

Chica, why do you want HP to die? I've heard that Dumbledore dies somewhere along the that true? confused

Fallin Angel
ok , i really don't think harry will die and , as for harry and draco as lovers (even though i would like that cause i'm a big fan of there slash fanfiction) i get the feeling it won't happen, plus we still got to go through the 6th book so something might happen there. And as for the ending i think that harry might pass out but he thinks he's dead but then he wakes up in the hospital wing and everyone is there and his scar is gone , but hey thats just my opinion of what might happen big grin love

resurecty again... do we think harry will die by the end of the seventh book?

hmmm fingers crossed ....laughing out loud



~Air Angel~
No way...Harry has got to live...........however I do wonder about the connection between him and voldemort...................

mne too i havent a clue wot it cud and havent a cl;ue where to start

JK said that Harry will live to see Book 7, but after that, your guess is as good as mine.

I have Know idea if he dies. I don't think it would be a great idea. I would cry if Harry Potter dies "I know I am a loser" but I think Dan Radcliffe is HOT!

i think he will die. on account that on the internet i read this:
What are your plans after you have finished the Harry Potter series? Are you considering writing a sequel series with Harry's own children or other characters we have met? Harry's own children? Are you sure he's going to survive to have children?!You've hinted a little that you might kill Harry!I think I'll leave you in suspense. Sorry!

Some guy was asking the Qs and JKR was saying the As

I stand by what I said..

Everyone dies eventually, what's the point..blink

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