Neo is the bad guy!

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How else would he know that what the sentinels were throwing was a proximity mine? Download the Revolutions teaser(13MB) from

There they talk about a darkness and that HE must be stopped, refering to Neo, or there will be no tomorrow!!!

And there is a show-down with Smith the virus, it ends here!

Im not sure about the rest, but i dont feel it will completely end with revolutions.........I believe they will some unanswered questions to tempt people to buy The Matrix Online and find them out....Anybody else agree with this otherwise if the matrix online wasnt gonna have something new incorporated into it, why would anyone even bother to buy it

I absolutely agree Gynoninja...It would be very stupid for the to tell the "entire" story through just the movies...

Of course it would be nice if the would just tell the story throught the film, but I do have feeling that there will be a lot left out. I do not have PS2, but the "Enter the Matrix" game provided a lot ofinformation about and behing Ghost and Niobe. So, I would agree with you on it will not end with Revolutions. However, Neo as the Bad guy?? Hmmm, well his actions at the end of the Reloaded left me wondering.. But if you are going to state that he is the bad guy, then why did he assist in freeing all those minds?? Why did he risk going back for Trinity??

Neo isn't the bad guy, he's the hero... it would get too weird if he was a bad guy... The "HE" the oracle was talking about was smith, the darkness spreading...thats smith's little copy thing... how he knew it was a bomb...who knows...that's irrelevent. I think though...they will tell the end in revolutions...they have to technically because you see, not everyone has a gaming consol or computer...they know this...that why they made the movies in the first's a hell of a whole lot easier to drive to a theater and watch the 2 hour movie for about 5 bucks, then to go and buy a gaming consol/computer of which you need to play the games....that's just my opinion, i beleive it will end.

have you not noticed that when the smiths walked into the apartment building the darkness spread stick out tongue duh neo isnt the bad guy hes the saviour

The Omega
Bad guy?!?!?!?
Yeah, right!

if he was that would totally defeat the purpose of the movies big grin

Um...... Neo's not the bad guy.
Damn newbs....

nicely put laughing out loud

"06-22-2003 11:58 AM"

this was before revos, so he may have thought it wouild be a plot twist


Oh, lol. Thread resurrection I see...

The Unknown
Technically, Neo is the bad guy, because he's human. After watching the Animatrix, I feel that mankind is really the villain.

man made machine which rebelled against man, machine made smith which attacked everyone, smith is the real bad guy

Coz it's written from a machine view.

The Unknown
How is it from a machine view?... and anyways, even though Smith is the bad guy, when you look at it as Man vs. Machine, Man is the villain. Man abused machines. When machines wanted peace, man tricked them and destroyed them.

One- of many- reasons I loathed Second Renaissance. It has gotten people thinking like that, which is ridiculous.

Sorry, the Machines are the bad guys, and that is all there is to it. You are living in a moral void if you believe this background excuses the machines.

Each has done bad things, and neither is innocent of blame...

I dunno, I think we kinda started it

we started it, yes, but they went REALLY far, i mean, making us suffer to the point they did, and THEN putting us into the matrix...i mean, if they had shown compassion and civility to us, rather than killing us in massive numbers, it mighta been different

hmmmm... that is a good point. But I don't know. How far would I go for my own survival? Especially if I knew the other side wasn't willing to give up. Would I try to beat them into submission? I don't know. Would I hurt them beyond what they could imagine, hoping they'd get the idea and at least quit fighting, thinking they have to give up or die? And look at how much we put into trying to destroy them. Ahhh man, I think we found another neat topic of debate. *I love this movie* But, I'm sure it's been discussed a lot already. Maybe we could bring it up again now that the entire trilogy is out, and reexamine it?

i can understand them putting us into the matrix, but the extent they goto...its just...too far, sometimes, like, did they have to kill so many like they did?

Maybe not... maybe not. I'd really like to bring this up in a thread and see what other people have to think *ponders the idea*

I think that to them, we seemed like we'd never stop fighting, and like we couldn't be reasoned with. And to a machine (maybe) that would invoke one response. Stop reasoning, start beating. And to a machine, it would seem completely reasonable to be "merciless" at this point. Then, when it's all over, since they know there "can't" be peace, they put us into this computer dream world to keep us controlled. They even tried to make it a perfect world for us the first time. yadda yadda yadda... we all know the rest smile

perhaps, but...beat us, then put us into a heaven? what kinda craziness is that?

We started it. Definetly. Mankind created something with full awareness and with capabilities of most humans, and then putting them into slavery. It was only a matter of time before they stopped tolerating it, and they rose up against mankind. It like if we were created by some other race, and we had the same self-awareness that we have, how would you like being put to slavery, your entire race, your entire lives. But we would have it lucky, we would eventually die. Machines don't. Sure they can be crushed, rain rusts 'em, and they all get eventually retired for need of an update, but basically it like living forever as a slave.

and put us into heaven, that's not true. They put us into an imperfect world to keep us under control, with the same bad stuff tht happens in real life, like death, pain, misery, reveng eof the Nerds movies, and all of that stuff.

We created them so don't we have the right to do with them as we please? And if they disobey do we not have the right to punish them?
It was probably our fault but not because what we did to them was wrong but because we were arrogant and underestimated our own creations.

Matt> the first matrix was created to be a heaven.

hegemon> we created sentient being, creations that can think and act. it is different from creating toy robots...

i dont know why i am looking at this thread i still havent seen revolutions yet lol

Darth Revan
Look, if Neo was the bad guy, the entire purpose of the movies would be.. well.. NOTHING! In case all you people somehow haven't noticed, the point of any movie, or any story for that matter, is a protaganist or main character (or more than one) who faces a challenge (or multiple challenges) of some kind. It could come in any form. In the case of the Matrix, the protaganists are Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus. The challenge they face is the machines. Simply put, Neo is the good guy and Smith is the bad guy. Furthermore, evil is only what you define it as. If your definition of evil is a guy who somehow manages to defy everything that the architect told him and save humanity and then find Trinity, rip the damn bullet out of her chest and then when she dies, reach in her chest cavity again and start her heart beating again so that shes miraculously not dead anymore, then maybe Neo *is* the bad guy to you. But for the rest of us... Well lets just say that sounds pretty damn moral!

Darth Revan
Exactly.. why do I suddenly get the feeling that they are smarter than us? evil face

Neo wasnt a bad guy, but i really believe Smith wasnt as bad as he was made out to be. Shit he seemed like he would be a pretty decent guy, ounce you get to know him smilelol

I mean think of it this way, who would you rather have if you were throwing a party? I mean Neo is of course has the whole hero personality thing going on, but unless your in danger thats a pretty damn dull personality. Smith can doeverything Neo can do. So that covers the party ttricks. He canalso be really sarcastic to, which makes for great humor. He's also got some philosophy to speak for when your really drunk and in the debating mood. Smith is a damn decent guy. He's just blinded by delusions of grandure

The second renaissance- May we forgive man and machine for their actions-or whatever it was.
Both have sinned, both are to blame.But that was generations ago. Over 100 ears ago.
Since, machine has been the almighty powerful,(adaptation), so the machines are reaping revenge on the humans.
We should have never f#%ked with B166ER....
Neo is not the bad guy, the Machines are no longer the bad guy, its solely Smith who can screw everything up for all parties concerned, hence the truce.....

Rages- would you really support a tyrant hell bent on world domination just because he has a sense of humour.
Is that why G.W.B is our president?....

Darth Revan
Uh... Remorse... Smith is not actually a "guy"...

I agree about Neo--unless you're falling off an office building or need help destroying a hotel lobby, he's pretty dull.

actually, it was over 700 years ago...

The Unknown
Man created the machines. After abusing them, machines fought back. They then created their own civilization and wanted peace. Man couldn't have that. They tricked the machines and started the war. They tried to stop the machines by blocking the sun. Machines discovered that man's energies could be harnessed, so man was put into a "paradise". That didn't work, so the machines were forced to create an exact copy of the world today. If you compare, man seems like the villain. (Darth Revan, protagonists can be villains, they don't have to be good guys...)

W. Lee Chojin
Hi people...
I don't think that who started the war is important in the point where the history of Matrix starts, the important is who will finish the war.

Moreover, and now I'm not arguing who is "good" and who is "evil", man or machine, a time that the machines had won the war, is logical that they dictate the rules and us (mankind), defy them...

Just some words ...

Neo is baaaaaaaaaad!! stick out tongue

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