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I found this in another forum... see what you thinkThis goes deep, so follow me if you will:

The original Matrix starts with Trinity and Cypher talking, the screen shows "Trace Program" and the date "2-18-98".

The movie ends with Neo making a phone call, the trace program is initiated and the date reads "9-18-99"... 19 months have passed!

If you watch the movie again, you'll see that the time sequence implies that they found Neo shortly after that initial conversation (a few months after 2-18-98 at most).

Significant? Yes; I propose that Reloaded and Revolutions (which we know occur one after another), take place between 2-18-98 and 9-18-99. Here's why:

Only a few months could have passed from the time Morpheus and the crew 'free' Neo to the time Neo is killed and revived in the hallway. Why? for one, Neo's hair barely grows in that time and that's not a trivial observation (it's also obvious that Neo grew out his hair in Reloaded which occurs roughly 6 months after he's unplugged).

We also know the W brothers don't put insignificant things into their movies - the fact that they obviously signal to us that 19 months have passed from the start of the Matrix to the time Neo makes that phone call is there for a reason.

In Reloaded, Neo says that "I wish I knew what I was supposed to do". The phone call scene in the Matrix, Neo is very sure of what he is supposed to do, "I'm going to hang up this phone and show these people what you don't want them to see... a world without you, without controls and boundries". Why would he have forgotten what to do between M1 and M2? he didn't, that last scene in M1 occurs after Revolutions!

Finally, at the end of M1, Neo states that "I can feel you now, you are scared". At the end of Reloaded he says, "Something is different, I can FEEL them now".

One more thing. A game directed by the W brothers called Matrix online is due in '04 and the timeframe takes place after Revolutions... and the matrix is alive and well in the game.

My guess is that there is no MWAM, they don't destroy the Matrix because they can't unplug everyone at once and we'll see Neo make that very same phone call at the end of Revolutions!

I hope this wasn't too confusing to follow.

Mr. Anderson
u are a genius
tell me something else of this sort

great, hope you're right.

I just thought it was cool that he could fly at the end of it wink

We should also keep in mind that Morpheus is saying during M2 that they freed more people in the last 6 month than in the last 6 years. So we have to add another 6month may still fit...


Very astute observations!

I think you're definitely onto something. So the ending scene in M1 is a "sneak peak" or foreshadowing to the end of Revolutions....interesting.

I heard they only had neo flying for the ending of the first one because they wanted to do them entering zion but it was too complicated or expensive or something.

hey chica16, remember by the way that, at the beginning of this project it should have been 1 matrix film and only 1. The project was thought as a trilogy but M1 should be done as a unique film.
The producers decided to make M2 and M3 one year after M1
So, the W Bros needed to give an end to M1 as if the film was the unique episode. So the end of M1 should let us think that Neo was going to save the world and that's all.
So perhaps you're right. But if you consider what I said, you could think, as I do, that the point you underlined was just an opened door for the W Bros who wanted to be as free as they could if they had to film the 2 sequels.
Anyway, I love this kind of high-details-discussion ...
It helps me to wait November
See ya

No the film was always meant to be at least 2 movies but couldnt due to the sheer size of it. So they created the first one and immediatly started working on the next 2 films, game and animatrix. At the same time.

If you don't believe me, watch the Animatrix bonus features smile

but wait i think very abruptly after he makes that phone call, it reads "SYSTEM FAILURE". so perhaps he does destroy the matrix for good!

The system failure readout was referring to Neo's block on the Agents' trace program. Neo, also states that he does not know how everything is going to end, but that he was showing them the beginning. It would be odd, though, if the ever-detailed touch of the W Bros. just put that date in without any major significance. It could just be, though, that 19 months is the course of time over which M1 transpired.

Also, from what I understand based on the Revolutions preview and an interview with Hugo Weaving, by the end of Revolutions, Smith is to have populated the entire Matrix with himself. At the end of M1, there are normal people walking around.

true true

Cool theory. it makes sence, most of the stuff here doesn't so this is a nice change!stick out tongue
And not a bad ending!

Evil Dead could also be that Smith infects everybody in the Matrix........Neo fights/beats Smith in the rain fight scene from the preview........ridding the Matrix of Smith.........everybody changes back to normal, then Neo makes the phone call at the end of M1.

This is a possibility and honestly, I think that the idea of Smith leaving and the people going back to normal HAS to be possible. See, the evidence that we have so far suggests that once Smith does his copying thing, the person dies. Neo said it felt like dying, and I think based on that, most people agree that Bane, the person, is a dead man walking. That would mean that theoretically, every human being still connected to the Matrix, if Smith has them, is dead. Therefore, Neo's saving of the human race is far less glorious. Now he just has to protect the 245,000 or so in Zion, the other 6 billion are dead. However, Bane was disconnected from the Matrix, the other 6 billion are not. That may make a significant difference.

I can't believe how many people have been confused by the ending of Reloaded. Several of my friends believed that Zion had been destroyed based on the conversation between the ship captains at the end about "someone" (Bane/Smith) setting off an EMP that allowed the Sentinals to destroy 5 ships with great ease. My friends believed what one of the captains described as "it wasn't a fight, it was a slaughter" or something like that--they thought that was in reference to the squiddies destroying Zion as a whole, not those 5 ships. One of my friends believes there have been 6 matrixes since there have been 6 Ones. Its amazing all the confusion about what actually happened in this film.

well, it's a confusing film. gone are the days when we could enjoy watching bullet-filled punch-packing action movies without having to brush up on volatire and kierkgard beforehand.

you can watch those movies. the matrix just isn't that tipe of movie.

But dont u remember when he gets unplugged, Morpheus tells Neo, "U believe the year is 1999, when its actually closer to 2199". This means it was 1999 when Neo was unplugged.

What do you mean Alias?

Evil Dead
"just put that date in without any major significance. It could just be, though, that 19 months is the course of time over which M1 transpired"


You guys are forgetting a piece of the puzzle. In the phone call at the end of the first movie he says, "I can feel you now"............yet at the end of Reloaded he says, "something's different, I can feel them".........meaning that Reloaded took place before the phone call at the end of the first movie.

not choosing sides........just pointing that out. The ending to Revolutions could be any one of a number of scenerios.

but i think the most significant argument supporting this theory is that the w. bros DON'T put stuff like that (a 19 month span in the date) by accident.


Evil Dead
Just so you know.........Enter the Matrix follows the exact same timeline.........although released in 2003, the hacking computer in the game has the date of '99..................

The Matrix
Reloaded/Enter the Matrix
Phone call at end of Matrix

then ofcourse we will have spin off movies...........movies about the Matrix but not starring the current characters...........

one thing that kind of supports this theory is the fact that Neo says "where we go from here, is a choice i leave to you". reloaded was, for a big part, about just that: choice. thus, it makes sense that reloaded took place *before* that phonecall.

The Omega

And Carl Young, and Taoism, and Neitzche, and...

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