Asian Horror or Western Horror??

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Which one you guys find more scary smile

I find Asian horror (e.gthe original japanese version of the ring) is more scary than western movie (e.g friday the 13th, nite on the elm street)

uhmm maybe culture background embarrasment

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first of all I like asian horror(western horror isnt scary, its just gory) and second of all, this thread is probably going 2 be moved

western horror has some extremely great movies. many of which are not very well known. the shining, texas chainsaw massacre, and henry-portrait of a serial killer are all among the most haunting horror films ive ever seen. i havent seen much asian horror, ive still never seen the japanese version of the ring. but i have seen lots of euro horror, especially from italy. the likes of dario argento and lucio fulci, 2 very good directors. but from what ive seen, i think american horror movies are the best. the foreign ones are usually to artsy for arts sake, and try way to hard to be psychological, and end up just being kinda confusing and distracting. this is especially aparant in dario argentos movies. great visuals, but none are really scary, just very interesting to watch. anyways.... if you're looking for some great american horror films, there are many outside of the mainstreem, and ill happily name some if you are interested.

I think it depends what you expect to get from watching a movie...

Western Horror much better and most are classic and horror not supposed to be scary in a way that the differance between horror and thriller film a horror is supposed to shock you and thriller sets up to scare you there usually ghost movies smoetimes.But besides the original ring from Japan what other Asian horror films are there and BF said it right that they try to be to artsy,and sometimes I love to watch people with guns killing mindless zombies rock most of the times.

I would say you might have an arguement with modern day western horror, it relies too much on gore and not suspense or true scares! But traditional western horror cannot be beat!

ohh uhmm sorry still newbie please moved it if I put on the wrong forum smile

huhuhu can anyone recommend me some good western horror movie and I prefer the story is the one make me scared rather than the visual effects smile

ill give you some

Dawn of the dead
Day of the dead
night of the living dead
the shining
henry-portrait of a serial killer

No need to apologise Angel, its no biggy.


asians cant make movies, they have great storylines, great scripts but they just cant put them together , asian horror is deffaintly more haunting than western horror stories but they usually only lie in the story books and not on film come on its kind of a no contest with americas classics such as night of the living dead, exorcist, shining, chainsaw massacre, well better stop cuz to show respect id have to list all the greats and there are alot more than people think all time best though re-animator LOL LOL

re-animator is classic.

yeah it is when he goes downstairs and the cat is latched onto his back, thats some of the corniest shit LOL but great none the less

I'd say western movies tend to be more gorry. While asian movies tend to play more with your mind.

Originally posted by Dejio
I'd say western movies tend to be more gorry. While asian movies tend to play more with your mind.
Best way to sum it up.

There is a lot of cool stuff to be found abroad but I do belive its effect is egzagerated simply by the fact that it is foreign.

I appreciate both of them...

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Idem. Both have good and bad examples. Asian horror seemed more fresh, although that has changed a bit. Still, I tend to enjoy them slightly more at the moment.

Originally posted by Dejio
I'd say western movies tend to be more gorry. While asian movies tend to play more with your mind.

ya think? Asian movies dont have the censors breathing down their necks like western movies do, they get away with heaps more bloodshed than "we" do.

I find that Asian horror seems to be a little more inventive with its lights and camera work than western but westen is more happy to go with completly absurd ideas (which work from time to time).

omg, anyone who says that american movies are more gory is just ignorant to asian horror. I only need to say 3 words to prove my point, ICHI THE KILLER

That's not a horror movie rolling on floor laughing

A ton of Asian horror is lost in thr translation. Their beliefs on what happens when you die or die in distress would carry more weight here in the west if we shared their beliefs, I'm sure.

While I give respect for to the Ringu movies, I think they still have a long way to go to play with the minds the way Hitchcock could.

Evil Dead
I love me some Asian movies. Battle Royale is one of my favorite films ever.........but when it comes to horror, Asian horror is extremely over rated. Somebody mentioned Ringu. It sucked just as bad in Japanese as The Ring sucked in English. Just because it's foreign does not make it better.....I've seen tons of crappy asian horror flicks. I'm still waiting to see the one that shows me how Asian horror is so great.

I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about. Honestly. At the moment, Asian horror movies are wiping their collective asses with western horror movies. Why do you think so many of the movies that are coming out over here are simply remakes of whats already out over there? Pulse, Grudge 2, hell, even a thriller like The Departed are all remakes of Asian movies. And when western directors try to do something "original", we get Americanized J-Horror with crap like Stay Alive, which visually looked like it was The Ring's retarded stepsister. Sure, the stuff from the 60s to the mid 90s was great, and during that period western horror couldn't be f'ed with. But now, when all everyone is doing is remaking, reimaging, and rehashing the same shite I saw from the 60s through 90s, I gotta give respect where its due and say that Asian horror, not just Japanese or Chinese, but Thai and Korean as well, are grabbing us by the balls and not letting go.

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