Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of THe Black Pearl

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Thomas H
reviwes from critics are coming in and they are GOOD...cant hardly wait now.. read this ...

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Argh me hearties. It was a time when strapping young lads and buxom lassies would have a go at it on every street corner for some lunch money, a time when sanitation conditions were of a standard even Keanu Reeves would gawk at, and various people were in desperate need of a Brazillian and I ain't talking a South American native. But enough about my suburb, today we get a peek at some new shots from the swashbuckling epic Disney releases next fortnight. Reviews are coming in with a positive slant and heaps of praise for Depp which is a damn good sign, and just click above to see more of Johnny, Orlando, Keira & Geoffrey in action..

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well...post a review if you have gotten a sneak peak, before the others... Happy Dance

yeah it sounds pretty good.

Thomas H

it looks OK I guess i will see it

Thomas H

happy kine
here is a second hand review... a friend that works at a movie house watched it and said it was good.... she it was a strange flick, but she said she would watch it again if i wanted to see it. well thats about all i have...

Just got back, it was a blast smile

It really did a great job, and Depp was awesome as Jack Sparrow. I'll be owning this on DVD for sure!

johnny depp was hilarious haha! i loved this movie.... plus i'd give my right arm to do orlando bloom

haha me too smile

I think Johnny Depp is SEXY just like Orlando Bloom

hehe!!!!! orlando bloom's really really hot but johnny depp is who really made this movie so good... it wouldn't have been the same w/o him

Johnny Depp was so funny smile



he looks so good in that picturesmile

Thomas H
my God, this is a review thread...not a druling thread!

Johnny Depp makes the movie probably one of the best Disney movies
ever made. It was way to long though, but it kept the excitement.

Loved the movie overall. I thought the battles were a bit long, but then, I am not one for fight scenes in general. The casting of Johnny Depp was perfect! I am not a fan of his, but am IN LOVE with Jack Sparrow!
My only complaints other than the battles was, where the heck did 18th century pirates (and undead ones at that) get big 20th Century apples? Those looked like Granny Smiths. Also, what year was this supposed to have taken place? Port Royal was destroyed and flooded by an earthquake in 1692! Ah well, if I can let myself believe that any pirate could look as good as Capt. Sparrow after all those years in the sun and wind, I'll accept a little fudging on dates!
Anny, a descendant, not of a pirate, but of a sea captain murdered by pirates!

I thought the movie was good all around fun. Any movie that makes me want to see it again is worth it.

Review Score: 8.5/10

I LOVED it too. Jonny was frickin' hilarious in it. His weird looks and movments rolling on floor laughing and then there's Orlando love . Everyone should go see this movie.

Thomas H
seems like a lot of people has...after 7 days it has grossed an amazing 75 million!!

there is an extra scene after the credits

Thomas H
well this movie is going to be one of the biggest box office sucsesses this year, with only a few movies in front of it...Finding Nemo, Matrix and Return Of the King!


I saw Pirates of the Caribbean...it was amazing! Bruckheimer really did it this time that cast was incredible! Especially Johnny Depp eek!! I saw it twice and i think i'll see it every weekend it's still in theatres then i'll buy it lol i'm so weird embarrasment but it was SOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO COOL!


I seen it yesterday and I fell in love with it. My dad was laughing. Johny and Orlando were hot as hell. Oh god just to watch it was awsome!

you should stay till after the credits, there is an extra scenesmile

Omg i didt stay 4 it! oh well im seeing it again on wednesday! that is sooo awesome! Orlando looked great in this movie Johnny could lose the eye liner!

i love this movie! hehe! what was the extra scene of?

Damn! 3 times seeing it and didn't no about the extra scene mad ah well i geuss i'll have to see it...again...SCORE! can't get enough of Orlando but johnny depp...is AMAZING! he's been in 30 movies starting with A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984...he was 19!! and SO SO HOT! eek!

I just seen it today and i wasnt disappointed a bit! this movie was totally awesome,I'm definatly going to see it again!

For the love of Orlando and JOhnny!!!!!!!!!! What was the extra scene about!?

Tired Hiker
Here's what the extra scene was all about The main bad guy pirate's monkey steals a coin from the chest and then jumps at the camera with an evil look and a screech or a howl of some sort.

No! No! No! Johnny Depp will not loose the eyeliner
A) it's coal that he rubbed under his eye B) it makes
his character...he rocks! Happy Dance

ya its a really short scene

i can't wait to see it

I've officially seen it 5 times and am constantly saying "welcome to the Caribbean Love" big grin I love Johnny Depp! WHOO HOO!

5 times! wow i've only seen it twice

Yo have got to see it again it's so good more than once...or twice i'm aiming for ten....in theatres lol laughing out loud

i LOVED THIS MOVIE!! ONE OF MY NEW FAVORITES.... Jack Sparrow's character was great....he reminded me of Capt. Morgan...hee hee...b/c he was always stumbling etc...I loved his clumsy...yet genius way of acting.... and the story was great. I loved it all....its definitely up there with all my top favorite movies now! smile

i luved this movie! johnny depp did an amazing job and both him and orlando looked SO hott. i'm definalty gonna go see it again, and again, and again


i've seen it 4 times and i finally watched that extra scene... the theatre people thought i was crazy i was the only person in there and the credits went on forever!!!!!!

i kno! i was there with my 5 friends and we were the only people left in the theater by the clip came! the credits where like, 10 minutes! it's pretty hard to wait for when u have to go to the bathroom embarrasment but it's worth it ... it proves that there'll b a sequel! yes

once again johnny depp proved that he is best actor ever eek! pirates of the caribbean was a great movie, top movies on this year absolutely. arrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... Happy Dance

i loved it i loved it i loved it ummmm did i mention i loved it????? i thought both actors were so sexy and i really think that elizabeth is pretty happy both orlando bloom and johnny depp are kick a$$ actorshappylove

BOPRecruit 16
i just saw pirates last week's wednesday, that and tomb raider 2. i enjoyed watching the movie and swooning over johnny d and orli. i'd give it 2 thumbs up!

captain's fancy
I cannot wait until the sequel. I have never anticipated a movie as much as I did the arival of POTC and never have I obsessed or seen a movie as much in a theatre. Pure Brilliance. Hans Zimmer rocked once again. Depp provided true character and never better. Bruckheimer is the man. No complaints, except... Kiera.

I agree with everything you said, captain's fancy ... I never anticipated a movie like POTC ... It was brilliant

I loved it. The guy that played the pirate was extremely well cast. This is a fairly juvenile movie that did everything right. It could easily have been just another 2 star movie (because the plot was pretty superficial, and the movie was pretty well action-based as opposed to a powerful story line). But the actor portraying the pirate did an oscar nominee quality job. Even the slur of his speech.

The special effects related to the ghosts in the story was amazing. I'm trying not to give too much away.

Very good followable plot line, great editing job, great story.

I predict this will be a part of most collector's video libraries in years to come.

sad Unfortunatley my geographical postion has not recieved PotC but reviews and positive feedback has made it a film id would like to c when it does come out.

yeah definetely see it.... it's very good

Connor McLeod
Pirates of the Caribbean beat the crap outta gigli http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/chair.gif

the best movie this summer

I went and saw this yesterday. I thought it was really really good. Bruckheimer did a great job.
I thought the chracter of Jack Sparrow was just HILARIOUS. Honest to God Jack Sparrow is one of my favourite movie characters.
Orlando of course looked hot as ever but his character was a bit laughable. I tended to laugh when he opened his mouth to say something, (I had to try and stop doing this after i got glares from the other members of the audience, the majority of who were girls from my school). But really, his character just made me laugh. And the hat he was wearing at the end certainly didn't help.

i loved this movie.

Hello, I am new to this forum. The recent movie,"Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl," was very well thought out. Buckheimrer did an excellent job in choosing Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp delivered such a fantastic performance. His odd body language, facial expressions, and the way he speaks in the movie is very humorous and entertaining throughout the film. Depp gives his character a uniqueness to his character that is so different compared to other portrayls of pirates. I wish I worked on this film because it is so different compared to past pirate films. Also, having I think having Captain Jack Sparrow being portrayed as being a good, trusting pirate, even though he has his rough edges, is quite exciting and intriguing, which furthermore gives the movie a uniqueness. Writing stories, scripts and other pieces of writing is one of my passions in life, so when I saw and read the plot of the story line I was captured by it and inspired to write even more. I want to now express many ideas that I have and share them with others. I would love to work on the script to the sequel of this movie. I came up so many wonderous ideas and a story line that are intriguing to others that I have shown to, which makes them want more. Throughout this movie I kept pondering this question, "Is Captain Jack Sparrow some how related to young Will Turner?" I kept having this impression that he is. So if anyone has any ideas and answers to this question, then please let me know. No matter what your ideas and answers are, they are all much appreciated. Thank you.


A few last thoughts, I thought Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly and Geoffrey Rush were so... amazing with their performances too. Also, the score of the movie kept me wanting more and more. I for sure will buy the movie and the music to it.

BOPRecruit 16
any news on the sequel to potc? i saw an article in the news paper about it and johnny depp. those people didn't look kindly about.

Someone said something about an extra scene proves there'll be a sequel!!!!yay I can't.. but does anyone know when around it will be ready?

POTC was a great movie and the charecters made it so great especially Johnny Depp.. without him you just can't bring out the charecter of Captain Jack Sparrow.. I've seen the movie four times and I haven't seen the extra scene yet!!! no But I guess that means I'm seeing it again shifty

I've seen this movie 2 times, and I'm going to see it again this Friday. I think the extra scene that you are referring to is at the very end of the film, like after the credits and stuff because there is a scene at the end. I'm not going to give anymore details because I don't want to spoil it if no one has seen it. So I dunno, can that be the extra scene? Also, I heard that they are making a sequel for sure and that Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom has signed on for it. Also, Bruckheimer has says in an article that he has 2 more stories to tell about Captain Jack Sparrow. So yay I can't wait!!! I believe it is suppose to be out next year sometime. I'll check up on it and hopefully share more details. Oh by the way my favorite is Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and then there is Will Turner (OrlandoBloom).

Happy Dance pirate Happy Dance

hey guys, i hate each and every one of you for seing POTC that early. i have to wait till 4th september!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Germany sucks!!!

yeah...i saw it. I saw it at the cinema considering i'm in toronto right now...but back in romania...it's the pirate version for me till it hits the screens...evil face

johnnys#1 fan
I loved Pirates of the Caribbean I would have to say it is the best movie of the summer Johnny Depp did an amazing job as Captain Jack Sparrow orlando Bloom was really good but johnny depp stole the show!!!!! awsome job johnny I can't wait to see the 2nd one!


I LOVED this movie! First off I must say that Johnny Depp looked HOT!! And did the most amazing job as a pirate! They couldn't have got anyone better!

I thought it went along very well with the Disney story, and although the special effects were terrific, they DID NOT OVER POWER the movie. It was very entertaining, and the casting was great too! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it over and over again!

Hope you liked it as much as I did!

Cherish big grin


Finlands premiere was on friday, and I was there. I just love this movie. Johnny Depp is great as Jack Sparrow! And I actually went to see it because of Orlando and Johnnys eyeliners... *grin*
Johnny wasn't playing Sparrow. He was Jack Sparrow. If somebody else would have played Sparrow, the whole movie would have been horrible... I just love Sparrow... *drool* love
The love story between Will and Elizabeth wasn't good. If I were Elizabeth, I would have taken out everything I possibly could from the time at the island with Sparrow! "Up against the tree!" I say...
Well, at least they should have ran away with Jack those two, and start living pirate. But no... I suppose it's acceptable, because this is still a Disney movie... If it wouldn't have been a Disney, it probably wouldn't have ended like that...

But still, I love this... It's the best movie ever, and I'm going to see it again.


This is the best movie ever! Orlando Bloom is So hot in it and Johnny Depp is brilliant! I've seen it 4 times and I'm gonna see it again! It's soo good! I take the opertune moments to see it again...Everything about it was wonderful, from the story line, to the location, the score, the actors, everything! Jerry Bruckheimer made a fantastic movie here that they'll be talking about forever!

By the way, there is a sequel. They are all signed upbig grin.

johnnys#1 fan
the movie was great everyone should see it its a movie for all ages I think Orlando could have done a better job there is nothin bad to say about johnny depp he was amazing in pirates of the caribbean smile it was a really good movie Happy Dance

i have watched it too many times.... wait... no I havent! theres no such thing as too much of sexy pirates!

BOPRecruit 16
can't wait to see the movie again and get it on dvd! fave quote:

"weddings? i love weddings! drinks all around!" --Jack *lol*

come on phoe! again smile

yep again

DAMN johnny depp's gorgeous... especially with those lil plaits in his beard... *daydreams for several hours*
oh, and the rest of the movie was good too stick out tongue really funny... mostly it was johnny depp that made it funny *daydreams some more*

yes johnny did make the movie
it would not have been near as good without him

I agree though I was also caught up with OB love
I think OB still has a long way to go before he can pull off what JD was able to do in this movie...

here we go again smile

lol yup, here we sure do... go again. stick out tongue laughing out loud nah, im kinda over OB... hes ok, but i think hes better in lotr.


another PotC fan to join our scarily obsessive club!

*skips around in a circle*


this could be merged with Thomas_H his review

lol phoenix

kes? can't you merge?

6 days later... hope you saw it again!

I love Johnny Depp, He will marry me one day..

When he's like 60...

I wish..

joins Phoenix

Heard there making a sequel.Hopes it as half as good as this movie.But this movie makes remember Cut throat Island......the horror...*Shakes in Fear*

Ooh! Finally more people who agree with me! YAY JOHNNY!
And to the last note, remember sequels are rarely as good as the firsts... stick out tongue

i dont care if the sequel doesnt match up to the first..i just wanna see Jack Sparrow back in action! i doubt it would be anyway, i mean hello...Johnny Depp!! he is just so hot as a pirate and i couldnt stop smilling the whole time he was onscreen. he is just so hot and perfect. his performance had such a huge impact on me i couldnt stop thinking about him for days..i was just this lovesick puppy, daydreaming about him 24/7.

Yea, i aggree, Johnny Depp was really good in POTC, it wouldnt of been the same withought him smile oo but didnt u just LOVE Orlando Bloom! love

hey you're from Australia too, cool!

not really into Orlando. i looove that pic of Johnny, i have it on my wall. i cant stop kissing it or drooling over it. he is just looks so hot with eyeliner!

I think that Johnny that a wonderful job in PotC, He plays Jack really good, and the way he moves, I love it.
Orlando was okay in the movie, But Johnny WOW!

Lord Soth
PotC was brilliant, and I agree with all of you that w/out Johnny Depp, the movie would have bombed. His clever dialogue, drunken gait, and perpetual insanity had me laughing the whole time. I can't wait until the DVD comes out (Dec. 2nd)
Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

Absolutely LOOOOOOOVVEEDD it. Creative, original cannot wait for the sequel, yes yes yes yes!!! Go JACK SPARROW.... Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance rock eek!

It really was an awesome movie cannot wait for the second.. depp as sparrow was AmAzInG... he is so talented and deserves some kinda reward...

This is reviews. Please write a review.

A review? Ya need a review? I'v writen 5! One in Italian and four in English!

In this thread? If yes then great if not do so or leave.

that's a GREAT movie, so funny!

Lady Ellie
pirate pirate
Jack and Will are my favourite pirates!

Lord Soth
Johnny Depp's introduction was pure genius. I was laughing all the way through.

it was great! johnny depp an orlando bloom were so hot!!!!!!!!!!! pirate pirate one eye

it's one of the BEST movies ever!!!and johnny depp!!!*speechless*
and orlilove

Lord Soth
It's more than just quote unquote 'hot' guys. There's a great story, incredibly witty dialogue, and it was bloody hilarious. The action was a little lacking IMO

I totally agree.. it was that the hot guys were an added bonus big grin but yeah it did lack a bit more action.. maybe there will be more on the second you never know

Lord Soth
I didn't really like the action w/ the skeleton warriors, either, it was too fake

ah well it didn't make the movie any worse laughing johnny depp!!!love

Ppl lets try not to talk about Johnny and write a review of the movie.

Thanks Kes. I just saw it the other day, its actually a very good movie, one of the more original releases in recent times. Johnny Depp played his part well, Orlando was just a cardboard prop, but being a second string character it didnt really matter. Overall plenty of action, excitement right throughout. Im jus hoping they dont pile on the sequels, which they most likely will.

Rating 8/10.

orli a cardboard??!!mad ah well.give him time he's actually a great actor so.
there's gonna be a sequelwinkhappy

Lord Soth
2005, already been announced big grin

I really enjoy the movie. After watching the special features I know why I had a feeling of old movies with it. They added so many character actors in it. Made the storyline (which come on was based on a ride, couldn't have been too good) richer and actually good.

My favorite part of the movie is Johnny. He cracks me up the whole movie, no matter how many times I watch it. Not a big fan of Keira Knightly, I just couldn't get her age out of my mind. That is a little harsh on Orlando. He played a guy with a stick up his arse very good. He lightens up at the end.

It's Disney, not the Matrix.

Lord Soth
Some of the stuff in the Matrix (especially Revolutions) was pretty cartoonish as well

totally -the movie'd hv crumbled without him - even if orli was there i think!!but i'd still hv for watched itwink
yeah -damn she's young!!!!
and orli's portryal of will was great too -that straightlaced chracterwink

I haven't seen Revolutions yet, for fear that it will ruin the first movie for me.

Lord Soth
Revolutions doesn't ruin M1 at all, it only ruins itself big grin

laughing out loud

gr8 movie i loved it.
Johnny Depp is gorge, i love all his makeup and his pirate clothes, the hand movements and the voice.
this man may be old but it dont stop him being a sex god.
i think he is looking better and better in his old age lol

i think that toolaughing out loud
not to mention he's like THE best actor.

Lord Soth
Johnny Depp is not the best actor, but he certainly one of my favorites

Well in my books.. he the beststick out tongue.. but I mean it's really hard to compare a serious actor to say a comedian.. so in my opinion there can't be just one best actor ever.. but Johnny is still the best I know ofyes

*nods vigorously*

lmao i just made a whole theory.. then bashed itlaughing


lol my theory was that their is no such thing as the best actor.. then I went and said that Johnny was the best actorstick out tongue

laughinglaughing out loud well i think he islove
so far anyway laughing out loud

lol nobody can match his skillslove


except maybe one day Orli will be as good as Johnny.. once Johnny retires I mean

he'll get there,i hv faith in thatlovelove

lol yeah because he did get off on the right foot.. with LOTR and all

*nods vigorously*love

Lord Soth
Orlando will never be as good as Johnny, at least not on the same level. Orlando is more of a brooding, stoic actor, unlike Johnny, who is all about flamboyance and complete insanity.

insanityl.....yes yes....

Lord Soth
You don't have to be insane to work here.......but it helps (one of my fave quotes)

yea but Johnny didn't start out like this.. he started in a tv show because that was all he could get.. but I still agree.. Orli could never actually be Johnny Depp but he doesn't have to be like him to be a great actor.. look at Reese Witherspoon she's perfect normal and she got alot of awards for her acting.. but then again nobody could ever be near Johnny.. he's his own person who people will be talking about for centuries to comelaughing

Lord Soth
Centuries? I doubt even someone as good as Johnny Depp would be talked about THAT long. But he'll definitely be hailed for decades after his deathbig grin

he will be as long as fans like me will talk about him to our child then there child then there child and so on and doing so pass on trhere precious copy of POTC, johny depp will go on and so will orli if i have anything to do with it

hey woohooooo i got the dvd yest n i was like jumping up n down like mad hehe ok ok i know im obsessed with that film hehe big grin

take care

luv AS!!!

yea I will keep posters of them and hand them down from generation to generationbig grinyes

HAIL JOHNNY DEPP!!!*grovels on her knees*

lmao.. except.. I don't have any posters of him yet*wails*no I have one Orli that I can pass down thoughbig grinbig grin

Man this topic is old! laughing laughing

nice pic

johnny.d girl
LOL laughing


johnny.d girl
an old fave song is on da radio!!!!!!!
ITS "2 beautifle" by Emanuel Carella!!!! I LUV THIS SONG!!!!!!! YAY

Im loistening to the Golum Songbig grin i lov it *rohan music* im really obsessed yes

johnny.d girl
me 2!!!!
i got the 3rd sound track coz of billy's singing!!!!!!...........LOL

yeah i got all the LORD OF THE RINGS soundtrackz.....i luv lotr

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh I just dropped my wolly wop

Picks up wolly pop..mmmm eats it...*feels sick* erghsick
I just download lotr musicbig grin