People who claim to have gone through all the files of the PC version of ETM

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Evil Dead
Some people here and on other forums I visit claim that there can be nothing else other than the regular game, the known hacking commands, the training construct and multi-player game on Enter the Matrix.

Their reasoning is......this is what they say now: They have gone through all the files on the PC version and there is nothing other files that we don't know about so there couldn't be any secrets left in the game. They've been saying this for weeks.

To those who claim to have done this.........why did you not tell everybody about the scenerio 2 level of the training construct when you found it in the files? After all, it is a is not listed on the game anywhere and you have to do something that goes against game play (beat mini-games then kill yourself and jack back in) to find it......

could it be that these people are full of crap and don't know what they are looking for........that secrets can share the same files as other levels (as I'm sure scenerio 2 shares the same file as the training construct), which ofcourse means these people don't know what they are talking about...................or is it just that the PC version is different from the console versions (we already know it is because of Multi-player game)..................

why is it different cos of the pc version

Hey, maybe there's files within files?? confused Who know's?

Evil Dead
exactly........I"m sure that all the training construct levels are in the same these people who claim there is nothing else to find in the game really don't know if there is or isn't because there could still be parts of the construct we don't know about yet that share the same file as "Sparks Training Construct" and "Scenerio 2".

PC version is different..........multi-player is not accessable.

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