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Hey everyone, I recieved this straight from L.W. me and him go way back since we were both indited on credit card fraud back in 92. Well anywho, there are going to be a tad of minor changes in the Matrix Revolutions, for starters:

The Matrix has all sorts of bugs, because of Smith damaging the software, right? Well, one defect is that Neo no longer looks like Keanu Reeves, but instead he appears to be another, lower-priced actor. Scientists in the future call that the 'Skeet Ulrich Effect' or possibly the 'David Schwimmer Phenomenon. Second, the lower budget of the new films has been a point of contention around the studios. Warner Brothers spent $75 million on the first film - but this time the studio is only offering a total of $60 million for the two sequels combined. It's not that bad. There's basically $30 million to spend per film. I think about it this way - the Carrot Top comedy Chairman of the Board was made for less than $2 million. And if these new Matrix movies are half as good as Chairman, the W bros. will be estatic.But this doesn't mean Revolutions will be without its been multimillion fifteen minute action packed sequence, just like the highway scene from reloaded which cost a small fortune and just like the scene from the first movie in which Keanu flashes his middle figure, that scene took three months to shoot with a budget of about 37 million dollars, the final instalment of the matrix has its own bad ass multi million sequence. This thing here has cost us $45 million by itself. What's happened, as one of the glitches in the new Matrix, is that all the trees are pink. So to shoot that convincingly, we're painting all of the trees in Yellowstone to shoot the scene. It will take nine months and over 13 billion gallons of paint to do it. This scene in particular has a certain "One" trying to find a new Matrix Character known only as THE HILLBILLY. It's being played by Billy Bob Thorton and is the final step in NEO's Oneness with nature. As in with may other mythologies surrounding the Matrix, we have a spoiler of one of the big fight scenes, Neo appears in the pink forrest only to meet THE HILLBILLY, who then gives him a task, to find the Three Matrix BOWLS of PORIGE. In this sequence Neo will have to confront three Bears and fight them to the death, while also wearing a Blonde wig and dress. I mean the symbolism these guys put in these movies are just fantastic. All and all the ending for Revolutions will be sensational, I know I shouldn't put it up, but the sheare wit and logic the W bros put into this, here's a brief summary of the end of revolutions:
From Joel Silver:
"Hey Metro, how's the rash? Anyway It's not my buisiness, I got your money and the nice lil baking soda you sent me, so really I could care less who knows the ending, here it goes Smaky! Neo and Agent Smith are on top of a building, and it's night time, and they fight and then jump off the side, and they're fighting each other all the way down, Neo going like "BAMBAMBAMBAM" with two guns at once, and the bullets like streak off into the night as they miss, and then they smash into a glass skylight of a huge fancy restaurant, and they fall to the ground in a shower of glass, and Neo gets up and grabs a flamethrower off one of the waiters and he engulfs Agent Smith in flames and says "I'd like to propose a toast!" because you know, he's toasting him. After the death of Smith, an entire year passes by. Trinity gets a phone call from Morpheuse, he says he's sorry for all that has happened and asked Trinity if she ever saw Neo, would she tell him? Trinity replies No. She also says, my phones are bugged, really I would have no way to contact Neo without you finding out.Morpheus says hes sorry, Trinity says shes also sorry. For some reason Eminem appears and apologizes for his performance in 8 mile. Hugs Morfeus. We finally cut to a south Brazilian/Costa Rica/Disney World Wild Kingdom place. We see a bearded Neo treating people who have suffered shock from watching the movies. All of a sudden a group of Guerillas storm in and take the medicine. They whine about something about a revolution (hence the title) and say that theyre taking the medicine. Neo stands firm and in a thick French accent says to the men in Spanish, "You are making me angry, you dont want to see me angry." In which the men begin to shoot Neo. He slumps backwards and cries out in pain "there is no spoon...there is no spoon..." But is shot more and more, as the guerilla soldier says" Theese aint no spoons, these are bullets Mofo!" Neo holds onto dear life as the men walk away, taking the medicine. The final shot consists of Neo looking into the camera and saying:
N: Party on Bill...
We cut to the Architect.
A: Party on Ted." The Architect stands up from his chair and plays air guitar....The END.

We are confident that audiences will be satisfied with the Matrix Revolutions. We believe it will be a good, above-average effort. And even if it is not,what is important is that the filmmakers tried their best. When you try, there are no losers. We anticipate a great response when The Matrix Revolutions goes straight to video stores in 2003."

Evil Dead
The funny thing about the first movie only costing $75 million..........Keanu Reeves made more than that alone to do the sequels.


If that was the REAL end, god, kill me, and Larry and Andy for wasting our time and money.


This is a joke???? I almost believed it smile

oh man . . . that "party on" thing is hilarious.

thats not funny thats just wrong!! u almost had me convinced sad

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